What should I do with all these Minis?

Despite having all these still-unpainted miniatures from years of Reaper kickstarters, I recently played a game where I didn’t have suitable miniatures for a bunch of statues/golems. I could have used other minis, but why should I hold out to perfectly paint all these humanoids while I lack for scatter terrain?

So, I grabbed some different metallic paints and some grey to create a handful of sets to fit that purpose.

The process was simple, I attached them all using E6000 to some plastic bases then hit them with grey spray-primer. Afterwards, they got a solid coat of their respective colors. Finally, I hit them with a very dark, extremely watered-down wash. It went quick and now I have a set of statues I can use to color-code puzzles, decorative terrain, or easily-identified mechanical monsters.

Don’t make my mistake and sit on all of your miniatures when they can get put to use!

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