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Profane and Profound 7

Part 6 is here.

Staff of Humanity 10000

A leather grip adorns the middle of this stout oak staff, while iron caps on both ends make it easy to find purchase in rough ground for support. The Staff of Humanity grants a bonus spell slot of the highest spell level its attuned human wielder can cast and lets its user cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher level spell slot: Heroism, Mirror Image, Haste, and Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound. When the staff holder attempts to trade, haggle, or parley, the other party is considered one step friendlier for difficulty purposes. Random encounters rolls are weighted towards slightly less hostility.

Stone & Storm 15000

This Gnome-designed two-sided weapon of a hammer and pick was forged by Dwarves and enchanted by Elves. The +2 hammer is named Stone and deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage, while the +2 pick is named Storm and deals 1d4 piercing damage and an extra 2d4 on a critical hit. This exotic weapon counts as wielding two light weapons for the purposes of two weapon fighting. Stone deals an extra 1d6 bludgeoning damage and stuns the foe for 1 round if the extra damage die is a 6, unless the creature succeeds on a Constitution save, DC 13. Storm deals an additional 1d6 lightning damage and 1d6 sonic damage in a 5 ft burst around the target, excluding the wielder.

Stranger Signet 400

A Stranger Signet bears upon its copper band a single draconic rune meaning “Forgotten”. No matter how long or how intimately one knows the wearer of this ring, at first glance, they will not recognize the wearer for 1 round. They instead see them as a common stranger or uninteresting acquaintance, as if out of the corner of their eye. Any further scrutiny given to the wearer will break the illusory effect.

Styx Coin 10000

A worn and dinged gold coin with a skull on one side and a cradle on the other. A Styx Coin will lets its user buy their way back from death by paying off the entity that comes to ferry their soul to its afterlife. These are not created, but bartered from agents of death, usually as bounties for killing particularly troublesome cheaters of death or by sabotaging efforts to nullify death. Users of these coins need not worry about being included in the rolls of death cheaters, their use is predestined and included in their natural lifespan. A Styx Coin must be on its user’s person and attuned to them when they die, where it will turn to a normal coin and a Styx Coin will appear in their soul’s disembodied hand. Roughly one day after dying, the user returns to life at 1 hp. Their body is fully regenerated to working order, if dinged up. However, if their body is totally destroyed, they return as a ghost.

Sundial of the Infinite 2500

A stone sundial the size of a compass allows its user some control over their own flow of time. The user may end their turn as a free action. This delays any saving throws, effects, death saving throws, effect durations, etc. This must be done before such a roll or saving throw would be called for. To preserve the duration of a beneficial effect, the user must forego their turn at its start. The wearer may still be acted upon normally and can still take reaction actions, but do not regain their reaction from skipped turns.

Tailored Armor 300

Attended to by a fine craftsmen and modified to fit current fashion trends, Tailored armor is more appealing to the eye and flattering. It is equivalent to fine clothes.

The Censure 6000

Incense burned inside this hollow metal ball hanging from a chain is amplified into thick, choking fumes. All spellcasting done within 120 feet of the The Censure requires a spellcasting ability check, DC 8 + spell level, otherwise the spell casting fails. Failure by 5 or more results in the spell slot being expended as well. –Slinging spells when that damn thing is lit is like trying to cast covered in tar. Do not ask me how I know what that is like. -Yvarren the Wanderer, Elementalist —

The Defender 7000

Simple leather binds the handle of this stout sword with a wide blade and a wider cross guard. The Defender is wielded as a +2 longsword. It can turn some or all of its wielders attack bonus, up to a maximum of their proficiency bonus plus the magic bonus of The Defender, into an equivalent armor bonus. The bonus and penalty must be activated at the start of the turn and last until the start of the next turn. The wielder may suffer disadvantage on their attacks for one turn to gain temporary hit points equal to the armor bonus provided by The Defender. These temporary hit points do not stack and the wielder cannot use this ability if they already suffer disadvantage. The more The Defender is drawn upon, the further steel creeps up the arm of the wielder while shrinking the blade.

The Last Stand 7500

Often miraculously found by heroes, martyrs, and those facing insurmountable odds, this +1 weapon keeps its wielder fighting after they should have fallen. The rare few that are called forth during causes judged worthy by the gods will take on the martial form most familiar to their wielder. Once a god has bestowed The Last Stand to a mortal, the god will be unable to grant another until the first is destroyed; a bargain to keep godly conflicts from spilling too greatly into the mortal world. In other cases, similar weapons can be created by powerful patrons for their champions. If the wielder of The Last Stand would drop to 0 hit points, they are instead left at 1 hit point and can take no damage until the end of their next turn. During that time, the wielder also gains +2 attack and damage and an extra attack with each attack action. No creature can utilize this ability again until they have reached their maximum hit point total while having all their hit dice.

The Sandstorm 7000

Long, winding etchings cover this +1 falchion and its guard. Swinging The Sandstorm in an attack or as an action kicks up a whirling cloud of sand in a 5 ft radius. The cloud provides total concealment and deals 1d4 damage to anyone who starts their turn in or adjacent to it. The wielder is protected from the effects of both this blade and non-magical sandstorms. The cloud remains centered on the sword and lasts as long as the wielder makes at least one attack or swings it each round, plus one round after.

Thorn Bomb 300

A Thorn Bomb is an eight inch clay sphere wrapped in twine. Lighting the twine starts the fuse. The bomb is then tossed up to 60 ft as an attack before it explodes into growths of razor sharp vines, brambles, and thorns. This deals 2d4 damage to creatures in a 20 ft radius. That area is considered difficult terrain and creatures moving into or through the area take 2d4 piercing damage for every 5 ft they travel. After 10 minutes, the plant growth loses its effectiveness and, if located somewhere inhospitable to plants, will quickly wither away.

Titan Maul 25000

This massive stone maul is a +2 Maul sized for a large creature that cannot be wielded with proficiency by creatures with 18 or less Strength. A Titan Maul being used to strike  unworked earth or stone as an action shifts the earth and stone as if the wielder were concentrating on a Move Earth spell that affected natural stone. Additionally, swinging the maul into the foundation of a worked structure forces it to make a save, DC 10 + STR, or crumble. Structures have a saving throw bonus as if they had HD equal to the number of ten foot cubes it occupies, +1 for every five over 20. It may also receive bonuses or penalties depending on the materials, its current state of repair, reinforcement from adjacent structures, and its craftsmanship. The wielder can choose to smash a single part of a large, complex structure separately. Each day, the Titan Maul can keep destroying structures until a structure succeeds on its saving throw, then the wielder must complete a long rest before it can be used this way again. Worked and natural structures take triple damage from the Titan Maul.

Torturer Pipes 10000

Crafted from the bones of children that died painful deaths, this short white panflute, Torturer Pipes, bring pain and fear to all that hear them played. When played as a move action, every other creature within 90 feet of the player takes 1d6 nonlethal psychic damage each round and suffers a  -1 pain penalty to all rolls. The music itself is silent, but creatures can feel it scraping in their bones or pulsing in their minds like tiny hands are trying to claw free. The effect lasts for as long as the pipes are played and for a number of rounds after equal to the Charisma modifier of the player. The Torturer Pipes can be played twice each day safely, and each additional time after that, the wielder suffers the effects of the pipes doubled unless they succeed on a Performance check, DC 15.

Trickster’s Last Resort 14000

A single, cast-iron lock hangs open on a thick metal chain. Once snapped shut, the Trickster’s Last Resort will reincarnate its wearer when they die. The Trickster’s Last Resort will instantly kill its user at the end of their third turn without reincarnation if they fail to die before that. If successful, the reincarnation will restore them to a random new body in the shadows of a random tavern with the same race and ability scores. At the same tie, their bodily possessions are teleported, if possible, to this new body while leaving behind moderately convincing fakes in their place. The new body has a small metal lock clasped around their heart or similar organ inside their body. It cannot be retrieved without killing its host, but it can opened and reused once retrieved by attuning to it over a long rest.

Trickster Vest 4000

This travel-vest has 5 small, metal cubes hidden among its many pockets. Thrown forth from the Trickster Vest as an action, each blank cube creates an illusory effect centered on itself. Cubes generate the combined illusory effect of anything a Minor Illusion, Disguise Self, or Silent Image spell could do individually. When these effects end the cube vanishes and reappears in the vest. The created illusions are laced with subtle charms; when the actions of one creature would cause the illusion to break for another, that second creature only gets a save against the illusion with advantage instead. Each cube’s duration is chosen when used: 1, 5, or 10 rounds or minutes.

True Seeing Gem 80000

Staring through a flat surface of this prism roughly the size of a fist reveals the true nature of everything seen through it. A True Seeing Gem acts as a continuous True Seeing effect when looked through. Affixed to a helm, the effect is continuous for its wearer. Used in a lens of a lantern, it reveals illusions and makes visible all invisible or ethereal creatures within a 30 ft cone of light.

Truthful Candle 2500

Burning this off-white, tallow candle releases smoke in small runic shapes for up to an hour. A 50 ft. radius of magically enforced truth is created. This effect makes creatures that enter the area or start their turn in its area unable to make deliberately false statements. Any affected creature, except the lighter of the candle, asked a question or attempting to lie must make a Wisdom or Charisma saving throw, DC 15. If successful they may lie or avoid giving an answer to that question or functionally similar ones for one hour per point of Wisdom or Charisma modifier they have, minimum 1. The lighter of the candle knows whether a creature succeeds or fails its saving throw. Those affected are aware of the truth and answer compelling magic and may still use the truth to mislead, provide extraneous detail to waste time, or other similar tactics.

Trusting Candle 3000

Trusting Candles are modeled to appear as Truthful Candles and are often secretly switched in to protect well-connected interrogees. When this off-white candle is burned, it releases smoke in the shape of small runes and creates a 50 ft radius of effect. The lighter of the candle must make a Wisdom or Charisma saving throw, DC 18, or they will believe that the creatures in the area of effect are under the effects of a Truthful Candle. On a success, the user will recognize that the candle is not affecting the creatures in the area of effect. They will believe that any answers the creatures around them give are not deliberate lies, as if those creatures had failed their saves against a Truthful Candle. If an answer given is provably wrong, the user makes a new save against the Trusting Candle. Other creatures in the 50 ft. radius of effect feel as if they were under the effects of a Truthful Candle but had successfully resisted its effects. Like a Truthful Candle, the Trusting Candle can be burned in minimum 1 minute increments up to a total of 1 hour of time.

Valkyrie Helm 6000

This full helm bears a pair of large, silver wings that start at the temples then arc up and back. As part of the wearer’s attack action, they may move up to 10 feet using any type of movement in which they have a movement speed. Their attacks may take place at any point along this movement. Additionally, when the wearer receives any healing while at or below half hit points, the silver wings resonate slightly, doubling the potency of the healing. A Valkyrie Helm is rumored to provide guaranteed access to a warrior’s paradise if the wearer of the helm dies.

Vegetation Bomb 600

A single flower bud sits on the surface of this 4 in. ball of tangled vines. When pulled free, the flower causes the Vegetation Bomb moments later. This is enough time to toss it up to 60 ft. where a 20 ft. radius of writhing vines and thorns explode from the surface. Creatures that enter this space or start their turn in it must make a Dexterity or Strength saving throw, DC 14, or become restrained and take 3d6 slashing damage. Creatures already restrained by this effect automatically fail the save. As an action, a restrained creature may make a new Strength or Dexterity save to escape. After ten minutes, the vines become inanimate, and if grown from a spot inhospitable to plant life, wither away.

Vengeful Weapon 2500

Angry, twisted enchantments turn normal weapons into Vengeful ones. Vengeful weapons whisper and curse when their wielder takes damage. The weapon deals an extra 1d10 damage of its normal damage type to any source that dealt damage to the wielder since the beginning of their last turn.

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