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Battle Board Part 2

You can find the start of this project here.

Materials Used:

-Black, Grey, and Light Grey, Suede, Brown, Light Brown, Green, Forest Green, Yellow-Green, blue, aquamarine, and light blue Acryilic Paints

-Fake-water resin (I used Woodland Scenics blue water)

-Satin Polycrylic clear spray

I started by giving my cavern side a solid coat of grey paint, making sure to get it in every crack and divot.

Following the grey, I dappled on large areas of lighter grey with a large brush. Then, I used a sponge to stamp on random veins of light grey, light brown, brown, and suede. My areas of pooled water got a layered mix of blue/aquamarine/light blue or green/forest green/yellow-green. Then I filled those puddles with the realistic water resin. The blue of the resin helped wash out the green pools, which started out too vibrant more like nuclear waste pools than algal/fungal stagnant ponds. For the cobblestone, I take a page out of the BMC playbook, and paint a few bricks with a brown and light brown.

With my colors set, I continued a couple more layers of water to fill in the whole puddles and then I gave the whole board a black wash. I gave the cobblestone areas an extra helping of black wash to help them pop.

Now to work on the grass side once the cavern side had dried completely. Note, that at the same time, I had given the edges a couple coats of black paint. Thanks to my mistakes, there are a number of spots where the white of the foam showed through, so I used watered down brown paint to cover those areas in random-ish splotches. The battle-damaged crater got a coat of brown, and the two puddles got the same water color treatment as the cavern side. Then I used the sponge to stamp a bit of light brown and suede for some color texture.

Here is the piece with the water effect dried and a black wash applied. Be careful when you apply the wash as the flocking wants to soak it up and come loose, while drinking up way more black wash than you would expect. I ended up having to go back over a few rough spots with some more brown paint where foamcore had shown through. If you do the smart thing and give the board a base coat before the flocking, you wouldn’t have the same issue.

A quick and dirty fight with some over-large spiders .

Ghosts, a slime, some constructs, and a young dragon have taken over this small cavern/mine.

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