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New 5e Campaign: Showing Your Colors {Looking for Players}

So I am looking to startup a new D&D 5e campaign some time in the next few months. I would be looking for players near Waunakee, WI who would be able to play every week or every other week (depending on group consensus). The game world is home-brewed, with various continents and regions in differing levels of magic, technology, and cosmopolitanism ranging from cloistered Arthurian or Sauronian kingdoms to explorers to traders to magic-punk. As is the case in the real world, the most magically and technologically advanced places are also the ones most at the crossroads of conflict, trade, and diplomacy. There are all the tropes you would expect, sometimes inverted, including ancient tombs, political infighting, monsters, and discoveries to be made. Anywhere that the homebrew world is important, I will make sure the players know what their characters would know. I will be creating a campaign wiki located here:

The theme of this campaign is Adventuring College. I have the broad strokes of what the big players and factions want and can do but the results are up to clever play and the generosity of dice. I keep things open ended, leaning towards hex-crawling driven by player’s choices. You can get a feel for the playstyles I encourage by looking at my current house rules: 


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