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The End of an Era

Time is just about up and my old website registration is set to expire. While the move has been annoying, my only regret is that I didn’t make the move sooner. It was an experiment about hopeful growth of a website I fully controlled, but in retrospect, I never had the inclination nor ability to really take advantage of coding my own website. With that major advantage gone, all having my own website brought was extra expenses. Now with a free website, I am still able to achieve my actual goals of motivating myself to keep creating by having an external (if self-imposed) requirement to keep posting and having a central repository for all my works. Things could have worked out differently if I had really taken off with my improvisation program and found a way to embed it in my old site or if I had done more map-making where I would want the extra storage a paid site contains.

To this end, I have updated all my dmsguild products to point to my wordpress site.

Random game prompt

Here’s a random, just-about-to-go-to-bed thought for a stupid novel, Cause of Death: Murder. The premise would be your usual fare of a detective trying to solve a spree of killings. They all seem unrelated in causes of death, and while the circumstances point to a serial killer, the villain continues to elude capture. One victim killed by a thrown knife to the eye, another brained by a fallen gargoyle statuette, and a third poisoned while eating alone on their balcony. The evidence on the ground is thin except for the crows that seem to loom over the city, like sigils of the fear gripping the city. Then, a failed rooftop chase has the detective hit a dead-end on top of a pigeon coop when it all connects. The cause of death was murder, kills orchestrated by the use of a flock of trained crows. Now the detective has a lead, so they cleverly turn to a bird-expert to bait the many crows around the city into taking a tracker back to their nest. Most of them end up as false leads, but an abandoned high-rise holds too many to be coincidence. As the detective goes in, they have the bird-expert with them (cue quirky character development and clash of personalities) they have to defend against the bird-controlled traps in and around the complex. They catch up to the masked mastermind, but a final trap catches the detective and the bird expert runs on ahead. A shot rings out off-screen and the crows scatter, with the bird-expert returning. The mastermind had tried to escape using a wingsuit, but with the wing punctured by a bullet, they had fallen to their death. As the credits roll, we can see the crows watching the bird-expert with rapt attention…


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