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Gaslands/Modern Scatter Terrain

Thanks to some unique packaging that came with a few gifts we recieved for the holidays, a dollar store mini-jenga, and some unwanted cufflinks, I was inspired to do some terrain crafting to go with my cars.

-Those shipping crates are hot-glued cardboard topped with corrugated sheathing included in a new set of pots and pans we got for ourselves.

-The soon-to-be broken roads are cork board that I’ll be adding gravel and sand flocking to, along with some burnt grass flocking.

-Random machinery bits are things like hot sauce bottle tops, a drawer knob, and a few electrical bits (transistor plug-in, copper crimps, and a plastic wire-protector). The trio of pipes are the tubes on the inside of puppy-bag rolls.

-I have a set of jersey barriers and high-barriers that will get some gravel, be painted to look like concrete, and maybe get some graffiti. They came from a $1 mini-jenga set. The poor quality of the wood is a bonus, it means I have to do less distressing!

-Three gun turrets were made from two cufflinks, some small wire crimps, and for the third turret, a champagne bottle topper, a wooden whiskey bottle top, and a couple nails.

-Some stick-on rubber footies got turned into dragon’s teeth, a sort of concrete anti-vehicle/tank fortification. They’ll get some rubble and a flocking of grass.

-My rock formations are glued down from a bag of mixed quartz rocks.

-Lastly, my six gates use small plastic rods from some old device we were tossing out, glued together with old fuses and in one case a cut dowel. I strengthened the coardboard with a wooden coffee stirrer. When they’re painted up, I’ll give them a metal finish with simple roman numerals on top to denote the order they must be passed through.

Any questions about the exact process I used to make any of these? Got suggestions for a cool paint job? What should I make next?

I am looking to move my site to a free wordpress hosting, you can check it out here and let me know what you think. The options are more limited, but my time is becoming more scarce and I can’t justify spending money on my own hosting with how much I am using it.

Also, I am contemplating starting a MeWe, so I’ll keep you updated on where to find and follow my works.

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