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Lately Round-up

Firstly, thank you to those of you sending links my way for some Gaslands cars, stay tuned for some car painting. This week’s post is just going to be a summary of various points of interest around the web and my own life.

A new pup is demanding my attention, but you can enjoy her cuteness. Her new big brother can’t wait for her to be big enough to play, but right now she can only really toddle around.

I’ll be taking the test for my electrical professional engineering license on Friday. Anyone got any last minute advice?

My wife opened up her Etsy store, selling modern farmhouse decor. Sandpaper Sunflowers

LizardmanDiaries has a quick and dirty random room generator, and a link to creating your own similarly. This might be a great opportunity for me to break up some of my most used functions from my improvisation program into web-based generators.

Is drawing a two-handed sword from the back practical? Is it only for traveling? Do you need a special scabbard? (btw, Skallagrim and Shadiversity are great channels for the intersection of fantasy, weaponry, and practicality.

In the same vein, historically two-weapon fighting has not been an effective or common fighting style. But what would it look like to make it mechanically match the common interpretation of the badass fighting with two axes or two swords (or lightsabers)? Dungeons and Delvers blog talks about some of their ideas when designing their own game. A reddit discussion about buffing two-weapon fighting in D&D 5e.

My players are attempting to finally seize control of the Walking Armory, a mountain-sized elemental and siege weapon that has been wandering the wastes after great magical calamities wrecked the empire that created it.

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