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Profane and Profound Part 3

Part 2 is here.

Dwarven Stone-Forged Platemail 6000

Dwarves create this special plate mail from interlocking basalt and feldspar gears that disperse impacts into mechanical motion. While this +1 plate mail is stronger and heavier than normal plate, its interlocking gears and intricate design does not slow the wearer’s movement. Dwarven Stone-Forged Platemail has a base armor class of 19, a maximum dexterity bonus of +1, weighs 200 lbs, and is always considered masterwork.

Dwarven Thrower 7000

A great metal hammer forged from a single ingot the size of a full-grown dwarf, this hammer is a powerful throwing weapon. It is a +1 maul that can be thrown as a two-handed weapon with a range of 20 ft. to deal an additional 2d6 force damage and return to its wielder at the end of the round. The thrower can catch it as a free action if both hands are free, otherwise the hammer slams into them for 2d6 force damage and drops to their feet.

Elven Staff 10000

Curling vines and leaves branch off of the 7 foot tall Elven Staff made of still-living oak. While held, branches grow up and around the holder’s hands, giving them advantage on rolls against being disarmed. Elves gain a bonus spell slot of the highest level they can cast and half elves gain a bonus spell of the second-highest spell level they can cast. Spells can be cast through the Elven Staff using an equivalent or higher level spell: Detect Magic, Moon Beam, Conjure Barrage, and Dominate Beast. Intelligent beasts plants of less than half the wielder’s HD react one step more positively to the wielder upon meeting.

Endless Tap of Ambrosia 9000

If this copper tap is stuck in any container and turned open, it will pour out a golden, glowing honey. Sweet to the taste, one cup of ambrosia pours out each round, enough to heal 1d6 hit points. If there are more than three cups of Ambrosia from this tap in existence, pouring a new cup will cause the oldest ambrosia to lose its shine and be reduced to non-magical, honeyed mead. Creatures that drink more than three doses in one day must make a Constitution save, DC 8 + the number of cups of ambrosia drunk this day, or because poisoned for one hour and unable to regain any further hit points from the ambrosia.

Feather Token, Cursed 3000

While this feather starts its life as a grey, matted pigeon feather, it will take on a new appearance as soon as it is placed within 5 ft. of another feather token. A Cursed Feather Token will mimic the abilities of the feather token it copies, changing appearance to match and occasionally swapping locations with the other feather token when unobserved. When broken it functions like the feather token it is copying, except that the resultant entity is hostile to its summoner. It uses malicious intelligence to suss out the best time to betray its user. For non-sapient forms created by a cursed feather token, the item fails to work catastrophically or is otherwise ruinous, dangerous, or poisonous despite appearing normal to all senses. Once a Cursed Feather Token has copied another feather token, it will not change forms again for 24 hours. In its base grey form, it has a flying speed of 5 ft. that it will use to stealthily move towards the nearest feather token within 1 mile.

Feather Token of Sphinx 18000

Cracking this gleaming aquamarine feather summons a sarcastic, lounging sphinx in front of the user. This combat ready minion is armored in a breastplate and can use magic. Additionally, the sphinx is wise and well versed in magical and historical lore. It will follow the orders of the one who summoned it. The sphinx must be fed 5 rations and paid 200 sp in gems, magic, or gold each day else it will become angry. It will also become angry if it fails a morale check in combat or if made to fight in more than one combat between long rests. If already angry, the sphinx will instead leave at the earliest opportunity. HD 12 Huge AC 16 ATK +8/+9/+7 (Claw/Bite/Spells*) DMG 1d8+3/1d12+5 Spells: Acid Splash cantrip 3d6 acid, Burning hands 5d6 fire in 20 ft. cone (three times each day), Lighting Bolt 6d6 electricity in 60 ft. line (once each day). Identify, and Knock MOV 30 ft. FLY 40 ft. S 16 D 14 C 12 I 17 W 15 C 14. The sphinx makes a bite and two claw attacks with an action.

Feather Token Pegasus 5000

The Pegasus Feather Token is a silvery feather that will call a pegasus from thin air when kissed. As the silvery, winged horse appears, the feather turns to glitter dust. The horse can carry up to one ton and is useful for travel but is not trained or willing to engage in combat nor will it bear a rider into combat. The pegasus will retreat from combat, staying out of harm’s way. The pegasus needs 3 rations each day or it will become disgruntled. It will also become angry if it witnesses its summoner desecrate nature or commit evil acts. If forced into combat, it will become angered if it fails a morale check, which it has disadvantage on. HD 4 Large AC 14 ATK +4 (Hoof) DMG 1d6+1 MOV 90 ft. FLY 90 ft. S 12 D 19 C 10 I 15 W 19 C 19. While flying, the Pegasus may make up to two hoof attacks as part of the dash action.

Feather Token Quetzalcoatl 30000

Crushing the rainbow Quetzalcoatl feather token causes it to explode in a thunderous cacophony. As the smoke clears, a flying, rainbow snake appears. It is a loyal, telepathic servant of its summoner that will utilize its powerful good magics. While it will do no harm to non-evil creatures, it is a powerful aerial combatant. Additionally, it can grant up to a dozen creatures at a time the ability to wind walk at will. The Quetzalcoatl must be fed 20 rations each day or it will become disgruntled. It will also become angry if it fails a morale check in combat or if its summoner does not complete a massive charitable undertaking each month. If already angry, the Quetzalcoatl will instead leave at the earliest opportunity. HD 16 Gargantuan AC 19 ATK +10/+12 (Bite/Bolt) DMG 2d8+6/1d20+5 positive energy Spells: Heal 5d8+10 hp (five times each day), Mass heal 3d8+5 to up to 10 targets in 30 ft. (three times per day), Restoration (three times per day), Raise Dead (once each day). MOV 20 ft. FLY 120 ft. S 18 D 21 C 15 I 19 W 25 C 17. The Quetzalcoatl may make up to three bolt or bite attacks as an action.

Feather Token Willow 500

Snapping the brown feather brings to life a giant, feathery, willow tree. The leaves can be eaten to nourish a creature as a full food and water ration. The willow produces as many as six meals each day, if it is in a suitable environment for a tree. Each month the tree’s magic fades a little, reducing its output by one meal until it becomes a non-magical tree at the end of its sixth month. In hostile environments such as those lacking sunlight, sufficient warmth, or enough water, the tree only provides 30 rations total as it wastes away into a dry, dead tree.

Flower Petal 12500

This delicate, +2, porcelain-handled sickle is painted and carved with a fine relief of cherry blossoms, a thing of beauty despite the hundreds of small cracks. Attacking with this weapon reveals its true nature as it shatters into a cloud of twirling flower petal blade shards that slice all creatures in a 5 ft. radius from a center-point within reach before reforming. This sweeping attack ignores non-magical armor and cover, but does not strike the wielder. If the Flower Petal is ever broken, it reforms in 1d6 rounds as any broken pieces turn to flower petals and float back into place.

Fortunate Armor 10000

Like its lesser cousin, fortunate armor is a source of good luck. The appearance of the enchantment varies wildly based on the superstitions of the mage that enchanted it, but they all focus on lucky symbols and engravings to adorn the armor. The wearer gains two rerolls each long rest that can be used as a free action to reroll an attack, skill, or save before the results are known. Once each day as a reaction, a reroll can be spent to force an opponent to reroll an attack targeting the wearer.

Fortunate, Greater Armor 100000

Greater Fortunate armor showers the wearer in good luck: attractive companions, free meals, astounding coincidence, or generally being in the right place at the right time. The wearer also gains four rerolls each day like its lesser cousins. These rerolls can be expended to reroll any D20 roll as a free action, including using a reroll to force an opponent to reroll an attack against the wearer, an opposed skill against the wearer, or save against the wearer’s abilities. Once each day, the armor will pull the wearer from certain death, granting an automatic 20 on their first death saving throw.

Fortunate, Lesser Armor 1000

This armor’s enchantment is usually bound to a lucky coin, insignia, or marking to a god of fortune. Whoever is wearing this armor is frequently the subject of mundane swings of luck: a lucky hand at cards or being in just the right place to avoid a splash from a passing cart. The wearer gains one reroll that can be used as a free action to reroll a skill or save roll before the results of that roll are determined.

Gaudy Armor 500

Very expensive gildings, carvings, reliefs, accoutrements, badges, ribbons, and other embellishments drench this armor. This armor is still functionally the same but is now appropriate as noble clothing such that it would not appear out of place in a high class establishment or event. Add this cost to the base price when determining the cost of any repairs or other enhancements.

Gaudy Guff 100

While this armor appears to be the expensive and fashionable Gaudy Armor, it is instead a non-functional fake. It will appear suitable as noble clothing, but should it ever see combat it will do little more to protect its wearer than cloth. Its construction means that it still has all the downsides of the armor it is imitating but none of the benefits. The decorative nature of the armor means that it will automatically fail any save against damage or breakage. Add this cost to the base price when determining the cost of any repairs or other enhancements.

Ghost Caller’s Pipes 6000

Sounding these assorted, mismatched, metal tubes spreads eerie and resounding tones out 200 feet. When chimed as an action and for five minutes afterwards, undead of all types that can hear the sound will head directly for the pipes, except for undead with specific orders preventing such action or those unable to reach the sound through means apparent to their intelligence level. Intelligent undead must make a Wisdom save, DC 12, each round or spend all their actions moving towards the pipes until they succeed on a new Wisdoms save at the end of their turn. Undead that resist the call of the pipes are immune to its effects for the next 24 hours. The sound carries through up to 3 feet of solid material like stone or up to 6 feet of loose material such as earth or sand. Undead dislike the sound and will attempt to destroy the pipes once they are within reach. As an action they will automatically break the pipes and a second action will destroy them. If held, the undead will make their normal attacks and the wielder must choose to either take the damage of any that hit or let the pipes be broken. If the pipe’s attuned owner can summon or control undead, they can do so to 3 HD more undead each day than their usual limits. Any undead they lose control of while holding the pipes or due to losing the pipes become immediately and viciously hostile towards their previous master.

Giant Hide 1000

Made of cured, hill giant skin, this magical leather armor allows the wearer to increase their strength score to 21 for a total of three minutes each day, with minimum increments of one minute. During this time, they are able to throw large rocks, or similar objects, for 2d6 bludgeoning damage with a range of 60 ft. Giant-kind is at best unfriendly to those who own Giant Hide armor.

Giant Staff 12500

A staff made for giants, the Giant Staff is a thick tree stump that medium creatures can only barely hold with two hands and a strength score of 15 or higher. It grants Giants an additional spell slot of the highest spell level they can cast. Any spellcaster can use the staff to cast the following spells by using an equivalent or higher spell of their own: Longstrider, Enlarge/Reduce, Spirit Guardians, Stoneskin, Bigby’s Hand.

Giant’s Braid 50

A single plait of hair cut from the scalp of a giant. Braided into one’s own hair, it provides some luck against being crushed by rocks. The wearer has advantage on saves against being crushed by falling rocks and takes one less damage per die from falling rocks or earth. Giants find plaited hair superbly lucky and will never cut one off of their own accord, so they often respond to “luck-thieves” wearing a Giant’s Braid by stoning them to death, which the braid offers no protection against as the rocks are thrown, not falling.

Gnarled Staff of the Tree-folk 12500

This is a large, overgrown, mossy sapling in the vague shape of a staff. Treefolk gain an additional spell slot of the highest level they can cast while attuned to this staff. The staff is actually alive, but hibernating, any who can speak to trees can wake it up to have it walk with them, with a 20 ft. movement speed, instead of having to carry the large staff.  The sapling staff is large enough to require two hands and a strength of 19 for creatures of medium size and smaller to carry. It counts as being wielded as long as it is within 30 ft and within line of sight. While walking, it has an armor class of 14, uses the saves of its wielder, and can take thirty points of damage before dropping to the ground unable to be wielded for three days. Spell-casters can use the staff to cast the following spells by using an equivalent or higher level spell of their own: Hail of Thorns, Moonbeam, Conjure Animals, Aura of Life, and Awaken.

Gnomish Staff 10000

A quarterstaff neatly sawed in two, given a colored glass inlay, and decorated with knick-knacks, whatsits, and thing-a-ma-bobs. Attuned Gnomish wielders gain an additional spell of the highest spell level they can cast. Illusion spells cast while wielding this staff gain one additional sensory effect on their targets: touch, sight, smell, taste, sound, etc. Poking this staff through an illusion, if the wielder themself is aware of the illusion, grants a new save to all within line of sight against the illusion effect. A spellcaster can use this staff to cast the following spells with an equivalent or higher level spell slot: Grease, Animal Messenger, Major Image, and Polymorph.

Goat Hoof 100

The severed Goat Hoof increases the speed of its wearer in the case of ties. The wearer is treated as having a movement speed of 5 ft faster in a situation in which they would normally tie with an opponent. While the bloody stump isn’t observably preserved in any way, it never seems to rot. There is a 3 in 6 chance that the goat hoof will register as evil to magical senses.

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