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Profane and Profound Prep Part 2

This is part 2 of my work to edit my magic items for a DMsGuild release, along with adding cursed items along the way. Here is part 1.

Bone of a Saint 8000

Using this pearlescent femur as a focus when casting a non-hostile divine spell on another creature has a 1 in 10 chance of keeping that spell in the caster’s memory even after it is cast. Each use of the bone in this manner weakens the bone, and its durability die must be rolled each time. The bone starts with a d20 die and decreases in die size each time it is rolled. On a result of a1, the bone’s fractures become too much and the bone splinters. Breaking a Saint’s Bone will cancel all curses and hostile spells within 100 feet that are level 4 or below. Each creature freed from such an effect regains hit points equal to the total spell levels of curses negated on themselves. The durability die of this Bone of a Saint is increased by one die size each week it is buried in the cremated and sanctified remains of a heretic of the same religious beliefs, to a maximum die size of a d20.

Bottled Bar 2000

The Bottled Bar is a large glass jar containing a miniaturized tavern complete with flickering lights in the windows and moving patrons. Uncorking the jar will rapidly grow the internal tavern, manifesting it in the space around the opener. This creates a permanent tavern in this location, filling what space it can in the surrounding 30 foot cube with a fully stocked tavern. This includes fuel, firewood, food, drink, fireplace, tables, beds, interior walls, utensils, glassware, etc. A single Unseen Servant tends this tavern under the command of the owner of the tavern. Behind the bar is a mounting plate that will perfectly fit the jar. Ownership of the tavern can be passed by the previous owner or by having physical ownership of the now empty bottle over the course of a long rest.

Bottled Hell 1000

The Bottled Hell’s giant glass jar contains what appears to be a miniature tavern, mine, armory, or other useful location. However, once the jar is opened, it will rapidly grow to fill the surrounding space with torture devices, horrors, and demonic shadows. Up to a 90ft. Cube becomes a miniature hell that attempts to trap and torture all mortals that enter its space. Creatures entering the miniature hell must make a dexterity or wisdom save, DC 15, or become restrained. Those restrained by this effect are tortured physically and mentally for 2d6 damage each round until their shadowy captors are deal at least 30 damage. After dealing the damage, the creature is no longer restrained for one round, but must make new saves if they remain in the miniature hellscape at the end of their next turn. Each restrained creature has its own set of captors, so killing one set does not free other captured creatures. The bottled hell is otherwise made of shadow-stuff that is barely tangible, with shifting forms that appear as creatures worst fears. If one of the demonic shadows is ever killed by radiant energy, against which they are vulnerable, the Bottled Hell returns to its unopened form to await someone new to open it.

Bottled Mine 3000

Like its cousin, the Bottle Bar, this large jar contains a doll-sized version of its namesake. Inside is a tiny mine, complete with uniformed foreman, shadowy miners, and enough heavy equipment to keep them working. Uncorking it creates a mass of equipment needed to run a fully functional mine: tools, carts, foreman’s shack, storage shed, treadmill-crane, track, and a dozen shadowy miners lead by a uniformed shadow-foreman. The foreman will obey the commands given by the owner of the mine. The foreman’s desk in their shack has a large drawer that will fit the jar perfectly in its velvet lining. Ownership of the mine can be passed by the verbal consent of owner or by maintaining physical ownership of the jar over the course of a long rest. The shadows act as Unseen Servants and can mine as much, total, as a trio of professional, human miners could without needing rest.

Bountiful Staff 500

A Bountiful Staff is a vine-wrapped, ash-wood staff. Commonly made by hedge-mages and lay-healers, it is a boon to nature focused spellcasters. By utilizing their own spells, this staff allows the wielder to cast Druidcraft, Shillelagh, and Entangle by expending a spell of equivalent or higher level. Harvesting or hunting while holding this staff increases the yield by 1 ration.

Celestial Scale Mail 25000

Glimmering, silvery wings magically spring forth from the back of this polished +3 scale mail. The wings allow the wearer to glide indefinitely, falling 30 ft. each round and moving horizontally 60 ft. For up to 30 minutes each day, the wearer can take flight with good maneuverability at a speed of 50 ft. per round. Any healing effect the wearer applies to others has hit point restoration increased by 50%, rounded up. Five minutes worth of flight can be expended to create 1 round of a 30 ft healing aura, causing the silvery wings to glow. The healing aura heals 10 hp to each creature that starts its turn in the aura, deals 10 radiant damage to undead that start their turn in the aura, removes curses as per the spell cast at 2nd level, and acts as a protection from evil spell each round.

Cloud in a Bottle 1000

Uncorking the swirling, cloudy vortex in this clear wine bottle will expel a blast of strong wind in the direction of the opening that lasts for 1 minute. If outdoors, the weather will become one step cloudier for the surrounding mile within 12 hours for the next week. This has a corresponding effect on other types of weather related to the cloud cover. When released indoors or underground in an insufficiently large space for weather to take place, the strong gusts rush back into the bottle or another suitable container and re-cork themselves after the initial minute of gusting. The bottle can be used as an action once each day, but reusing it in the same area merely lengthens the effect but does not increase its severity.

Cloud Staff 7500

A white and blue painted Cloud Staff lets its wielder cast weather related spells through the staff. In addition, with a small tap of the fluid-filled, marked, glass topper, the wielder can call forth a small cloud to hover over their head. This cloud creates a personal bubble of mundane weather in a five foot radius: a cool breeze, light rain, snow flurries, or a warm wind. Spell casters holding the staff may use equivalent or higher spells in order to cast the following spells using the staff instead of their own spell list: Fog Cloud, Gust of Wind, or Sleet Storm. Weather related spells cast while holding the staff last one additional unit of time.

Cold Iron 500

A weapon or armor, crafted of strong steel and then given an edge without again touching the heat of a forge. Cold iron retains its attunement to the material plane’s natural order, and this attunement allows it to bypass racial damage resistances, in the case of weapons, or ignore racial damage bonuses, in the case of armor, of fey, demons, and other chaotically aligned outsiders. Using cold iron and striking a creature under the influence of a charm or enchantment effect from chaotic outsiders takes damage as normal but is allowed to make a new save against that effect, although with disadvantage. Cold iron is more fragile than tempered steel, and is vulnerable to sonic damage and has disadvantage on saves versus destruction.

Crystal Heart of Light 200000

A bright, diamond, head-sized crystal cut in the shape of a heart. The heart must be charged up by pure, unfiltered sunlight. For every consecutive day of sunlight exposure, sunrise to sunset, the Crystal Heart of Light stores more energy. Every day without sunlight, it loses one day’s worth of stored energy. Days of partial sunlight neither lose nor gain energy. The heart has only 1 hit point and an AC of 14. It can only take damage from a purposeful, directed, destructive action against it alone. After one day, it shines brightly in the dark, casting out bright light for 100 ft and dim light out to 200 ft. After three days, it also gains a 50 ft cleansing aura that imposes disadvantage on all rolls by undead and all dead corpses within 50 ft are blessed by a Gentle Repose each noon. After seven days, the cleansing aura increases to a 200 ft radius. Necromancers within 1 mile are dampened in their abilities, with the number of necrotic undead that can be controlled being decreased by 2 HD per caster. After fifteen days, the cleansing aura expands out to 500 ft and the dampening effect spreads to 2 miles away from the crystal heart. The light shines with daylight out to 250 ft and another 250 ft of dim light beyond that. After thirty days, the heart can touched to corpses affected by Gentle Repose to create up to 30 HD of blessed undead each day up to an hour after dawn. Holy undead are purely mechanical in function, having no attachment to the deceased soul. They are healed by radiant damage but vulnerable to necrotic damage. Their flesh becomes whole, if pale, and they are wrapped in pure white silk robes and a faceless, white ceramic mask. They cannot speak but understand all commands. They serve the wielder of the Crystal Heart of Light unquestioningly. Without commands, they will protect living creatures from harm, subdue violent creatures, and destroy necrotic undead. Creating undead uses 1 day of solar energy for every 3 HD of undead created. At the maximum charge of three hundred days of sunlight, the cleansing aura extends for 1 mile, the dampening of necrotic undead control increases to a 5 HD reduction within a 5 mile radius.


Demon Cleaver 6000

This wicked blade was first forged by a tormented blacksmith who lost his wife to the tortures of a mad king. Some say opportunistic demons were his muses. It functions as a battleaxe and will rend the flesh of its enemies. The Demon Cleaver acts as a +1 longsword and on a hit, the target must make a Constitution save, DC 13 or suffer a -1 penalty to rolls and 1 bleed damage each round until healed. On a successful save, the creature instead takes a -1 pain penalty to all rolls for 1 round.

Demon Skin Leather 5000

A +1 leather armor made from the cured hides of demons, sewn with hair of the bearded devil and dyed a mottled red-black with the blood and fluids of the innocent. This squirming leather cuirass grants advantage on intimidate checks, resistance to fire damage, and once each day the wearer can cast Fear as a 2nd level spell as an action, DC 14.

Dimensional Salt 1500

Once on a creature or ingested, Dimensional Salt causes any and all teleportation attempts by the creature to fail. The extraplanar salt mix only lasts for ten minutes once exposed to air, water, or a creature’s metabolism before it breaks down. When used on a creature, there are three doses in each pouch of salt. The light pink grains can be ground into a fine powder or mixed into an oily paint to instead block teleportation through the covered surface. When mixed this way, the salt will last ten times as long before oxidizing and can cover up to ten, five foot squares. The substance is the refined substrate left behind when gods move between planes. If used as part of a ritual casting Wall of Force or similar spell over the same salted surface three days in a row, the teleportation blocking effect lasts for one year or until the surface is destroyed. If this ritual of threes is done three times in the space of that year, the teleportation blocking effect is permanent until the surface is destroyed.

Divine Incense 6000

Divine Incense is an amalgamated wax made from the melted down clippings, trimmings, hairs, nails, skin flakes, and detritus of demi-gods. A delicate balance is required in the choosing of materials, too weak a godling and no power can be gleaned from the incense. Too strong a god on the other hand will have leavings that are too strong to distill down properly. Divine Incense, when burned, provides a temporary boost of one additional spell slot of each level for the divine caster that inhales its fumes. If multiple creatures partake of the Divine Incense, they choose which receives each bonus spell slot, deciding randomly if there is no consensus. Each additional creature that inhales the smoke, up to four creatures in the five foot radius, ensures that a little less of the smoke goes to waste, adding 1d4-1 additional spell levels worth of spell slots to the spell slot pool. Creatures gain no benefit from bonus spell slots of levels they could not normally cast. These bonus spell slots are lost once they are used or when the character takes a long rest.

Doom Wraith Drums 30000

Doom Wraith Drums are made from stolen funeral garb stretched over tear soaked ebonwood drums. Banging on the drums as a bonus action each round makes a somber, stifled sob along with its deep drum. Enemies within 60 ft suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls until they spend an action to make a Wisdom save, DC 11, to clear their thoughts. Creatures that make this save are immune to the drums effects until they complete a long rest. If any creature dies while under the effects of the drums, it rises 1d6 rounds later as a zombie. These zombie are affected by the Doom Wraith Drums in reverse, gaining a +2 bonus to all rolls. Up to 10 HD worth of zombies can be created and controlled by the drums as a free action, even when they are not being played. Undead that would cause the drums to exceed that limit fail to be raised. The drums can be played for 5 minutes, in 1 minute minimum intervals, each day with no penalty. Each minute after this requires a performance check, DC 7 + minutes already played this day, or the wearer begins dancing in a horrid, jerking manner for the next minute while the drums play themselves. While dancing, the user takes only the dodge action and if they move they must end their movement in the closest location possible to their previous location.

Dovescape 20000

A cape of downy feathers drapes over the shoulders of a white, +2 scale mail. Any magical attack against the wearer is transformed into a swarm of doves, centered on the original target. This includes spells of which the wearer is one target of many or area spells where the Dovescape wearer is only one target. The swarm of doves will attack at the originating caster’s commands on their following turns. If the source of the spell is mindless, the doves target the Dovescape’s wearer and adjacent creatures each turn. The doves will shatter into shards of light, dissipating harmlessly after 1 min. per spell level. Dove Swarm: 1HD (5hp), ATK 1 (Beaks and Talons) DAM 1d6, saves as a F1, Move 5ft/Fly 50ft. *The doves gain 2HD (10hp), one five foot cube of size,  and 1d6 damage for each spell level of the transformed spell. **A swarm attack hits any creatures in a space the doves occupy at the beginning of the creature’s turn.

Dread Mummy Dust 5000

This glass jar contains a dry, light purple dust collected from risen mummies. Anyone who inhales the gas must make a Constitution save, DC 16, or contract mummy rot. There are five uses in each jar, a small pinch can be thrown as an action to fill a five foot cube within five feet.

Druid-bough Holly 5000

A branch of holy wrapped delicately in a blanket of unmelting snow is an enchanted druidic focus. With the proper command phrase spoken in Druidic, “Life will find a way”, a spellcaster can convert a spells to an equivalent level Cure Wounds spell. Healing spells cast on a creature replenishes their hunger and thirst as if they had eaten and drank fully for the day. Healing spells cast on plants and non-sapient animals heal an additional 3 hit points per healing die.

Dwarf Heart Forge 4000

They say a dwarf’s heart never fully cools after they die. This elaborately carved, seamless block of coal formed around a dwarven smith’s heart, when stoked, is hot enough to fuel a normal forge, but it itself is never consumed. In an existing forge, it grants a +1 tool bonus to skill checks. On it’s own, the Dwarven phrase, “Welcome Home”, will unfold the black rock into a basalt forge with an attached anvil. The fire in this forge needs no fuel, but the subtle beating sound of a heart can be heard when listening closely. The forge and anvil are sized for a Dwarf, other creatures may take a penalty to use them.

Dwarven Sight-Goggles 12500

These leather-bound, smoked goggles diminish the light the wearer see by one step, while granting darkvision out to 120 ft, even against magical darkness: Daylight is treated as bright light, bright light becomes dim, and dim light functions as darkness. Effects that rely on sudden bursts of bright light do not affect the wearer. In addition, the wearer can see white-violet streaks and striations in stones, metals, and gems that they could not see before. They have advantage on crafting, appraisal, or dungeoneering check related to stones, metals, or gems. The wearer has immunity to gaze attacks.

Dwarven Staff 10000

The Dwarven Staff is a four foot stone rod shot through with veins of dark ore. Dwarves wielding this staff gain a bonus spell slot of the highest level they can cast. Spell casters can cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell slot: Identify, Heat Metal, Glyph of Warding, or Stone Shape. Skill checks for creating, summoning, or crafting metal, stone, or gem based objects is made with advantage while holding this staff.

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