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Miniatures, Narrowly Avoided Disaster

I finally finished a batch of miniatures I have been painting on and off for months. I grabbed a bunch of yeti’s, were’s, beast-folk, and other monstrous creatures. Also, in the last two weeks I also quick-painted a group of minis for the players in my new campaign.

After I finished painting everything, I grabbed a pre-made wash of black and brown that I made a while back. Whether the wash had partially evaporated in the meantime or it didn’t have enough water when I made it, it came out way too strong. A quick trip to the sink to wash off the paint before it could dry mostly saved the few mini’s that I put the wash on. I diluted the mix and the rest of the minis came out just fine.

My second brush with disaster came from the clear matte spray paint I use to give the mini’s some protection on the paint jobs I spent so long making. Maybe I sprayed poorly or the heat and humidity in the garage messed up its drying, but all the mini’s came out with a strong coat of white. If this ever happens to you, don’t panic. All it takes is to wait for a dryer day that isn’t in the 90’s (30’s) and give everything a second coat. The propellant in the spray will wet the existing paint and allow the whole thing to set clearer. It wasn’t perfect, but now it just looks like I was overzealous with drybrushing rather than like everything got coated with snow.


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