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Scatter Trees Terrain Part 1

I got myself some model trees to make some scatter terrain using the method Black Magic Craft describes here. However, I decided to do both deciduous and evergreen so that I can mix things up.

The basic process is to use a reclaimed (and cleaned out) peanut butter jar filled with a 1:3 mix of pva glue to water. Soak the pine trees to get rid of the white “snow”. Dip the trees in the glue mix then sprinkle with fine green flocking. Unfortunately, the two largest trees didn’t quite fit so I used a large brush to wash the largest trees with white glue.

Careful where you do this, as the drips of glue can be seen in where the dried flocking in the paint tray liner are clumping. If I were to do this again, I would have removed the trees from their bases first, it became much harder to remove them without damaging the flocking if you do it after flocking them.

I do not have an easy way to cut mdf bases for trees, so I grabbed thin cardboard, cheap toilet paper, a cup of water, and the leftover pva-water mix. With a sharpie, I sketched out the shape of the scatter terrain. Next I took a length of toilet paper, wetted it, squeezed out the excess water, then shaped the result into a shallow hill. Once I would fill up a whole section of the cardboard, I would liberally coat the hills in the pva-glue mix. About an hour later (basically hitting the first batch after I finished the last batch), I came back to put a coat of pure pva glue with a wet brush to make sure it spreads evenly.

I ended up putting a second coat of pure pva glue, but it was probably unnecessary. After all that was dry, I used drywall filler/Spackle. Using my fingers, I smooshed Spackle in the corrugation of the cardboard and all over the hills to give a better appearance. After smearing, I roughly tapped any smooth areas so it wouldn’t look unnatural.

My next steps will be to paint the bases, pick the spots for the trees, flock, drill/poke holes for the tree trunks, glue, and finish. Stay tuned for part 2 to see the finished product.

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