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Preparing for Another DMsGuild Release

With a dearth of free time, I will be using my weekly blog posts to force myself to finish updating the last of my magic items for release in a DMsGuild product with my end goal being a print-on-demand hardcover of all my magic items in one tome.

To fit with the trend of responses to my “what magic items should I add” questionnaire and to fit with the theme of Profane and Profound, I will be adding a cursed item to each batch of items I update.

Note that I am having to delete my old site because I messed up the back-end badly enough that I have to restore it. Pardon the dust as I fix it.

Aberrant Powder 900

An even mix of purple and green-yellow powders squirm inside a small ceramic pot or leather bag. When throw, the powder explodes into a 5 foot sphere of swirling fog for 1 round. Any object or creature that begins their turn inside the smoke or enters the smoke must make a Wisdom save (DC 15) or be polymorphed. One random held or worn object of each creature must also save or be randomly polymorphed into another object of similar size. Creatures failing their saves are transformed into either a random animal, a random magical creature, or a random creature of their own category (demi-human, humanoid, demon, etc). This effect lasts for 2d6 rounds. A willing participant instead can attempt the Wisdom save to choose which of those three categories their polymorph target is chosen from.

Aligned Weapon 8000

Marked with holy symbols, profane markings, or aligned runes, this weapon disrupts the very nature of creatures diametrically opposed to its chosen alignment, dealing +2d8 damage. A neutrally aligned weapon instead deals an extra +1d8 damage to creatures without a neutral aspect to their alignment. Wielders who are opposed to the weapons alignment suffer feedback equal to half of the extra damage dealt from this effect.

Ambrosia 250

Thick, golden nectar swirls inside this crystal vial. Downing this sweet honey heals the imbiber for 2d8 hit points, removes two levels of fatigue, and offers an additional save against a single ongoing mental effect.

Arbiter Plate 9000

Adorned with black, flowing robes, this +2 plate mail has large pauldrons and sits impressively on the shoulders of all wearers. The wearer gets a +1 bonus to Charisma checks. If the wearer is lawful neutral, they also gain advantage on checks to sense motives, discern lies, or persuade others in debate. Three times each day, the wearer can create an aura of sanctuary as a move action, requiring all creatures within 15ft to make a DC 14 Wisdom save in order to take a hostile action. This effect lasts for 1 minute or until the wearer commits a hostile act.

Architect’s Harp 15000

Massive oaken arms keep taut one-hundred, gossamer-thin, steel strings on this harp carved with reliefs of flying ramparts, soaring minarets, and sweeping arches. In the hands of one proficient with harps, invisible laborers can be called forth by stroking the strings. With careful attention, the harpist can control this invisible workforce as 500 unskilled laborer-hours. Alternatively, 10 unskilled laborer-hours can be expended for 1 skilled laborer-hour. Only construction type work can be accomplished by the Architect’s Harp. The work is completed over the course of two hours of continuous playing. In the hands of a skilled harpist, the harp’s effect can be extended beyond that limit, but each additional hour requires a difficult skill check (DC 12 + the number of hours the harp was played today) or the strain will be too much, splintering the harp. Each additional hour provides another 250 unskilled laborer-hours. The strings fly loose when it breaks, dealing 6d6 slashing damage to everything within 20 ft. of the harp. Creatures other than the player may make a Dexterity save against the performance check DC to take half damage. The harp may not be used again until repaired.

Armor of the Martyr 10000

The Armor of the Martyr can be made of any type of armor, but the armor is distinguished by its change when donned. Armor of the Martyr will change to reflect the soul of the wearer, turning pearlescent white on a good aligned creature, a smokey black on an evil aligned creature, or turning a steely grey on an unaligned. This +2 armor fills the wearer with an inner strength, reflective of their soul, each time they drop to 0 HP. This inner power explodes from them, dealing 5d6 radiant, necrotic, or force damage, respectively, to all creatures within 10ft, and 2d6 damage to those within 20 ft. A Wisdom save, DC 15, reduces the damage by half. The wearer is protected from this damage only the first time it explodes out from them each day.

Armory in a Bottle 3000

An Armory in a Bottle holds a pile of miniature weapons, shields, weapon racks, and tools. Smashing this bottle causes it to explode open, as the innumerable glass shards coalesce and transmute into a mess of scattered swords, shields, spears, javelins, bows, armors, and tools sitting neatly upon appropriate racks and shelves. These will form non magical equipment of whatever type and distribution the bottle smasher has in mind. If nothing in particular is chosen the equipment will be typical for a human garrison of foot soldiers. The Armory in a Bottle can only create 1500 SP worth of equipment. The bottle will always generate the appropriate accoutrements, tools, and scrap materials for sharpening, maintaining, and resizing the equipment created at no cost.

Bag of Tricks 4000

A felt bag with felt animal patterns stitched to the outside is filled with silver and blue marbles. Tossing one up to 30 ft away turns it into a small animal. Roll 2d6, the first to determine the animal type and the second die results in the Bag of Tricks being exhausted for the rest of the day on a result of a ‘1’. The animals types are 1: A badger, 2: A bird of prey, 3: A jungle cat, 4: A viper, 5: A tortoise, or 6: A poisonous frog. These animals last for 10 minutes or until killed and are loyal but typical members of their species, able to follow verbal commands as a trained animal.

Bag of Tricks, Greater 15000

A Greater Bag of Tricks is a felt bag with gold-trimmed, felt, animal patterns sewn to the outside. It is filled with gold and purple marbles. Tossing one up to 30 ft away turns it into a large animal loyal to the thrower. Roll 1d6 for the animal type. Also, roll 2d6, if the result of the first die is 3 or less, the bag of tricks cannot be opened again until the current animal(s) are gone. The animal types are determined by the second die: 1: A wolverine, 2: An eagle, 3: A lion, 4: An anaconda, 5: A hippopotamus, or 6: A small dinosaur. These animals last for 15 minutes or until killed and can follow verbal commands as a small child.

Bag of Tricks, Lesser 1000

A felt bag with felt animal patterns stitched to the outside is filled with small red and white marbles. Tossing one up to 30 ft away turns it into a small animal loyal to the thrower. Roll 1d6 for the animal type. 1: A rat, 2: A small bird, 3: A house cat, 4: A tiny snake, 5: A small turtle, or 6: A frog. Then, roll 1d6, on a result of 1 or 2, the bag of tricks is mysteriously empty of marbles for the rest of the day. These animals last for 5 minutes or until killed and will follow simple verbal commands.

Bag of Quarry 2000

A felt bag with felt animal patterns stitched to the outside is filled with platinum and lapis marbles. Once someone has reached in for a marble and tossed it up to 30 ft. away, the marble will turn into a small animal hostile to the holder of the bag or the thrower if no person currently holds the bag. The animals types are 1: A badger, 2: A bird of prey, 3: A jungle cat, 4: A viper, 5: A tortoise, or 6: A poisonous frog. Every time the animal successfully hits the holder of the bag, another marble jumps from the Bag of Schemes and turns into another hostile animal. Animals summoned from the Bag of Schemes last for 10 minutes, until killed, or until both the thrower and the current holder of the bag are dead.

Banshee Chain 50000

This black, mithril chainmail has wisps of white silk caught in its metal rings. Banshee chain is made by bathing +3 Mithril chainmail in the blood of an elven maiden or bachelor then burying them with an expensive silk death shroud which then attaches itself to the mail. This +3 Mithril chain mail is medium armor but can be treated as light armor. Twice per short rest, when the wearer is struck, the Banshee Chain can release a 30 ft. radius banshee wail. Living creatures make a Wisdom save, DC 12, or begin dying, dropping to 0 hit points with one failed death save already failed and becoming deathly pale. If they make the save they suffer 3d8 necrotic damage instead. Once stabilized, they regain their pallor and return to half their previous hit point total. Any creature that perishes while under the effects of the Banshee Chain will arise as a zombie the next midnight under the control of the wearer. The wearer can control up to their HD in zombies. New zombies that would exceed this limit wander aimlessly, hungering for living flesh and attracted by sounds of fear.

Banshee Flail 15000

The head of this +2 flail is a pale white, screaming face made of marble. When swung, the head emits a quiet sob, but upon striking will release a blood-curdling shriek, sending shiver up the spine of those nearby. Creatures within 30 ft must make a Charisma save, DC 13, or be stunned for 1 round. On a successful save, they take a -1 penalty to attack rolls against the wielder of the Banshee Flail until they spend an action to calm their nerves. The wielder and creatures that have suffered from its effects already in this combat are immune to the Banshee Flail’s effects.

Barkskin Brooch 9000

A lacquered, fist-sized knot of oak hangs from a simple silver chain. When worn, it turns the wearer’s skin to bark, conferring a +2 natural armor bonus. If the wearer is on fertile soil under sunlight when they take a short rest, they regain 1d8+2 hit points as small green leaflets bud out from the bark and small roots extend down into the soil. The user rolls twice and takes the better of the two results if they drench themselves in at least 2 water-skins of water during this short rest.

Beast Bomb 1000

The beast bomb is a matted bundle of a dozen balls of brown hair, feathers, and scales tangled together. Tossed up to 20 ft away, the beast bomb scatters into a swarm of tiny animals fitting the current environment. These animals take up ten square feet and deal 1d6 damage each round to any creature that begins its turn in their space. Those creatures also take a -2 penalty to all rolls. The swarm obeys the simple verbal commands of the thrower, can move up to 20 feet each round, can climb, and will last until the swarm takes 20 damage. After five minutes or upon taking enough damage, the swarm will disperse. Roll a d6, and on a result of 3 or higher, the scattering swarm leaves behind a new Beast Bomb.

Beast Bomb, Greater 2000

A Greater Beast Bomb is made up of over a dozen wiggling ovals of coarse black fur and plumage. This beast bomb creates a crazed swarm of small animals fitting the local environment when it is thrown up to 30 ft. The swarm occupies a contiguous twenty square feet and deal 3d6 damage each round to any creature that begins its turn in the space the swarm occupies. Affected creatures make all rolls with disadvantage as the larger, more vicious swarm cunningly interferes with their actions. The swarm obeys the verbal commands of the thrower, can move up to 30 feet each round, can climb, and will last until the swarm takes 50 damage. After one hour or upon taking enough damage, the swarm will disperse. Roll a d6, and on a result of 6, the swarm reforms at a quarter its previous maximum hit points for one minute, otherwise it leaves behind a new Greater Beast Bomb, except on a ‘1’ result.

Beast Bomb, Lesser 500

When this cluster of beige fuzz balls are tossed to the ground, they transform into a swarm of tiny, scared animals. A beast bomb can be tossed up to 10 feet and turn into a five square foot swarm of diminutive fuzzy creatures appropriate to the terrain that cause any creatures that begins it turn the swarm to take a -1 penalty to all rolls. The swarm obeys the simple verbal commands of the thrower, can move up to 10 feet each round, can climb, and will last until the swarm takes 10 damage. After five minutes or upon taking enough damage, the swarm will disperse. Roll a d6, and on a result of 5 or higher, the scattering swarm leaves behind a new Lesser Beast Bomb.

Bird Bomb 300

Thin jewelry wire formed into this bronze cage is filled to its brim with grey and white feathers. Smashed open or tossed up to 30 feet away, the Bird Bomb explodes into a flock of tiny birds fitting to the local environment. Hundreds of nervous birds scatter in every direction in a cacophony of bird calls. This grants total concealment to everything within 20 ft of the avian explosion for one round and concealment for 1d4 rounds following. The birds quickly scatter but not before knocking down any unattended objects and knocking prone any creature within 60 ft that fails a DC 10 strength save.

Bird Feather Token 300

Made of finely carved pine, this huge wooden feather transforms into a five foot bird when broken. The bird will take on the coloration the user has in mind when it is summoned. It can carry up to 100 pounds and obey simple verbal commands. The bird will become aloof and fly away after one hour. HD 1 Medium AC 12 ATK +4 (Beak) DMG 1d4+1 MOV 20 ft. FLY 90 ft. S 11 D 13 C 7 I 3 W 9 C 8.

Blasphemous Staff 15000

This gnarled, blackened staff is carved with obscenities and blasphemies against every known god and cult, plus a great many unknown ones. Any cleric or priest that wields the Blasphemous Staff takes 5d6 psychic damage each round unless they renounce their faith. Any being of standing with any god would receive great blessings from their deity for destroying this staff. If the staff is wielded by a creature hostile to the gods and that has a hatred of believers, their spellcasting abilities are improved. They gain an additional spell slot of each spell level they can cast, 5th level and below, and this additional spell slot can be used to cast a spell from the Wizard or Cleric spell list. Each time a spell is cast from a spell list the character would not normally have access to, roll 1d100 + twice the spell level cast. On a result of 100 or more, the gods have noticed the Blasphemous Staff, roll 1d6: A powerful religious order or numerous murder-cults have now been instructed to kill the player, an earthquake strikes in 1d4 rounds, whatever the player tries to eat or drink in the next day turns to rotten maggots, the player rolls at disadvantage for the next day, the player has ominous dreams, or the gods squabble, doing nothing.

Bone of a Heretic 8000

As an attack, touching a divine spellcaster with this blackened thigh bone will force them to make a save using their spellcasting statistic, DC 12, or lose a random uncast spell slot until they complete a long rest. Each use of the bone in this manner weakens the bone, and its durability die must be rolled each time. The bone starts with a d20 die and decreases in die size each time it is rolled. On a result of a 1, the bone’s fractures become too much and the bone splinters. If the bone is broken, on purpose or accidentally, it negates all divine spells of 4th level or lower in a 100 foot radius and all divine casters must save using their spellcasting statistic, DC 18, or lose their 2 highest level spell slots until they complete a long rest. The durability die of the bone is increased by one die size for each week it is buried along with the desecrated corpse or bones of a saint on holy ground of the same religious beliefs, to a maximum die size of a d20.

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