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The Value of Cleaning Your Room

So me and the wife are in the process of cleaning out the craft room and I am realizing I should have done this much earlier. Going through my old caches of random bits, unpainted miniatures, and collected junk gave me inspiration to complete some new dungeon terrain. By going through them all at once, I was able to combine different items I collected over a few years. At the same time, I found items that I had forgotten about or been putting off, but seeing them all together I felt bad for sitting on them so long so I finally got around to painting them up.

What I am happiest with are my converted Rumis blocks, which were glued together and painted up to be stack-able terrain blocks.



The other one is a painted up mount for a car gps unit. I can flip it over to be a gold ringed portal to the void, have it open to be a scrying pool, or pull the ring down to make a vat that can fit things like my blood markers. This is one of them that I combined with something new, a thin chain I wrapped around the base for a more mechanical look.

At the same time, I wrapped up a collection of Reaper Bones miniatures. I usually try to paint towards a theme, in this case I picked out reptilian minis and those I expected to paint in majority green.

I do not remember where I got the boat shaped plastic bits, but with some chisel scoring and some glued on plastic card, they make for some nice rowboats. The beer barrel is from a cheapo Oktoberfest necklace and the spike-walls from some plastic sprues. The eye shaped mechanical bits are some miscellaneous electronics bits of uncertain origin. The monster eye is from a small key-chain bit that came in a Mythoard package, with chain removed and glued to plastic card.

I also found some old potted shrubbery that I stopped using because I didn’t like the cardboard base. I ripped that off and with a paint retouch, I am much happier with them. That bladed bit in the back is the combination of a pizza supporter, three L-shaped metal bits from a picture frame my work was getting rid of, and a snowflake necklace. I could use this as a blade trap, a frost magic device, or some sort of altar.


2 thoughts on “The Value of Cleaning Your Room

  1. Splendid! I’m inspired to go though my junk now!


    1. If you make anything good, let me know. Might give me ideas of what new junk to start storing until the next time I clean the craft room. I mean… I’ve got all this extra storage space now.


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