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2019 In Review

This year saw me transition back to a free website, using wordpress, instead of paying for my own website. This was partially due to frustration with breaking plugins and website elements that I couldn’t figure out and did not want to put in the time to learn html editing. I also thought that I had given my own paid website a fair shake but it wasn’t bringing in enough revenue to pay for itself. Unfortunately I don’t have access to my pageviews on my own website, but I’ve received 1,171 views from 697 viewers. I have few commenters here, but it turns out I had accidentally turned off comments by default when setting things up, so that may have something to do with it. Whoops.

Again, I have only put out a single paid release on dmsguild, but my royalties are staying mostly stable at $161.76 compared to $171 from last year. Considering that I am not longer paying for my own hosting, I am actually earning money (that I am mostly spending on other gaming products…)

Resolutions for 2019

I hit about half of my resolutions, I migrated my site to wordpress and my social media to MeWe. I also put forward another One Page Dungeon Contest this year. Side note, has anyone heard anything from the organizer? Usually they put out a pdf and print on demand compendium of all the entries but I haven’t heard about it at all this year.

I also inadvertently met a resolution from 2018 in that I have been writing up continuous campaign logs of my ongoing campaign and I did put out one release on dmsguild this year as well (but didn’t meet my goal of two).

Resolutions for 2020

Finish my magic items series and also put together a combined book of all my magic items.

Paint at least ten miniatures per month.

Create another One Page Dungeon entry, even if the contest doesn’t happen this year.

I am curious to hear your resolutions and reviews of your blogging progress in 2019, post about it below!

2 thoughts on “2019 In Review

  1. Good blog! I esp like the magic item posts.
    What is your ID on MeWe? I’ll send you a friend request.


    1. My ID on MeWe is just AlexWelk, and best of luck on your resolution (one a day of anything will be tough, but if you can make it three weeks hopefully it just becomes habit!)


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