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Profane and Profound Part 5

Part 4 is here.

Ki-Focused Gloves 4000

Ki-Focused gloves are made from dirtied and worn cloth strips and are wrapped around the hands or feet of martial artists. The wearer gains two Ki points each day, or two additional if they already have Ki points, and can spend one Ki point to gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage to their unarmed strikes until the end of their turn. Each additional point increases the attack and damage of those attacks by a consecutively increasing bonus. Using the Ki-Focused Gloves’ ability multiple times stacks.

Lighted Armor 5000

A Lighted armor emits a 30ft radius of bright light on command until extinguished. It will retaliate against successful hits against the wearer by creatures within 5 ft. with a flash of white light that deals 1d6 radiant damage.

Lion’s Shield 10000

A large lion head juts forth from the front of this silver, +3, large shield. As a free action each round, the shield can be mentally commanded to make a bite attack using its wearer’s melee weapon attack bonus to deal 1d8+5 piercing damage. The golden maned beast can be commanded to roar instead of attack. Creatures in a 30 ft cone must make a Wisdom save, DC 12, or become frightened for 1 minute. Those creatures may attempt a new save as an action on their turn. The lion may roar up to three times between each long rest, but after roaring a third time it closes its eyes and falls asleep, unable to perform its bite attacks until its wielder completes a long rest.

Lotus Sickle 5000

A delicate, purple-black bamboo handle holds a bright steel sickle. A Lotus Sickle is treated as a +1 sickle but when swung it summons large black petals of magical energy that cut in its wake. An attack from the Lotus Sickle deals damage to enemies in a 10 ft. line instead of targeting a single creature. A single attack roll is made against each of the targets individual armor classes to determine which are struck by the blow. Enemies slashed by the falling petals must make a Constitution save, DC 10, or take 5 poison damage each round until they succeed on a new save at the end of each of their turns.

Luck Blade (1 wish) 35000

A shining gold-handled dagger holds a shining red ruby in its pommel. This +3 dagger also confers a +1 bonus to all rolls its attuned owner makes, thanks to a small boost to their fortunes. Also held in this blade is the ability to call for a single Wish to be fulfilled. The Wish, as the spell, is completed according to the intent of its wielder and is generally accomplished as much as possible through seeming coincidence and good luck. Once the wish is called upon, the gold handle begins to flake and the ruby dulls.

Luck’s Bane 10000

Luck’s Bane are the supposed result of those wishing for more wishes. A +3 gold-handled dagger with an inset but dull ruby and some gold flakes missing, it looks and functions just like a depleted Luck Blade, including a +1 bonus to all rolls for the attuned wielder. However, should the wielder ever wish for something out loud, the Luck’s Bane will then shift in appearance. It’s handle will turn to fool’s gold and its ruby into a weeping, bloody pustule. The blade will then cast Wish and will attempt to twist the wording of their wish into something punishing, harmful, or undesirable for the wielder. Luck’s Bane avoids harming innocent bystanders if possible. The grander the wish and greedier the wielder’s desire, the more liberty a Luck’s Bane will take to twist the effects. Once revealed, the dagger with remain attuned to the wielder, providing a -2 penalty to all rolls, unable to be removed except by a spell effect of 6th level or higher. Luck’s Bane still functions as a +3 dagger even after revealing itself. If it senses the opportunity, usually after one victim has died or become unattuned, it will again cloak itself in the guise of a depleted Luck Blade to wait for a new victim.

Masochist’s Bindings 6000

An assortment of chains, black leather straps, and iron manacles make up this +1 studded leather armor. Unless the wearer is a trained escape artist or skilled with ropes, the armor takes 30 minutes both to don and to remove. For every five damage the wearer has taken since the end of their last turn, they gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls. This bonus is doubled if the wearer has half or fewer of their hit points remaining.

Medusa’s Gazing Lens 100000

These goggles are made from the petrified eyes of a Medusa, shaved razor thin to transparency. The lenses are suspended in a tightly fitting leather head wrap. The wearer gains darkvision and is immune to other gaze attacks. In addition, while worn, the goggles perform the gaze attack of a Medusa as a free action each turn, forcing creatures within a 60 ft cone to make a Constitution save, DC 13, or become paralyzed for 1d6 rounds. The gaze attack must be made each round unless the wearer covers the lenses or closes their eyes for their entire turn. Paralyzed creatures struck by the gaze attack must make a Constitution save or turn to stone for 1d6 rounds. Petrified creatures must save or be rendered permanently stone. The wearer is not immune to their own gaze attack being reflected back at them. The tight fit of the lenses and their vision altering properties will leave the wearer stunned for 1 round after they are removed or donned, during which time the wearer is blind.

Mercurial Guillotine 8000

Worshipers of death hold in high regard this black steel polearm both because of the symbolism of the weapon but also because of the deadly mercury contained within. The internal cavity of sloshing mercury gives this +2 scythe a more deadly critical blow. Its critical range is increased by 1 and it deals an additional two weapon damage dice on a critical hit. If it is broken or damaged, it leaks mercury when swung on all within 5 ft. and the tainted metal forces creatures to make a Constitution save, DC18, or take 1 Constitution damage each long rest until two successive saves are passed at the end of those long rests.

Midas’ Touch 15000

This golden +3 plate armor confers a bonus and a curse. All other creatures that attack the armor with melee weapons, touch attacks, or touch the armor for extended periods must make a Constitution save, DC 15, or take 3d6 necrotic damage. Creatures dying to this attack are gilded in gold but wither to dust beneath the gold layer. A golden husk is worth 100 SP per HD of the dead creature. The wearer can not eat or drink while wearing the Midas’ Touch, any edible object or potable fluid they touch are turned to ash and flecked with gold flakes. The golden flakes are worth 1 SP each. The armor can only create 5,000 SP of gold each day, beyond that the gold created is worthless, yellowed clay. The suit can only be removed with a curse-breaking spell effect of 6th level or higher.

Mournwood Harp 2500

This harp, when played, dampens creatures’ moods. When played as a move action each round, and for one round after, it impedes all creatures with an intelligence score within 30 ft that can hear it with a -2 penalty to attack and damage rolls. Morose, lethargic emotion washes over the affected creatures. It can also be used to create a Calm Emotions spell twice each long rest. After the second use, the harps notes carry no more magical sadness until completing a long rest.

Mummy Dust 2250

Ground up, dusty wrappings are held in this brightly colored urn. Mummy Dust is a contact poison that can be directly applied as a touch attack or scattered as an action in a 10 ft diameter cloud within 20 ft to inflict mummy rot. The dust remains virulent until it is struck directly by moonlight, so missed attacks and thrown dust can create hazardous terrain to exposed skin. Those exposed to its touch or the cloud must make a Constitution save, DC 16, or become afflicted with mummy rot. The wasting disease deals 1d4 Constitution damage each day unless the afflicted succeeds on their Constitution save. Only a curse removing spell effect of 5th level or higher will clear the affliction from the body. While infected, the creature is immune to all other diseases and magical diseases. A single jar of Mummy Dust is enough for three uses.

Mummy Dust, Diluted 450

A pinch of Mummy Dust can be diluted with holy water to create a thin paste that when dried, creates a weaker version of the deadly disease powder. It inflicts a very minor mummy rot at a touch. A touch attack or scattered as an action in a 10 ft diameter cloud within 20 ft will inflict the weakened mummy rot. The diluted dust requires a Constitution save, DC of 13, or it will take root. Each day, the afflicted must make a save or their maximum hit points are reduced by 1d4. Only a curse removing spell effect of 3rd level or higher will clear the weakened mummy rot from the body. While afflicted with weakened mummy rot, the creature is immune to all non-magical and magical diseases. One jar of Diluted Mummy Dust holds nine doses.

Needler 9000

A hand crossbow stylized to look like a small rodent. Up to ten bolts can be loaded into its spine covered back with one reload. Bolts fired from this +2 crossbow seek out their target and will swerve around cover and through holes, ignoring any cover so long as the wielder has line of sight to the intended target. Additionally, if the attack would miss by 2 or less, the attack still deals half damage.

Nurses Chain Shirt 2000

A simple white shirt sewn over this +1 chain shirt has a large red sun emblazoned on it. Across cultures, the red symbol changes, but it always matches the local customs for healing symbolism. On the battlefield, only the cruelest and least intelligent soldiers would kill one wearing this armor, an enemy healer can be captured and put to saving your own soldiers after all. A Nurse’s Chain Shirt confers a bonus to healing spells the wearer casts, healing an additional 2 hit points per spell level.

Oathsworn Bow 10000

While the style of an Oathsworn Bow may change and its size may vary, all Oathsworn Bows will whisper when picked up, promising vengeance to the wielder’s enemies. The wielder of the +2 bow can request an oath of death against a foe that grants a +2 bonus to attack and +2d8 weapon damage against that foe until they complete a long rest or until the target dies. While the bow is so sworn, the wielder suffers a -2 penalty attack and damage against all other targets while also gaining no magical bonuses from Oathsworn. If the wielder completes a long rest without killing the sworn enemy, the wielder loses all magical bonuses from the Oathsworn until they kill that enemy, until they spend a short rest recommitting themselves to the bow under the light of a full moon, or they successfully hunt a dangerous beast. For a beast to count, it must have a challenge rating equal to or higher than their level when they broke their oath and they must be the one to cause the majority of damage to it.

Oracle Staff 15000

The Oracle Staff is a twisted staff with a wooden claw holding a fogged-glass orb at the top. Blind spell casters that are attuned to this staff gain a bonus spell slot of the highest spell level they can cast. In addition, the wielder of this staff gains blind-sense out to 15 feet. A spell caster using this staff may cast the following spells by expending an equivalent or higher level spell slot: True Strike, Sanctuary, Zone of Truth, Remove Curse, Speak with Dead, and Locate Creature.

Orcish Staff 7000

This is a shepherd’s crook inset with small blades stabbing inwards on the hook end. It grants a bonus spell slot of the highest level they can cast for attuned orcs and half-orcs that wield it. The staff may be wielded as a scythe and as an action, may be hooked around a helpless creature’s neck, forcing them to make a Constitution save, DC 13, or die. On a successful save, the creature takes 4d4 slashing damage instead. This cannot be done to creatures lacking anatomy or that are immune to critical hits. If the wielder would be reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, they stay at 1 hit point for one more turn than normal before succumbing to those wounds and dropping to 0 hit points. Additional wounds still affect them normally and can still kill them before they can act. An Orcish Staff lets its user cast the following spells by expending an equivalent or higher spell slot: Hunter’s Mark, Shatter, Haste, and Dominate Beast.

Outsider Contract 2500

This bound scroll is a contract for the services of an outsider or outsiders with a combined total of 8 HD. Often the appearance of the scroll belies the type of outsider it summons. An Outsider Contract contains everything needed to summon the servant over the course of a short rest using only the energy in a drop of blood. Payment for their services is already paid for at the time of the contract’s creation. An Outsider Contract is open ended and they may be commonly called to do one of the following: serve as a henchman for 1 week, complete one goal counter to their alignment, or provide minor services such as spellcasting, advising, or skilled crafting for a month. Longer service beyond those amounts or better service can be obtained with appropriate compensation along with a Charisma check. This check is made with advantage if the request aligns with the outsider’s alignment or at disadvantage if the task is at odds with their alignment. While this contract is a standard size, larger and smaller contracts are possible. These are priced proportionally, but smaller contracts are not usually worth the hassle for spellcasters to make and larger ones are hard to make as powerful outsiders, or even large groups of weaker ones, require very careful wording and compensation. Should the contract user attempt to cheat the intent of the contract such as being given a task beyond a reasonable scope, the contract will be destroyed and rendered null.

Paper Mail 10000

Paper Mail is a bone white +1 suit of plate mail made entirely of pieces of folded paper. It weighs only 3 pounds and counts as light armor for all purposes including proficiency. The paper can be scribed like a scroll at no cost, and can store up to eight levels of spells across its paper surfaces, with no single spell higher than fourth level. Inscribed spells can be cast from the Paper Mail as scrolls. When the Paper Mail is struck with a blow, when the attack would hit if not for the non-magical armor bonus of the mail, some of the paper is torn and the armor bonus of the mail drops by one point. If there is an inscribed spell on the armor, one of these spell’s magical energies will be dispersed instead of the armor taking damage. The armor consumes one inscribed spell randomly from among the lowest available level of spells. Slashing damage destroys two armor points or spell levels and fire damage destroys four points or spell levels. To repair a single point of armor damage, Paper Mail requires a skilled paper artisan two hours and 500 SP of arcana infused paper to fold new pieces for the armor.

Peacekeeper 8000

Held in great regard by pacifists and gang enforcers alike, the Peacekeeper is a long metal rod, loosely wrapped with a thick chain. It deals damage as a +2 club, but all of its damage is non-lethal damage. Any creature struck by the Peacekeeper is charmed to be unable to attack until they make a Wisdom save, DC 12, at the start of their turn or until they are the target of an attack.

Plate Mail of Etherealness 10000

The glossy metal of this +2 plate mail always appears slightly out of focus. As a free action, Plate Mail of Etherealness and its attuned wearer turn ethereal and invisible for up to 1 minute, with a minimum usage time of 1 round. This time limit is reset after each short rest. While ethereal, the wearer gains a fly speed of 40 ft with perfect maneuverability. The invisibility lasts until the wearer makes an attack. If the wearer would lose etherealness inside a solid object, the wearer is shunted to the nearest available space, taking 1d6 cumulative damage per 5 ft of shunting distance.

Plate Mail of the Poltergeist 2000

This plate mail looks and functions as the Plate Mail of Etherealness until the first time its wearer becomes ethereal. At the start each of their turns while ethereal, the Plate Mail of the Poltergeist casts Telekinesis while maintaining concentration on up to 1d4 Telekinesis spells previously cast. The poltergeist infusing this armor is intelligent and hostile towards all material plane creatures, with a slight preferential hatred of the armor wearer and their allies. The wearer of the armor may spend their action to make a Wisdom or Charisma save, DC 15, to counter 1d4 Telekinesis effects of the poltergeist. Once the wearer is no longer ethereal, the poltergeist maintains 1d4-1 telekinesis effects each turn.

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