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2018 In Review

This year has been been tougher to find time and inspiration to do as much blogging as I would like. Work has been slowly increasing my responsibilities so I have less mental energies to blog with when I get home.

My pageviews and number of visitors has taken a corresponding hit, dropping by about a quarter to a third compared to last year. It isn’t great, but I am also not putting in the same amount of time or effort to post or promote as I was before.

I have not done a single Fiverr commission but I didn’t find it all that lucrative compared to other ways I can spend my time (read: lots of DIY housework). My only product release this year was Arcane Arsenal on dmsguild, where I earned a total of $171.86 in royalties from ~1700 downloads. Not bad for only releasing one new product, but it is a drop of roughly $40 and ~300 downloads compared to last year.

Despite my own decreasing investment, I cannot help but appreciate all of you who follow me, read my work, and download the things I have created.

Resolving My 2018 Resolutions

Let’s see how I did on my resolutions from last year:

  • Increase my total income supporting this site by 20%, whether it comes from royalties, commissions, or other paid work. This will help me afford more stock-art, purchase more products to review (and use at my own table =D), and pay for site maintenance.
    With the lessor amount of work I put in this year, my totals went the other way, dropping instead of increasing.
  • Create an update for Improvisr this year to fix bugs, add more content, and fix grammatical issues. Incorporate reader comments and suggestions. I haven’t touched this program this year.
  • Get a greenscreen and post at least one map, town, or dungeon module using a map displayed that way. -This one I did do, not the greenscreen part, but I used my terrain as the map for my One Page Dungeon Contest entry.
  • Write-up my backlog of campaign summaries, putting out at least three blog posts of campaign summaries written in an entertaining fiction style.
    I didn’t do this one either.
  • Include a short link and summary to my favorite RPG related blog post at least once each month at the bottom of a blog post. -I started out doing this but stopped shortly into the year.

In short, I only completed one of my resolutions. Not a great year for me blog-wise, but I like to think that I’ve gotten a lot done on the homefront this year: I studied for and passed the Professional Engineer test, got a second dog, brought in a bumper crop (canning/preserving a great deal of it), discovered some new liqueurs that I like, built new furniture with my wife, and painted some rooms.

Resolutions for 2018

I am scaling back my resolutions for next year, as I can only see more non-blogging related work ahead, but not enough that I am worried about not keeping my roughly once-a-week schedule.

  • Put out two paid product releases on DM’s Guild.
  • Finish one of my current series: Art of Being a Monster or Archetype Backgrounds.
  • Migrate over to MeWe and a free wordpress hosted site.
  • Submit an entry in this year’s One Page Dungeon Contest.

What are your blogging stats and resolutions? Do you have a favorite post of mine from this year?

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