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Exposed to the Elements, Part 3

You can read part 2 here.

Javelin of Lightning 2500

This short javelin is made entirely of iron, but anyone touching it can feel the electrical charge it holds as it makes their hair stand on end. Twice each long rest, if thrown while the thrower imagines a thunderstorm, the Javelin of Lightning surrounds itself in a bolt of electricity midflight. This deals 4d6 electricity damage in a 5 ft. wide, 60 ft. line in the direction of the throw. A Dexterity save, DC 8 + the wielder’s attack bonus, reduces the damage by half. The user still makes their attack roll as normal for the mundane portion of the javelin attack.

Magma Saucer 20000

An endless supply of hot lava can be poured forth or ladled from this obsidian saucière. The handle is insulated from the heat, but the container itself is extraordinarily hot, dealing 1 fire damage on a touch to unprotected creatures and objects, or at the start of each turn if contact is maintained. As a bonus action, the Magma Saucer’s lid can be turned and lava poured out to create a 5 ft. pool of the white-hot liquid. The poured lava deals 1d6 fire damage to the target, unless a Dexterity saving throw is made, DC 15, to take half damage. This damage is dealt to each creature that starts in its area of effect or enters it for the first time on their turn. If the pour is sustained with bonus actions on consecutive rounds, the fire damage increases by 1d6 to a maximum of 6d6. When it reaches 6d6 of damage, the pool grows to 10 ft. in size. Once the pouring is stopped, the lava cools, decreasing by 1d6 fire damage each minute. If the lava is in contact with water of sufficient volume, the lava cools each round instead. Alternatively, as an action, lava can be splashed on a creature as a ranged attack roll with proficiency with a range of 15 ft. for 1d6 fire damage. Each consecutive hit deals an additional 1d6 fire damage, to a maximum of 8d6, but each turn the creature goes without being hit reduces the damage by 1d6.

Mudstaff 4000

A Mudstaff is a gnarled walking stick covered in layers of different colors of dried mud and functions as a +1 quarterstaff. After its wielder stikes a foe with it or slams it into the ground as an action, the Mudstaff turns a 10 ft. radius around the wielder into difficult terrain. This has no effect in non-earthen areas. Creatures within the area of this transfiguration when it happens must Dexterity save, DC 10, or fall prone in the mud. Once per day, the staff can turn up to 500 cubic feet of contiguous earth to mud and up to 500 cubic feet of contiguous mud to earth. No section of the effect can be thinner than 6 inches across. The wielder is not affected by non-magical mud or quicksand while wielding the Mudstaff, and they have advantage on saves against magical mud and quicksand.

Necklace of Fireballs 3000

The Necklace of Fireballs is a golden beaded necklace. The beads can be pulled free by the wearer as an action as if the chain were immaterial. There are thirteen beads on the necklace, of various sizes. The largest bead is in the middle, with successively smaller beads flanking the central bead. These golden orbs act as a Fireball when tossed up to 120 ft., dealing fire damage based on their size. The largest bead deals 9d6 damage in a 20 ft. radius, with each successively smaller bead dealing 1d6 less damage. Dexterity saving throws, DC 14, reduce the damage taken by half. The necklace also passively protects against cold and fire damage, reducing damage taken from those two types of damage by an amount equal to the number of beads remaining on the necklace. Roll damage dice of the weakest remaining bead. If the result is less than or equal to the cold or fire damage, that bead’s magic is consumed protecting the wearer from the cold or fire damage and it crumbles into pyrite dust.

Planar Gates 60000

These etherium rings, can be twisted to expand up to a maximum of a 10 ft in diameter or as small as six inches. Changing the size of one of the pair also changes the size of the other. With a command word, this pair of rings bridges the gap between them with stabilized portal magic. When both rings are activated, they are separated by a thin film of water-like energy. Anything passed through one portal appears out the other, as if the two were separated by the thickness of a soap bubble. Each side functions as a portal to the opposite side of the matching Planar Gate and creatures can use their senses through the portal if appropriate, although the portal’s thin film prevents air pressure or other dangerous ambient conditions to leak through without confirmation from the one who activated it. If anything is inside the ring when the portal is activated, it is split by the ring, disjointed by the magic without harm and still functional. Their bisected form is visible on the surface of the opposite ring and nothing can be passed through where their form is. It is possible to link a Planar Gate to more than one other ring, but the arrangements involve either switching between rings via special commands or pairing up the faces of the linked rings in an unusual configuration. 

Planar Gates, Greater 90000

Greater Planar Gates function as their normal cousins, but these etherium rings are embossed with a fractal pattern of platinum leaf that grows and shrinks as the rings are resized. They can be opened to a maximum size of 20 ft across or shrunk as small as half an inch across. The gates function across any distance or number of intermediary planar boundaries and they may make a saving throw with a +5 bonus against disruptive magic of 6th level or lower in order to function normally.

Planar Gates, Minor 35000

Minor Planar Gates are a pair of iron rings with an inset ring of etherium on the inner edge. With a twisting motion they can be resized as large as 5 ft in diameter or as small as 1 ft in diameter. They function in the same manner as Planar Gates except that they can only be activated if all of the linked rings are on the same plane. When activated, the portal has a milky appearance that imposes disadvantage on perception checks made through it and it counts as 10 ft of movement to cross the semipermeable membrane.

Purple Worm Bile 4000

Runny black liquid fills this thick glass canister. Purple Worm Bile is the strong stomach acid from its namesake beast. The sticky digestive is boiled down a molasses thickness to prevent accidental spillage. Poured on an object, it can eat through any material except pure gold, silver, platinum, or specially treated containers at a rate of 5d6 damage each round, ignoring hardness. Applied to a weapon, Purple Worm Bile deals its acid damage to both the weapon and the target on a hit, remaining attached to the weapon until it neutralizes. A vial of the acid lasts until it rolls its acid damage 20 times, after which it has become neutralized. Smaller portions of the acid can be poured out, but each fifth of the vial deals 1d6 acid damage. A difficult check would allow someone to scrape the acid back into its container, at a cost of one acid damage roll from its remaining potency.

Black Powder Vial, Refined 2250

The fine black grains of Refined Black Powder are the result of carefully guarded, secret recipes of mad, genius alchemists. The grains of this powder are so fine that they do not dissolve into water, and can be ignited in any place with enough air, regardless of the conditions. Lit within a closed container, the powder will explode violently after ignition. The explosion will cause 8d6 damage within 20 ft. and 4d6 damage in 40 ft. A Dexterity save, DC 17, halves this damage. A saboteur-minded individual can place the explosive with an engineering check to ignore the hardness of objects and structures in the blast radius as well as deal them the maximum damage. An intelligence check is required to time a fuse correctly, allowing the wielder to set it off on exactly the round they intend, at initiative count 0. On a failure, the bomb goes off 1d4-2 rounds later than expected.

Retributive Armor 2500

Painted with a set of golden scales, Retributive armor returns damage back on its attackers. When the wearer takes damage, this armor fires a bolt of magical energy to deal 1d4 damage of the same damage type back at the source if it is within 30 ft.

Retributive, Greater Armor 25000

Greater Retributive armor responds aggressively when attacked, dealing 1d10 damage to all within 5 ft. of the attacker if the attacker is within 100 ft. The burst of magical energy alters itself to deal the same damage type or types as the original attack. A platinum, silvery scale in engraved into the torso or other conspicuous section of the armor, heavily tilted to one side.

Retributive, Lesser Armor 250

The minor enchantment coating this armor responds to hostile attacks with a small spark of magical energy, dealing 1 damage of the same damage type to any attacker within 5 ft. that successfully deals damage to the wearer. Copper paint is sloppily slathered on the armor in the shape of a balance scale, tilted slightly to one side. 

Ring of Elemental Absorption 70000

Inset with a gem matching the color of the element this ring is attuned to, a Ring of Elemental Absorption converts its chosen type of damage into healing for its wearer instead. The intricate gold ring feathers out into delicate metal swirls that spiral up the wearer’s fingers and flex with the wearer’s movements. When struck by damage of its chosen type, this ring first converts half of that damage into healing, rounded up. The wearer has advantage against attacks and saves that deal the chosen damage type. On a failed save or hit, the wearer suffers the remaining damage but they take no damage on a miss or successful save.

Ring of Elemental Command 100000

A Ring of Elemental Command is a set of interlocked platinum plates, a set of plate-mail armor for one finger that ends in a sharp claw formed from a flawless gem. The color of this gem matches is chosen element and the ring grants it wielder extensive control over that element. The wearer is immune to the effects of that element and automatically succeeds on their saving throws against any related effects. As an action, the ring can be commanded to launch raw bursts of elemental energy, manipulate elemental sources, or shape spells. The first use fires up to four bolts of energy dealing 1d6+1 elemental damage each, as Magic Missile. The second shapes, alters, extinguishes, or controls the area of effect of any ongoing effect of the corresponding element: moving it up to 30 ft. each round, modifying its area of effect by ¼ the base size to a minimum of 0 or maximum of twice its normal size, or extinguishing it as Dispel Magic cast as a 6th level spell. The third effect allows the wielder to cast any spell of 2nd level or lower from any spell list so long as it primarily deals damage of the chosen type or primarily manipulates the chosen element. Cantrips cast this way can be cast as a bonus action.

Ring of Elemental Resistance 8000

Keyed to one particular element upon its creation, this ring grants resistance to its elemental damage type, disadvantage to attackers using that element, and advantage on saves against that elemental type. Its gem, seated in a silver band, matches this chosen element’s color.

Shocking Armor 8000

Occasional sparks arc across the armor’s surface. Attackers within 60 ft. that hit the wearer are struck by a bolt of electricity a moment after the air between them and the armor ionizes, dealing 1d10 damage. If the armor is something conductive, all creatures touching that conductive surface or volume within 30 ft. of the armor take 1 electricity damage at the start of each of their turns or if they come in contact with it for the first time on their turn. This effect includes the wearer if the conductive material is touching both the surface of the armor and an unprotected portion of their body, such as when submerged in water.

Smoke Djinn’s Bottle 6000

A Smoke Djinn’s Bottle is a bronze incense lamp and appears indistinguishable from a Genie’s Lamp. However, when this lamp is opened, air is pulled through its body and smoke pours forth from its mouth. The smoke fills a 10 ft. cube with smoke each round, or less if the top is partially closed to limit the airflow. The cubes of smoke move with the surrounding air-flow but are not dispersed except by winds at least as strong as a severe wind. In still areas, the smoke cloud instead increases in radius by 5 ft. every other round until reaching 30 ft across. The heavily spiced smoke provides concealment against targets less than 10 ft away and total concealment against any targets further than that. Cinnamon, cloves, and frankincense scents fill the smoke, obscuring scent-based detection as well. If the bottle is rubbed, the bronze lamp shakes and pours forth smoke for one minute, unable to be stoppered or blocked. Smoke from the bottle dissipates naturally after 5 minutes.

Staff of the Tides 7500

The Staff of the Tides is a pink and blue coral shaft, 5 ft. in length. An attuned merfolk, merrow, Kuo-toa, or sahuagin wielder gains a bonus spell slot of the highest spell level they can cast. Wielders of the staff can cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher level spell slot: Create or Destroy Water, Pass Without Trace, and Control Water. Additionally, when the wielder swims through water, water follows the staff, creating a current that pulls other creatures along. Creatures within 5 feet of the wielder’s movement through water must make a Strength check, DC 14,  or be pulled 5 feet in the direction of the wielder’s movement. Willing creatures may instead spend their reaction to make a move action to swim in the wielder’s wake, moving up to their swim speed but no farther than the wielder moved. The wielder’s swim speed increases by 20 ft as long as they hold the Staff of Tides.

Steam Pipe 4000

This bronze tube, fixed inside a cradle of whirring gears and knobs, lets loose a constant trickle of warm steam. When its release valve is levered open, a strong blast of steam billows forth continuously, filling a 5 ft. cube with hot steam each round, expanding outward from the Steam Pipe. A creature that starts its turn in the steam or enters it for the first time on their turn takes 2d6 fire damage. The created steam cools rapidly, cooling to room temperature after 1 minute. The steam itself provides concealment against non-adjacent creatures and total concealment against any creature further than 20 ft. away.

Volcanic Staff 7500

This ashen staff smoulders with lines of fire and grants a bonus spell slot of the highest spell level an attuned creature can cast for as long as it is on fire, this ability can only grant up to one bonus spell slot each day. Spellcasters may use this staff to cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher level spell slot: Burning Hands, Scorching Ray, Fireball, and Wall of Fire. The wielder of this staff has resistance to normal fire damage and heat related effects. Fire spells they cast deal an additional 1 fire damage per damage die that ignores fire resistance and immunity.


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