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Exposed to the Elements, Part 5

Part 4 is here.

Elemental Reach 6000

This weapon has been sheathed in carefully shaped elemental energy. Its elemental type is chosen by the plane its enchantment was created on. With a mental command, a melee weapon with this enchantment can replace an attack with a launched elemental missile in the shape of the weapon. This deals 2d6 damage of its type, has a range of 30 ft., and uses the same melee attack bonus as a normal melee attack. If the weapon is a ranged weapon or projectile, this mental command instead surrounds it with an overlarge elemental silhouette, allowing it to perform melee attacks with a 10 ft. reach in the place of a ranged attack. These attacks deal 2d6 damage of the enchantment’s elemental damage type and use the same attack bonus the wielder would use for the ranged weapon’s attacks. 

Sparkling Core Wand 4000

Stolen from the soul of a creature native to an elemental plane, this wand’s core gives off intermittent sparks of its chosen elemental nature. When a spell that deals elemental damage is cast through this wand, a bundle of sparks follows the path of the spell. These sparks deal 1 damage of the Sparkling Core Wand’s type per spell level of the spell on the start of the wielder’s next turn as the sparks detonate after a short delay. If the spell and the wand are of the same element, the extra damage is dealt even if the creature successfully saves or the spell misses.

Adaptive Choker 5000

This choker consists of dyed metal rings in a byzantine weave. Whenever the wearer fails a save against or takes damage from one elemental type, the Adaptive Choker twists and coils itself. It realigns to provide advantage on saves against that damage type as well as resistance to that type of damage. This lasts until it changes types. In the case of two simultaneous sources of damage, only the larger of the two damage sources changes the choker’s magic.

Fire Powder 500

Fire Powder is a potent mix of iron dust and flammable oil, usually from salamander oil glands or pressed burnbark seed oil. When ignited as part of casting a fire or necromancy spell, the spell is infused with lingering embers of hot metal. This causes the target or targets of the spell to take 1d3 fire damage at the start of their turn for a number of rounds equal to the spell level. They can spend an action to brush off the embers and end the ongoing damage. A ceramic urn of Fire Powder holds enough dust for five spells.

Ice Flux 300

Glaciers that are at least a century old can be mined for their ice cores. When the ice mined from deep in those glaciers are melted with yeti or winter wolf breath, it turns into a permanent slush. This slush can be scattered into the air as part of a cold or illusion spell to inflict a -2 penalty to damage rolls, minimum 1, on the target or targets for a number of rounds equal to twice the spell level. Ice Flux is kept in a thick leather pouch and holds enough for ten spells.

Ice Meld 500

When old glacier ice is mixed with the potent magical blood of ice trolls, abominable snowmen, or similar creatures, it forms a thick blue gel. If the gel is applied to a creature it becomes frozen and that creature is immune to damage and dying as long as it remains frozen. The creature unfreezes when warmed or after 1d4 hours. If the Ice Meld is burned, it glows with a white-blue flame and functions like alchemical fire that deals cold damage instead. It is stored in thick glass vials treated to resist shattering from temperature changes.

Timewood candle 1000

Wood, saplings, seedlings, and other woody substances often get displaced in time through the side-effects of various spells or divine interventions. When their wood is used as a wick in a candle, any ritual spells cast using them as a component can have their activation delayed by up to 1d6 rounds following the completion of the ritual. If additional Timewood Candles are used beyond the first, this increases the maximum delay by 1d6 and increases the time unit to minutes, then hours, days, weeks, months, years, and so on. The delay can be any amount of time up to the maximum rolled, in minimum increments of 1. Each candle used after the first imposes a cumulative 5% chance of causing the ritual spell to fail and all but one of the expended Timewood Candles to burn in reverse, restoring them to their unburned state. Timewood candles are small and sold in a bundle of four. 

Storm Vials 600

By bottling a glass vial of the ionized air immediately following a lighting strike, storm druids can reliably create an empowering spell component for electricity spells. Uncorking the rubber stopper during the casting of an electricity spell causes the spell to deal 1 damage per die in a 5 ft burst around the target or targets of the spell. Storm Vials are created in batches and are sold on a length of twine, in strands of three.

Ethereal Antennae 250

Plucked from ghostly bugs and spirits, these add new dimensions of information to an information gathering spell. As part of casting the spell, the caster must break the Ethereal Antenna while thinking of a new sense that the spell will provide. Alternatively, for spells without a direct sensory output, it enhances answers or foresight obtained by such spells. The extra information derived from such empowered spells grants either a rudimentary sense of smell biased towards sugar or alcohol, a faint sense of the wind currents, or blurry ultraviolet sight. A bundle of Ethereal Antennae contains enough antenna for five spells.

Sand Dollar 50

Crushing this circular sea urchin in the casting of a protection spell causes the target or targets of the protective effect to gain five temporary hit points per spell level when the abjuration effect ends. Additionally, if the target or targets willingly accepted the spell, they may end the effect early as a bonus action.

Black Coin 500

Flipping this dark metal coin in the air as part of casting a mind-affecting spell brings out the mercenary nature in the target. If the creature is affected by the spell, at the end of its duration, that creature must make a new saving throw or parley in good faith for itself and any creature under its command. If the parley is successful, the coin reappears as a mundane gold coin in the possession of the targeted creature. On an unsuccessful parley, the coin reappears in the possession of the caster. 

Chaos Ash 1000

A smear of Chaos Ash on the casting implement or caster of a damaging spell changes the normal damage type school of the spell to a random other one. After being applied during the casting of the spell, the ash evaporates with the casting when the caster chooses to change either the school of magic, the damage type, or both. The modified spell triggers effects and abilities as if it were the new damage type and school of magic. Chaos Ash is a mixed bag of grainy ashes from expended extraplanar spell components, with enough for ten spell castings.

Astral Elm Leaves 500

Burning these silvery leaves as part of a movement or teleportation spell envelopes the target in a thin layer of mirage-like distortion, granting them a +2 AC bonus against attacks of opportunity until the spell ends or the end of their next turn, whichever comes later. A single bag of Astral Elm leaves has a faint ozone odor and holds enough dried leaves for five castings.

Aberrant Spittle 900

Dipping a casting implement or hand into the vial of Aberrant Spittle as part of casting a transformative spell on a living target adds some randomness to the effect. The viscous liquid swirls and intermixes a darkly tinged rainbow of colors. The target or targets of the spell each roll a random mutation. If the target willingly receives the spell, they may choose whether or not to apply the effects of that mutation for the duration of the spell. If they are unwilling and fail their save against the spell effect, they suffer the mutation for the duration of the spell. Nine uses can be scraped from the glass vial of Aberrant Spittle.

Sea Sponge 25

This small nub of porous sea creature can be used as the focus of a spell that transforms a nonliving target. If the sponge is dry, the hardness of the resulting transformation has its hardness increased by 1, or if the sponge is wet decreased by 1, for the duration of the effect.

Activated Slime 200

This translucent green slime mindlessly latches on to anything touching it. When the object, weapon, or creature the slime is applied to comes in contact with another weapon, creature, or object, an automatic grapple check is made. If a target is a creature or held by a creature that does not let go, that target makes the grapple check. A grapple check, DC 13, is required to escape the grip of the Activated Slime, even if unopposed. In the case of two inanimate objects, the Activated slime holds the two together as if it had a strength score of 16. This dried, hibernating slime is activated with a bit of water and smeared on a weapon or object as a bonus action. After 1 minute, the severed chunk of slime loses its viscosity and dies. It is stored, sealed in wax, in concentric chunks similar to a head of garlic. There are five uses worth of slime in each bundle.

Devil Spit 100

This concentrated, sulfuric, yellow liquid adds 1d4 necrotic damage to weapon damage rolls. After Devil Spit is applied as a bonus action, the user has 1 minute to hit an enemy or the spit will corrode the weapon, inflicting a -1 penalty to attack and damage until repaired. The bonus necrotic damage fades after 1 minute. Alternatively, if thrown as a splash attack, it deals 1d4+1 damage in a 5 ft. burst within 30 ft. with a Dexterity save, DC 11, reducing the damage by half. 

Blink Dust 900

The dried fur and skin flakes of blink dogs are ground into a faintly blurry dust. A single pinch of the powder can be scattered over a weapon or projectile to cause it to blur and allowing it to deal the weapon deals a minor amount of damage even on a miss. This minor damage is the weapon’s damage rolled twice, taking the worse of the two results and applying no other bonuses. This applies even to misses due to cover, displacement, illusions, or magical effects as the residual magic of the blink dogs causes the weapon to teleport from a miss to a weak hit. Ten pinches of Blink Dust are in each pouch and the dust continues to work until one of the two minor damage rolls equals the maximum weapon result.

Stretch Oil 300

Stretch Oil is kept in an opaque glass vial with a brush attached to the inside of its lid. This shifting reflective oil applies an illusory effect to make a weapon or object appear smaller, less threatening, or of a different composition than it actually is. If an attack by the weapon would miss, the target must make a Wisdom saving throw, DC 8+attack bonus, or be struck by the weapon anyway. In either case, the oil is consumed after applying its effects to one missed attack. There are ten uses of Stretch Oil in each vial and it can be applied as a bonus action. 

Storm Giant Sweat 100

This briny liquid causes the weapon it is applied to to stretch and bulge, increasing its damage die and size by one category while making it more unwieldy and inflicting a -2 attack penalty. If the damage die of the weapon rolls an odd number, the effect wears off and the weapon shrinks back to normal size. A dash of the sweat can be applied from the dropper bottle as a bonus action. A single bottle contains twenty uses.

Leaping Cap Spores 200

Leaping Caps are exotic fungus which spread using an explosive chemical reaction to launch their spores. Harvested when a hard frost makes the volatile mushrooms slow to detonate, it can be mashed into a paste. Gently applied to an object as a bonus action, the next creature or object to touch the patch triggers a forceful explosion. Whichever is a smaller size between the attacker and defender is pushed 5 ft. This explosion causes no direct damage. In the case of a tie, they are both pushed back. If the explosion is triggered by or on an object currently held, use the holder’s size if greater than the object. If an object with Leaping Cap Spores is thrown or fired as a projectile, the thrower is automatically pushed back, whether or not the defender is also pushed. There are ten uses in this pouch kept cool by its admixture with alchemical slush until used. If multiple uses are spread on an object, the explosive push increases by 5 ft. for every additional portions of spores used. Once removed from the treated pouch, the Leaping Cap Spores will warm up after ten minutes and have a 50% chance of self-detonating each round thereafter.

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