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Divine Themed Magic Items

Ascendant Bane: This jagged head mace depicts robed figures along its head pierced by random spikes of metal. When wielded against a creature from a good aligned plane or against a creature with the ability to cast cure wounds, this mace causes them to bleed for 1d4 damage for 1d6 rounds and unless they succeed on a Wisdom save, DC 12, they are unable to cast or create a healing or radiant spell or effect until the bleed damage stops.

Brandish: This silvery weapon can shift its form into a lance, greatsword, shortsword, and longsword. The first attack made after being drawn for the first time in battle or after slaying an evil enemy is surrounded by a white light. This light can be used to cast dispel magic targeting the struck creature, target any number of the creatures in the 15 ft. of light with faerie fire, or target any number of creatures within the light with a bless spell.

Cursesmother: A dual ended wand, with a white haired wood face on one end and a black haired gnarled wood face on the other. Touching this wand to a creature bearing a curse or compulsion allows the user to either lengthen the curse by 50% of its original duration, granting the target a new save when this extra duration would begin, or reduce the remaining duration by 25% of its original duration possibly ending it immediately. Touching the wand to a creature not currently cursed either grants that creature advantage against the next save they make against a curse or compulsion within the next hour or places a weak hex on the creature. Should the target fail a Wisdom save, DC 13, they are cursed with disadvantage on saves against curses and compulsions for the next half hour.

Darknet: A net of shadows restrains the shadows of creatures it is thrown over, requiring a wisdom save, DC 13, or the creature becomes restrained. In places with no shadow, the target gains advantage on the save. Incorporeal creatures and those from the plane of shadows suffer disadvantage on the saving throw.

Earring of Eight: This gold coin has been beaten and drilled into a circular earring. As an action, the wearer can spare the dying to remove drowning  from a creature. They can also cast mending once each day on naval equipment or vessels. Once each day, the wearer can intuit the weather with one weather related question each day.

Fast Brooch: The attuned wearer can ignore some starvation/dehydration if they have given away their own daily ration of food/water to the needy or downtrodden. They suffer the penalties of exhaustion as if they had one fewer levels of exhaustion, exhaustion penalties are halved where possible, and they gain one daily reroll for each level of exhaustion they have. The reduction in exhaustion penalties does not apply to the final level of exhaustion resulting in death.

Gilded Vest: For every order of magnitude of wealth donated to their church or associated charity, or owned by the wearer as non-functional wealth, they gain a cumulative +1 bonus. The bonus must be applied to a skill check and each use in a day reduces the bonus applied by 1. The bonus is doubled when applied to financial management.

Humble Sash: This sash has a calming mental effect. It grants a +1 bonus to saves against mental effects, with the ability to increase that bonus by +1 for each short rest spent in meditation, up to +4. Each mental save reduces that accumulated bonus by 1, to a minimum of +1. If the wearer suffers from a mental compulsion effect, they can choose to become restrained and prone instead, taking up a meditative pose for the remaining duration of the effect.

Heartfeather Scale: Freeweight scale that allows its user to both weigh creatures hearts, either with their willing touch or touching it to them when they are helpless, to compare it to their sworn statements and also to compare people to the standards of their god or belief system. By placing a feather on the other scale, while they tell the truth as they know it, the feather will be heavier than their “empty” side of the scale. If they lie or knowingly mislead, their side of the scale becomes heavier than the feather. To compare them to their own standards, a drop of their blood must be placed on one side of the scale and a symbolic entity representing their belief system placed on the other. This invites the judgement of their deity or an impartial deity similar to their ideology to judge if they are making their best effort to hold to their chosen standard. If the wrong deity is chosen, the scale wobbles and then tips over.

Idle Fingers: Smooth leather gloves that can have their appearance changed at will to any type of hand covering or jewelry. The attuned wearer gains a +1 bonus for every order of magnitude of value they have stolen from the corrupt or vainglorious, with a separate bonus in the same manner for every order of magnitude of donated stolen goods. These +1 bonuses can be spent to increase ability checks or saves, no more than one per roll, or three can be spent to reroll an ability check or save. The bonuses are refreshed after a long rest.

Jade Platter: Offerings like candles, incense, food, or luxuries allow the attuned user of this green, embossed tray to make a stronger connection to the divine. By placing 10sp of offerings during a ritual they may cast bless, 100sp for weal/woe, 500 sp to cast talk with dead, or other similar spells. If they lose their concentration during the ritual or fail a charisma check, DC 15, the spell consumes the offerings. Offerings made using this platter count as a cumulative 10% greater per Jade item the owner is attuned to. When attuned to three or more Jade items, the attuned wielder may keep 5% of their offerings for themselves so long as they remain on good terms with the offering recipient.

Knight Banner: A general category of crusader’s banners fits under this name. Their appearances and history might different, but they all provide a small +1 bonus to morale checks and +1 temporary hit points per hit die to the followers and hirelings of the attuned bearer. The wearer receives advantage on charisma checks to hire, convince, or negotiate people into joining a formal crusade sanctioned by a religious authority both parties respect.

Lorebond Bookmark: The highest level uncast spell slot available to the holder of this rune-inscribed wooden slat with silvery eye motifs grants bonuses to knowledge checks. A wielder with an uncast spell slot gains a +1 bonus to knowledge or history checks when searching through written text. An attuned holder instead gains a +1 bonus per spell level of the uncast spell to the same checks using books the user has owned since attuning to the Lorebond Bookmark. New books can be brought under this effect by attuning to the bookmark, although this breaks the connection to any books the user no longer owns.

Mantle of Blood: This is a flowing cape of overlapping red silks from bright pinks to dark burgundies starting from dark brown leather pauldrons that constantly flake off bits of brown-black substance. The wearer gains one reroll usable on attacks, damage, or death saving throw rolls per order of magnitude of damage they have dealt since their last long rest. Only one reroll may be used each turn. If they still have any rerolls left when they take a long rest, they lose half of them, rounded up, but these retained rolls do not count against earning new rerolls. Dealing their first damage of the day grants them a reroll, and then they receive another after they have dealt 10 total damage, and another when they deal 100 damage, and so on. Only damage dealt in threatening situations, those with an apparent risk of death for the wearer, count.

Notched Handle of Crafts: The plain wooden handle is well worn. With a mental command, it can take the form of any masterwork tool, providing a +2 bonus to the related skill checks. Each item created using this tool is granted a one-time-use reroll against the first natural 1 rolled as a save against destruction or as part of its normal uses.

Otherbomb; Charged with discordant magical energies of opposing disciplines, schools of magic, or philosophies, colors whorl inside this glass sphere. Each use of the sphere causes all creatures within 60ft. to make a Wisdom save, DC 14, or temporarily lose their sense of self. Affected creatures become passive for 1d4! (exploding) rounds, acting only with basic self-preservation instincts to avoid harm. Alternatively, a helpless creature subjected to a slow-release of the energies must make two Wisdom saves with disadvantage or lose 1d4+1 memories of the user’s choice. If they succeed on both, they are unaffected. If they succeed on one, they are aware of memory tampering but not what memories were lost. Lost memories and gaps are filled in with plausible false-events. There is a 1 in 10 chance of one memory returning at the end of each long rest, as the victim has a breakthrough dream reconnecting them to their lost memory. Once discharged three times, the Otherbomb becomes an empty glass sphere that must be recharged by opposing spell energies of a 3rd level or higher spell cast by four different classes or archetypes at the same time.

Parable’s Book of Stories: A rudimentary book of collected children’s stories allows spells cast using it as a focus to exclude non-combatant children at will. Healing spells cast using this book heal 25% more, rounded up, but the extra healing does not apply to creatures above ½ of their hit point maximum.

Quickbrush: Artists can use this zebrawood and horse-hair brush as a focus to craft a piece of art five times as quickly as normal, although they suffer a -5 penalty to the related skill check. Additionally, they may choose to pour their own energy into their work, suffering levels of exhaustion to gain a +2 bonus on the skill check each.

Resting Shawl: Drape this gossamer cloak over a creature as a free action to force them to make a death saving throw. If they fail, this counts as one failed death saving throw until they complete a long rest or recover from dying from another source of death. The same creature cannot be targeted again for 24 hours. Undead creatures that fail this save recieve 2d8+2 radiant damage. Corpses touched by this shawl or creatures killed under its effects cannot be raised from the dead or into undeath. An attuned wearer is not subject to its effects. Helpless targets make the save with disadvantage.

Stone of Blessings: A cornerstone blessed by a deity during the founding of a temple, this stone has the power to radiate the effects of any bless spell cast on it over all the allies occupying the building. A bless spell can affect a total square footage equal to a ten square feet multiplied by 2 to the power of the spell level plus one. The caster must knowingly choose to exclude each specific creature excluded from the spell’s effects. The stone must be an integral portion of the building and must have been part of the building for at least a week in order to function. If the building is larger than the area of effect, only the closest rooms that total up to less than the area of effect will be included. The stone of blessings can inversely be targeted by a bane spell, but it only effects knowingly chosen targets within the area of effect. Only an attuned user can activate the Stone of Blessings.

Staghorn Helmet: Great horns sprout from the sides of this gnarled wooden helm after becoming attuned or at the end of a long rest. For a creature that can shapeshift, a representation of the horns, appropriate to the new form, appears and they may speak normally while they have these horns. The horns also provide a +2 bonus to charisma based skill checks. They may shed these horns for one reroll of any roll.

Timekeeper: Grown crystals form a three-pronged hourglass. Giving the three sand-filled spokes a spin inside the wire-frame of this pendant causes the user to freeze in time. For up to a total of 5 rounds each day, starting from when they activate the Timekeeper as a free action to the end of their next turn, they are invulnerable to damage and cannot be moved. If a sufficiently large object or creature would occupy their space, the user is shunted harmlessly to the nearest unoccupied space. Ongoing effects on the user are likewise paused and do not take effect nor expend some of their duration.

Undying Oxbone Collar:This white bone collar, secured together with dark bronze chains, is constantly growing at a slow rate. It provides a regenerative source of bone to its wearer that infuse any created bone constructs, necromantic summons, or other bone spells with the residual strength of oxen. Those creatures and constructs have +2 strength and +1 hit point per hit die or inch of thickness. Alternatively, bone fragments from the collar can substitute for missing bones, allowing the wielder to create from badly damaged skeletons.

Vial of Divine Tilled Earth: A crystal decanter hangs from a chain. Inside the sealed chamber is a handful of earth overgrown with tiny plants. The wearer may cast bless/aid spells over cultivated farmland, grazing areas, or the like. This protects the plants and crops from pestilence and predation, while increasing fecundity to double the yield. One tenth of the harvest must be tithed to the hungry or needy, lest the land suffer a five year curse despoiling the land to half its original fertility. The demanding magical draw of this magic means that the gods increase their tithing demands by 1d10 percentage points each year of continual use, decreasing by 2d10 percentage points each year the land is not blessed. Each spell level dedicated the blessing can cover 1 acre of land for one growing season, starting the next spring after the blessing. Creatures deriving the majority of their food from such blessed land roll their level-up hit points with advantage.

Wheel of Woe: A small wheel that can either be held or affixed to a shield. If the wearer rerolls a die or group of dice, they must retain the previous result. This retained result can be inflicted on a target that just rolled the same type of die or dice, DC13 Charisma save ignores, to force them to use that result instead of their own d20 roll. A stored die can only be used on foes and a new stored die cannot be retained in the Wheel of Woe until the previous one is used. The Wheel of Woe is activated as a reaction against a hostile creature within sight.

X: An indescribably shaped psionic 4th dimensional non-euclidean construct of folded, dark-green glyphs delivered by alien gods. Its holder is granted a reroll of any die roll once each day and may receive additional rerolls by allowing themselves to be flooded by the thoughts pouring from the device. Every reroll used beyond the first requires a random mental saving throw, either Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma, versus a DC of 10 + 3 for each X reroll used since the last long rest. On a failure, the user gains some form of insanity or an existing insanity is made worse: compulsions, phobias, manias, disorders, delusions, or more general vices.

Yarn of Yarns: Each day, this shimmering thread can be woven into a living story to provide a +2 bonus to one type of rolls for the wearer that day: a save, skill check, or damage type. This is done over the course of a short or long rest. The user may attempt to reweave the yarn by telling it a new story and making a performance check, DC 10 +5 for each previous time it has been rewoven since the last long rest. If they fail the check, the yarn is unwound and cannot be woven until completing a long rest.

Zest of Life: White sand fills this sealed jar with a golden glow shining from the middle of its mass. The glow extends out to 60 ft. shedding dim light. Creatures within the light make death saving throws with advantage. The fertility of non-sapient plants and animals within the light are doubled, producing or conceiving twice as many offspring as they normally would, while suffering no ill effects from the extra burden. If broken, the golden glow leaves the sand and seeks out the nearest corpse of a creature that died within the last 24 hours, then restores that creature to life while fully healing any injuries, poisons, or diseases it had, no matter how old the injury or ailment. Creatures that had perished due to age will live for another 1d4% of their original lifespan.

Zebra Feather: A black and white divine birds feather that changes their attuned holder’s alignment for the purposes of casting either cure wounds or inflict wounds while they wield the feather as a focus. This applies to other effects derived from this choice such as turning or commanding the dead as well as the user’s apparent alignment to 5th level and lower magical effects.

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