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Profane and Profound 8

Part 7 is here.

Vorpal Blade 35000

Deep black meteorite, adorned with an obsidian and pearl pommel. A Vorpal Blade is a fearsome weapon of legend, having slain many a previously-thought-invincible foe or hero. This +4 longsword has a penchant for cutting foes in twain and deals an extra 4d8 damage on a critical hit. Creatures struck by this critical hit must make a save, DC 20, or be cut in two.

White Rose 5000

White spruce wood forms the haft and large, carved rose topper. Healing spells and spells cast on willing targets cast using this staff as a focus have their durations increased by 20%, their range increased by 10 ft, and restore 1 hit point per spell level in addition to their normal effects. If the spell has multiple targets, this bonus healing is divided evenly among the willing targets, rounded down. The White Rose functions as a +1 quarterstaff and its magical bonus applies to skill checks regarding gardening, healing, and foraging.

Wild Armor 4000

Wild armor has small vines, animal fur tufts, and shifting monster parts moving around or on it out of the corner of the eye. Wild armor shifts forms with its wearer, continuing to apply its armor bonus and magical effects in the new form.

Woebegotten Cloak 50000

This is a magical cloak of stitched together banners, flags, and clothing. Once attuned, a wearer gains access to boons from the souls bound to the cloak. Attuned creatures remain attuned to the cloak until another creature becomes attuned or until they cast curse removing effect with a spell level of 7 or higher. Creatures attempting to attune to this cloak are alerted to its true nature. Should they die while attuned, a new strip of cloth is added to the cloak as their soul becomes permanently bound to the Woebegotten Cloak. The Woebegotten Cloak holds a maximum of 13 charges and regains 1 each day, plus an additional 3d4 charges while attuned. The attuned wearer may expend a charge or charges for any of the following effects assuming a soul with the relevant ability is bound to the cloak: cast a 1st level spell or cantrip using your ability modifier (1), 2nd level spell (3), 3rd level spell (6), 4th level spell (10), proficiency for 1 minute (1), proficiency for 1 hour (2), proficiency for 1 day (4), reroll one roll (5), add or subtract 1d4 from a roll (2), or gain another reaction (3). A soul bound to this cloak cannot be regenerated, reincarnated, or otherwise restored until the cloak is destroyed. Activating the cloak is a free action, but its granted abilities may take a move or action to use. During activation, the wearer of the cloak sees the spectral soul appear and aid them in the chosen task before vanishing back into the cloak. For each use of the Woebegotten Cloak each day after the first charge is expended, the wearer must make a Charisma save, DC 8 + charges used since the last long rest, or the wearer gains a random mania, phobia, tic, or compulsion from the bound soul they temporarily summon as the bound entity attempts to wrest some control from the wearer. They may attempt a new save at the end of a long rest to get rid of the malignant influence. If the influence remains at the end of seven days, it becomes permanent. Common flaws in the bound souls include paranoia, megalomania, power-hungriness, and recklessness, the very character flaws that led them to donning the cloak and eventually perishing while attuned.

Wounding 15000

Terrific wounds are the hallmark of a Wounding weapon. Pitted blades, jutting spines, or swirling barbs of force cause 1d6 bleed on each hit. Critical hits dealt by a Wounding weapon deal an additional 1d6 bleed and cause the target to immediately take bleed damage. At the start of the afflicted creatures’ turns, they take damage equal to their bleed total. Whenever a creature is healed, it also removes bleed equal to the amount of hit points regained. A successful healing check, DC 12, removes five points of bleed as an action.

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