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Profane and Profound 6

Part 5 is here.

Prayer Beads 20000

These ten, well varnished wooden beads hang from a silver thread. They can clasped in a prayer to request aid from a sympathetic deity to perform an effect a 6th level or lower spell could accomplish. As an action, this can be attempted once between each short rest. The percent chance of intervention is equal to four times the number of remaining beads. If successful, one bead vanishes. A bead can be crushed as action to scatter as a healing powder. This generates 10d8+30 hit points which can be spread as the user chooses across any number of creatures within 60 feet. The healer can spend 10 points of that healing on a creature to create a Lesser Restoration or Remove Curse effect. They may also spend 50 of those healing points to cast Revive on one creature. Creatures healed by this effect also have their injuries healed as if they rested under the guidance of a skilled healer for a number of days equal to the hit points healed.

Prayer Beads, Greater 40000

The Greater Prayer Beads are a necklace of ten wooden beads on a gossamer string. Grasping the beads as an action, the wearer can attempt to call a divine favor once between each short rest to create any effect an 8th level or lower spell could create. The percentage chance of this favor occurring is equal to five times the number of remaining beads. If a miracle is successfully called, one bead vanishes. Like its lesser cousins, the beads may also be removed and crushed to generate healing. The beads from the Greater Prayer Beads can distribute up to 20d8+60 hit points among any number of target creatures within 90 ft. They can be spent in the same way as the Prayer Beads to provide additional effects. Also, the wearer may spend 120 healing points to cast True Resurrection on one creature. Creatures healed this way also heal injuries as if they had been tended by a skilled healer for twice as many days as hit points healed and gain resistance to damage for one minute.

Prayer Beads, Lesser 10000

The finely polished, mixed wood beads on this leather strap can be embraced with a quick prayer to perform minor miracles. The Lesser Prayer Beads allows it wearer to request the aid of a sympathetic demigod as an action once between each short rest to perform an effect a 4th level or lower spell could accomplish, with the chance of the prayer succeeding being equal to twice the number of remaining beads. If the miracle occurs, one bead crumbles to white ash. For more immediate effects, a bead can be squeezed tightly to create a powerful healing effect. This healing generates 5d8+15 hit points to be spread across any number of creatures within 30 ft as the user decides but it consumes the bead in a small flash of white fire. Those creatures’ injuries are healed as if they had rested a number of days equal to the healing received. Ten points of healing can be spent to create a Lesser Restoration or Remove Curse effects on one creature. A Lesser Prayer Beads has 10 beads when it is created.

Prayer Beads, Apostate’s 5000

These exotic wooden beads are nicely polished, but have been tainted by their former user’s apostasy from their deity. If a wielder attempts to use them for prayer or crush them for healing, the whole set of beads becomes intangible and bound to the wearer with a powerful curse. Only a divinely sourced remove curse effect of 5th level or higher or a 7th level or higher remove curse effect of non-divine origin can remove the Apostate’s Prayer Beads. These cursed, ghostly beads inflict a spiritual malaise and heaviness to the wearer, lowering their available spell slots as if they were two levels lower in their divine spellcasting classes, divided as evenly as possible if they have multiple. If the wearer attempts to cast a beneficial spell effect on a creature, that creature must make a Wisdom or Charisma save against the wielder’s spell DC or they suffer a minor curse along with the benefits. This curse inflicts disadvantage on their rolls until they spend an action performing a superstitious or religious act to ward away the malignant energies.

Prophet’s Crystal Ball 90000

A Prophet’s Crystal Ball is an unwieldy, 3 foot sphere of clouded glass. When it is used as the focus in any divination ritual, the ritual is cast in half the time and with advantage on any rolls made for it. During the full moon, peering deep into the swirling misty glass allows one a cryptic knowledge of a possible future. The player gives the Dungeon Master a short phrase that will be incorporated into the near future and the Dungeon Master will choose one roll to grant them advantage on, related to their prophesied future. Under the light of a blood moon, the Prophet’s Crystal Ball will show dark portents related to how the viewer will die. In hindsight, these portents are always eerily accurate, even if they are little help to divining the exact nature of the future demise.

Pugilist’s Bands 22500

These two brass knuckles fit comfortably in the hand. Once worn, the wearer feels a strong aversion to covering their torso where unnecessary, wielding weapons, and cowardice. The bands induce chest hair growth and keep a shirtless wearer comfortable in most normal climates. While worn, Pugilist’s Bands return the wearer to their peak physical condition, restoring any age losses, and improving their physique greatly, with a +4 bonus to strength, constitution, and dexterity. The wearer will become knowledgeable of the fighting style of pugilists, where one trades blows with a single opponent. The wearer may make a single, unarmed melee attack as an action with their fists with a bonus to attack and damage. This attack deals +3d6 damage and gets a +3 bonus to attack, but no other attacks can be made on the same turn. The wearer gains a mental picture of the creature they last attacked, granting a +3 bonus to AC and saves against the abilities of that creature.

Quickstep Drums 5000

Cheetah hide is stretched over an acacia wood drum. Playing the Quickstep Drums as a bonus action confers a +10 ft movement speed bonus and a +1 bonus to attack and damage for each 10 ft moved in that round, to a maximum of +4 to any number of allies within 60 ft that can hear the drums. The effects lasts after the user stops playing for a number of rounds equal to their Charisma modifier.

Ram’s Head 9000

The Ram’s Head is a +1 shield bearing a steel sculpture of the bust of a ram lowering its spiral horns for a charge. As a move action, its wielder can move up to their base movement speed and then make a bash attack. If the attack hits, it deals 1d8+1 damage and knocks the enemy prone unless they make a Strength save, DC 13. If the wearer has moved at least twice their base movement speed in a straight line to make this attack, the damage is tripled and the steel ram bleats should the target be knocked down.

Regrowing Armor 500

This enchantment can only be applied to wooden, hide, or other organic armors. The armor or shield regrows from any damage it receives, short of being completely cut apart, one tier of damage each day.

Reviving Armor 18000

The first time the attuned wearer of this armor is dropped to 0 hit points or fewer between each short rest, the armor leaves them at 1 hit point and allows them to heal or spend hit dice as if they had completed a short rest. A yellow half-circle on the torso changes colors to track the health of the wearer, from a bright yellow and blue sunrise to a red-orange and purple sunset. When the wearer would drop to 0 hit points, the orb briefly dips down in a sunset, but then rises back as the wearer is reinvigorated.

Rhino Hide 2500

A cracked-leather, black +1 Rhino Hide armor is created from the hide of large horned beasts from exotic lands known for their fearsome charge. Rhino Hide adds +1d6 damage to melee attacks made following the wearer moving at least their base movement speed.

Sandman 2000

A thick wool sap is filled with dust and sand. It can only deal non-lethal damage and the dust shaking from it on striking has chance of putting enemies to sleep. On a hit, the target must make a Wisdom save, DC 12, or fall asleep for a number of rounds equal to the weapon damage. On a critical hit, the DC increases to 15 and the duration increases to minutes. If the wielder has put someone to sleep with the Sandman since their last long rest, their dreams will be more pleasant that night. Sleeping creatures can be roused as an action and automatically wake up after taking damage.

Seer’s Crystal Ball 60000

A Seer’s Crystal Ball is a solid hemisphere of glass one foot across set in a silver tripod. Gazing into it, a user can see a bird eye view of a 5 mile radius area. This view can be centered on any point the user has previously stood up to 100 miles away. The crystal ball can be used freely in minimum increments of 1 minute for the first 10 minutes each day, but each minute after that requires a Wisdom saving throw against the number of minutes already spent using the crystal ball that day. On a failure, the user gets vertigo and spends the next minute vomiting. Additionally, any vision based spells cast using the ball as a focus have their range doubled. Any rolls for those spells are rolled with advantage.

Serrated Weapon 350

Ragged channels of sharp protrusions line a serrated weapon so that it leaves a bloodier wound. When a serrated weapon rolls maximum damage on its damage die, it also inflicts bleed 1.

Shadow Mirror 8000

Void Lords of the shadow dimension would often commission these weapons for their trusted assassins in order to kill targets that might otherwise be too well armed. A Shadow Mirror is a completely black +1 shortsword; no light is reflected by it. By cursing at an armed foe within reach, this weapon covers the wielder with an illusory shadow copy of the target. If the marked foe attacks while within reach, the Shadow Mirror illusion lashes out. This grants the wielder one free attack of opportunity, at half damage, for each attack that the enemy makes.

Shadowslick 250

When living material brought to the shadow plane rots and ferments, it turns into this oily goop. Used on the material plane, the oil stains whatever it is rubbed into, concealing them in dimly lit areas. The oil is odorless until exposed to bright light where it burns away to leave a green-black stain that smells strongly of mildew. The smoke from an ounce of Shadowslick is thick and provides total concealment in a ten foot cube for 1 minute. Additionally, if used in conjunction with an illusion spell, the oil gives substance to the illusion, increasing its save DC by 1, but an illusion improved in this way will be dispelled if touched by sunlight. There are four ounces of Shadowslick in one vial, enough to cover four small objects or one medium object.

Shifter’s Plate 6000

The Shifter’s Plate is +1 plate mail of sculpted verdigris in the shape of thorns, vines, and animals. The plate mail adapts to fit its wearer’s form, conferring its armor bonus and magic effects no matter the shape of its wearer. Upon shifting forms, the wearer regains 1d6 hit points.

Shifting Weapon 1250

Green patina representing thorns, vines, and animals is etched across the copper plating of a Shifting weapon. Shifting weapons meld into their master’s new form, coating their natural weapons with copper patina. Any magical or alchemical bonuses granted to this attuned weapon continue to apply to one of the new form’s natural weapons, chosen at the time of the change. If the damage die of the Shifting Weapon is larger than the damage die of the natural weapon, increase the weapon damage die size of the natural weapon by one.

Siltblade 1500

A simple masterwork scimitar with an elaborate gold handle that carries a dry air about it. Swings of the blade scatter pinches of sand when it rolls maximum damage, blinding the target. The target remains blind until an action is spent wiping their eyes.

Siren’s Lyre 9000

Played softly as a move action, this four stringed lyre produces a soothing tone, like a mother cooing to a newborn or a lover humming to a paramour. The Siren’s Lyre produces a charming effect on enemies that hear it. Enemies within 300 feet must make a Wisdom save, DC 14, or spend their move action a to move as close as safely possible to the lyre. They may attempt a new save against the effect at the end of each of their turn. A creature that makes its save is immune to the Siren’s Lyre for an hour. The lyre may cast Hold Person or Hold Monster on a creature affected by its song up to three times between each long rest. The lyre grants advantage on performance checks to earn money.

Soul 5000

The container may vary, but they are all marked with precious metal ink denoting the type and value of the soul contained within in an extraplanar language. Within the container is a caught mortal soul, usually from someone who sold it in an ill-advised contract, but not always. They make useful currency with extraplanar beings or the powerful magic creatures that deal with them, and are worth full price to such creatures. Unfortunately, they are not always equivalent to a fresh soul; one Soul is the equivalent of 2HD of the soul of a living creature. Often, these souls are used as temporary conduits or vessels for magic before being sold back on to the market. Credentialed souls or notorious souls could be worth much more, if their origins can be proven to a reputable soul dealer. Swallowing the fist sized ball of light wracks mortal bodies with pain but grants a +1d10 bonus to each statistic, rolled separately, for 24 hours. For each statistic increased by more than the user’s base modifier, they must make a Charisma save, DC 14, or take on a permanent random madness from the consumed soul.

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