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Wild Elves

Historically, Wild Elves had inhabited the tropical islands of the great archipelago south of the Elven continent. They built grand palaces of stone and earth, binding the plants and animals they found to their service. It was their duty and their pleasure to dominate lesser creatures, a form of prestige to show the varied and dependent lifeforms their personal strength could command and support. Fortunes in this cutthroat society rose and fell like the tides as former champions exhibited a moment of weakness their rivals might pounce upon. The society was sometimes cruel but always magnificent, as aesthetic beauty and physical prowess became intertwined. A land where a moonlit gala under a canopy of tropical flowers could become a skirmish and back before the food grows cold. 

Wild elves are similar to the Wood Elf cousins in embracing a more instinctual or feral lifestyle, but the two have taken different paths in interpreting this more natural lifestyle. Where the Wood Elves might be similar to a stalking cat or value coexistence with nature, Wild Elves revel in their primacy as the top predators and seek to subjugate nature to their whims.

Something went wrong with the Wild Elven lifestyles though as competition became sadism, beauty became wanton lust. Those who survived the massacres were either fled on a tide of blood or joined the charnel revelry. Blood Elves. It is unknown whether that cultural frenzy attracted the vile and nameless beings to the archipelago or if the arrival of those same beings twisted the Blood Elf culture around them, but the islands now run red with blood. They regularly send out ships to raid the lands around the archipelago for treasure, glory, and sacrifices. Blood Elves are Wild Elves that have forsaken their past to slate their ambitions with gore upon an altar, covering themselves with blood paints and decorating their temples with the flesh of their victims. Those who still call themselves Wild Elves are now refugees on the Elven continent and abroad. Many are biding their time, hoping to stage an assault to destroy the cruel demi-gods warping the minds of their former kin.

Wild Elven Appearances

Wild Elves treat physical appearance as indicative of personality and strength, and as a result they have well-toned musculature and decorate their bodies in personal ways. Their designs utilize their own flesh with careful skin-tan designs, braided hair, and scarification, eschewing foreign materials that could be seen as basing a personality around or relying on external sources. Their long lifespan allows them to carefully build up their toughness, tolerance for pain, and build a deep understanding of their own body’s healing capabilities.They are generally tall with dark bronze skin and black hair with black or brown eyes. 

Wild Elven Personalities

Competition is sacrosanct among Wild Elves, believing that the truth of the world will be and has been revealed by what survives and what has survived, Of course, such a belief is interpreted in wildly different ways depending on the specific elf. In general, they are suspicious of other Wild Elves as sources of competition, hateful of Blood Elves who have given themselves over to dark godlings, see other Wood Elves and High Elves as naive to the sometimes brutal aspects of nature, think Drow are like glass –sharp but brittle–, and have a predatory curiosity of other races. 

Ability Score Increase:

+1 Constitution

Red in Tooth and Claw:

Wild Elves are proficient with short bows and scimitars. An unarmed strike by a Wild Elf is considered a finesse weapon and deals 1d3 damage.

Predatory Instinct:

A Wild Elf may reroll an initiative roll. Once they use this feature, they may not use it again until completing a long rest.

Fleet of Foot:

A Wild Elf has a base movement speed of 35 ft.


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