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Profane and Profound 10

Part 9 is here.

Arch-fey Eyelashes 16000

Tiny, intricate hairs rest inside a tiny crystal vial. Eyelashes from a powerful fey spellcaster can be used as a focus to empower illusion spells. If the eyelashes were stolen from their previous owner, illusions spells cast using them can inflict real harm, up to a total of 1d6 damage per spell level divided as the caster chooses amongst creatures that fail their saves against the effect. For eyelashes found abandoned or given willingly, the resulting illusion spells gain a bit of physical presence to those who willingly believe them. These semi-real illusions can act or support weight as if they had a strength score of 8 + the spell level of the illusion.

Bilgewater of the Damned 3000

Salty water sloshes inside this clay jug, water taken from a styxian barge, ghost ship, or similar ship escorting souls through the afterlife. When a spellcaster uses the Bilgewater of the Damned as the focus to cast a spell that controls, conjures, or enchants water, the resulting water roils with ghostly jealousy. Living creatures within that water treat each round as if it were two rounds for the purposes of suffocating as covetous souls steal bits of breath from their lungs. The effect lasts until the spell ends.

Corded Rattails 6000

Cut from a ratking mass and wrapped in woven cocoons, Corded Rattails are a boon to spells dealing in vermin or insects. Used as the spell focus for summoning, enchanting, or controlling effects on vermin, this spell focus will target additional vermin or insects, enough to increase the total hit points summoned or controlled by 20%, rounded down.

Dungeonia 900

Dungeonia are effervescent scents taken from deep tombs, caves, or crypts and are stored in wax-sealed jars. They are often sold in a six-slotted bandoleer. By ripping the seal off the jar, the Dungeonia is expended as a material component for a spells attempting to influence, bind, or control monsters. The targets of the spell make their damage roll with disadvantage on their next successful attack against the caster.

Emperor Bone Chip 600

Marketing touts these imperial flakes as a boon to necromantic enterprise, but their technical wording disguises that any well-aged skeleton of royalty can be ground into Emperor Bone Chips. A spellcaster need only crush the fragile bone to powder in their palm as part of casting a spell to take advantage of its effects. The spellcaster may control or target an additional 2d4-1 undead creatures or HD, depending on the spell or ability used. This also grants advantage to the user on Charisma checks against the bonus targets for the duration of the command spell. Sold in small pouches with sawdust packing, there are about 3 usable chips in each bag.

Feldspar 500

Polished into one of various geometric shapes, this piece of feldspar can be smashed apart during the casting of an earth or stone spell to allow the user finer control. They can recreate the shape of the pieces of Feldspar in their earth or stone works -such as spheres, tetrahedrons, or cubes- with a minimum size of half the smallest increment their spell allows them to create. They may replicate full or partial copies of the feldspar’s shape throughout the shaped or conjured earthworks as many times as will fit, without overlap, in the area of effect. This generally provides no extra structural strength or weakness, but may provide circumstantial bonuses or uses such as creating rough terrain for enemies, useful hand-holds, or camouflage.

Grains of Paradise 200

Retrieved from the flowers of herbs grown in any of the good afterlives, these citrusy and pungent spices can be expended during the casting of any scent based spell to provide reprieve from the effects on up to 3 targets within sight during casting. Those creatures automatically succeed on their saving throws against the spells effects.

Halo Infused Holy Water 700

When an angel’s halo is willing dipped in a basin of blessed water, this is the result. A single thimble of this water can be scattered in the air as part of a healing spell to heal each creature within 5 ft. by 1 hit point per spell level. A single vial of Halo Infused Holy Water contains seven thimbleful of water. Angels are reluctant to do this freely, as they are faintly changed the immorality of each creature this water heals.

Implosive Vial 1000

Implosive Vials are formed with earth magic to grow a quartz vial, then expand it until its thin walls are barely able to keep air from crushing it to fill its empty volume. When used as the focus of a flight spell, the target or targets have their flying speed increased by 5 ft for the duration. At any time as a reaction, the caster can crush the implosive vial, causing each target to create a small thunderclap as air rushes towards them. They lose the bonus movement speed, but they deal 1d4 force damage per spell level to all creatures within 20 ft. Those creatures make a Strength save and on a failure are pulled 10 ft closer to origin of the thunderclap. Unused Implosive Vials have a 1 in 10 chance of imploding at the end of the spell’s duration.

Jellied Bone 300

Alchemically treated bone has turned soft and spongy, then squeezed into a tiny parcel of wax paper. It burns in a quick black fire when consumed as a material component of a spell summoning or targeting undead. The resulting spell grants the affected undead minor regeneration of 1 hit point per HD each minute, to a maximum of 1 per spell level, although they also lose any resistance to slashing or piercing damage they might have. This effect lasts for the duration of the spell.

Knitted Tongues 1000

Knitted Tongues are a small bundle of dried crow tongues. Placing one of the dozen dried tongues in the mouth of helpless or willing creatures being targeted by a spell that gives bonuses to language or speech also grants that bonus when the targets are dealing with animals. If the spell grants a bonus to speech based abilities, it now also applies as a similar bonus to using animal handling skills in the same manner. If the spell would grant fluency or understanding of another language, the caster chooses one type of animal per language that the targets can now communicate with. Conversely, for spells that inflict penalties to language or speech, those penalties also extend to animal communication or handling. Knitted Tongues may be recollected after the spell wears off and, if dried properly, avoid rotting to be reused.

Learned Wurms 300

Bookworms that have eaten through old spell books can be captured and harvested for the latent undigested magic. If a Learned Wurm is used as a material focus for a divination spell, whatever answers the divination spell generates are also copied into the mind of the larval bookworm. Should the bookworm be eaten, whoever eats the worm will have the questions and answers of the original divination spell imprinted into their mind. It can be cooked or seasoned, provided it is eaten quickly after doing so as the information dies within a half hour of the wurm’s death. After one day per spell level of the divination spell, the bookworm larva will molt into its adult beetle form, consuming the remaining magic in the process. There are three larvae suspended in alchemically induced comas in each jar.

Mundane Pigments 4000

These powders are sifted from the ashes of the corpses of particularly boring individuals. Mixed with the right oils, it creates a watery grey ink that can be applied during the casting of any defensive, abjuration, or armoring spell, muting the apparent effects. The effects appear weaker, smaller, and duller, dropping the apparent spell level by four, although the spell actually retains its full potency. This may cause weaker enchantments or spells of level three or lower to appear ordinary. Extraordinary, heroic, villainous, or flashy actions by the bearer of the effect with more than five sapient witnesses will cause some of the applied Mundane Pigments to flake away and reduce the effectiveness by one spell level. There are enough pigments to apply to twenty spell levels worth of spells.

Nocturnal Dew 2000

Nocturnal Dew is a misleading name for the black nectar harvested under moonlight from blighted lands. It is diluted with water and scattered in the air during the casting of a sleep or curse spell. Any targets for the spell that failed their saves are covered in a thin sheen of condensation when the effects fade. For one round per spell level, those creatures gain vulnerability to cold and electricity damage but also gain resistance to fire and acid damage. One skin of Nocturnal Dew water contains enough for five uses.

Ochre Powder 500

This yellow-orange powder enhances spells that specifically target metals as well as electricity based spells that hit metal objects. Utilizing a pinch of Ochre Powder in the casting of the spell, metal objects struck or targeted begin to oxidize and rust unless they succeed on a saving throw with a DC equal to 5 + the spell’s level.. They are damaged as if they had gone a year without maintenance in unfavorable conditions, imposing a -1 penalty to their usage until they are repaired. Repeated targeting of the same object continues to damage the item, though the item’s penalty applies to the saving throw DC as the rust has a hard time penetrating deeper. A pouch of Ochre Powder holds a dozen pinches.

Predator Tooth 900

An enchanted fang dyed red-brown with blood from being plunged into a carnivore’s heart provides benefits to summoners when snapped into pieces while casting a conjuring or controlling spell. Beasts, magical beasts, plants, vermin, or other nature-based creatures conjured or controlled by a spell empowered by a Predator Tooth gain a vicious strength. Those creatures gain +2 Strength, +1 temporary hit point per HD, and have advantage on attack rolls. This also manifests as a need to attack each round. If there are no hostile creatures within their movement speed, they will instead move to attack the nearest target regardless of their given orders. After a number of rounds equal to the spell level, the ferocity fades along with the bonuses and restrictions.

Quill Dust 1000

Scroll and spellbook quills only have so long a lifespan before they are no longer useful. Grinding up the quill nubs results in a shiny grey powder if alchemically treated. When used as part of a spell that reveals hidden creatures, spells, objects, or the like, the quill dust will fly forth to outline the targets with glowing words. The words list the information uncovered by the spell, making it visible to all, not just the caster. The writing hangs in the air for 1 round per spell level or until the spell ends, whichever is greater. A pouch of Quill Dust is plentiful enough for innumerable spells.

Riddle Wick 4000

A waxy substance made from the tallow of otherworldly or divine creatures, burning this small candle when casting a spell with radiant or psychic causes the target or targets to be clouded in a confusion effect. Those creatures, if they make an attack or cast a damaging spell, deal a portion of the resulting damage to a random valid target. 1/10th of their damage per spell level of the original spell is dealt to the random target, which can include themselves. This effect lasts until they succeed on a Wisdom saving throw, DC equal to the original spell, as a move action to clear their thoughts. A Riddle Wick burns when used according to the spell level it is used with, and each one can provide its bonus on up to a total of 21 spell levels worth of spells.

Sutured Rose 3000

Dainty and neat lace stitching holds this magically preserved rose closed. Cutting open the stichting as part of a healing spell will allow the healing spell to restore hit points to a creature that has deceased within the last round. If the healing is greater than the damage of their killing blow, they are restored to life. If the target had been raised to undeath, they may still be restored this way, but the creature that raised them into unlife must make a Charisma save, DC 13, or take damage equal to the amount of healing received as rose thorns burst from their skin.

Theurgy Plasma 6000

Ectoplasm harvested from the residue of spellcasting-capable ghosts is mixed in a 50-50 mixture of arcane spellcaster ectoplasm to divine spellcaster ectoplasm. Inhaling the blue-green goop as part of casting a spell allows the caster to cast the spell as either an arcane spell, a divine spell, both types, or neither. While this has no effect on the potency of a spell, for casters with the ability to cast spells from multiple sources, use of Theurgy Plasma allows them to use spell slots from any source to cast a spell known from another source. The enchanted paper flask holds twenty doses of Theurgy Plasma.

Unguent of Bitters 9000

The hundred-year-old sour vinegars and dissolved citrus peels in this canister can be splashed onto the hands of a caster performing a poison or necromantic spell. Creatures that take damage from the spell suffer disadvantage on perception checks related to taste or smell for one minute per spell level. They also reroll their initiative and if it is lower than their current initiative, it becomes their new initiative score as they flinch in response to the bitter vapors cloying their senses. With careful application and a bowl to catch the drippings, an Unguent of Bitters can be used with any number of spells.

Viscous Slime 15000

When this dormant chunk of green slime is used as part of a mobility reducing spell, the magic becomes contagious. The first valid target each original target is adjacent to at the start of their turn during the duration of the spell becomes another target of the spell. Each new creature makes its own save against the effect. If the effect spreads, the remaining duration on the original target is split between the original target and the new target, rounded up. A spell using the Viscous Slime can be spread by the original targets a number of times equal to the spell level. As long as the mage is able to harvest some of the reproducing slime after the spell ends, Viscous Slime replicates itself sustainably for an infinite number of consecutive uses.

Wyvern Spinal Fluid 900

Sprinkling this clear liquid over themselves when casting a memory or thought changing spell allows the caster to create a backup copy of the original memory being modified. The original memory coalesces into a tiny, invisible pustule just behind the ear of each target. The pustule is unnoticeable to anyone but the caster or creatures using detection effects of a higher spell level than the original spell. Lancing the pustule will return the original memory, allowing the target to choose which to keep and which to forget. Wyvern Spinal Fluid is sold in wax-capped vertebrae each providing enough fluid for one spell.

Xylem Verdant 250

An intricate knot of corded tree fibers, sourced from druidic groves, can be untied to empower a plant-based spell. Non-sapient plants created or affected by the spell can be made more or less tolerant to drought or water shortfalls, either extending their lifespan by 50% or decreasing it by the same amount after the spell ends. Plant based creatures and permanent objects are instead granted 5 temporary hit points and gain resistance to fire and necrotic damage. A single Xylex Verdant braid holds five mystical knots.

Yawn of a Lich 30000

The rare, tired exhalation of a recently revived lich, harvested before their mind adapts to a body that no longer tires nor breathes, is a useful reagent in any revivifying, resurrecting, or raising spell cast on the dead. The Yawn of the Lich must be inhaled by the caster as the only air in their lungs as they finish casting the spell. Targets returned to life or transformed into undead gain a single-use spell of a level equal to half the spell level, rounded up, of the original spell cast to reverse their death. The spell they gain is a spell known by the caster of that level. For the purposes of casting that spell, the raised creature uses the caster’s spellcasting ability score minus two. This spell is cast as a free action by the creature releasing a dry and musty yawn. One flask of this fetid breath can be used to supplement the casting of up to thirty spell levels of spells, provided the caster exhales the remaining yawn back into the glass after casting.

Ziggurat Gravel 12000

Ancient blocks smashed and tumbled until tiny and round, this handful of small stones can be tossed lightly into the air during the casting of a spell with an empowering aura or area of effect. Ziggurat Gravel then scatters to the ground, rolling along the floor to stay near the center of the area of effect. The caster chooses one skill or tool proficiency and creatures that benefit from the spell’s bonuses also gain a bonus to checks of the chosen type equal to one quarter of the spell level, rounded up. That skill bonus does not stack with other bonuses the spell provides. After the spell ends, the Ziggurat Gravel can be retrieved for later use.

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