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Elemental Encounters

Here is a follow-up to my Humor and Emotion Elementals with some example places they could be used.

1. A depressive wizard attempted to banish their depression by summoning a joy elemental, using it as a small familiar. It didn’t work, but the parrot shaped familiar has been a useful aid, friendly companion, and partner when performing flashy magic for the royal court.

2. A fey mercenary company specializes in using squads of humor elemental mounts to sow chaos in enemy lines. Of course, their logistics keep a mandatory distance between opposing elemental types.

3. This warehouse is now inhabited by loose emotional elementals. Originally, it was a venture intended for paid entertainment; people would pay to experience emotions of their choice. When the emotion elementals were unable to be tamed, the merchant abandoned the project, leaving the warehouse owner with an infested building.

4. Misinterpreting their theology, a reclusive blood cult summoned a sanguine elemental of a much larger size than they could subjugate. Now they serve its whims in bringing it novel experiences, unusual people, and extravagant treasures.

5. This courtroom judge dabbles in conjuration. To make her job easier, she keeps a small, conjured Disgust elemental near the stand. Any attempts at deception by witnesses will heal the magical spider, after which it will ring a bell attached to its cage due to its training.

6. A temporary siege weapon of great power can be made by lashing a ramhead and frame around a summoned Choleric elemental. Its boundless energy and bullish behavior can be guided, with a minimum of risk, by promising it a return to the Humor planes once it breaks through some gate or target. Of course, the defenders can easily make a counter offer to aid the elemental breaking free to attack the ones who originally summoned it. Woe befall those that break their word and attempt to keep a Choleric Elemental beyond any agreement struck with it.

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