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Townsfolk in Trouble (Painted Minis)

Ogres and a Troll break into the main square of town while a group in the tavern tries to decode an ancient tome

With a bit of youtube painting watching, I’ve been inspired to update the minis that have been languishing half-finished. My problem for a while was how to do the flesh colors and fine features. What finally motivated me was to look through the entire line of acrylic paints and just pick out a range of flesh tones. I often had problems of trying to mix up flesh tones, but then I would either waste a bunch of paint or risk not having enough, especially if I ever had to come back to touch something up. Little inconveniences really add up.

With a range from pale white to dark esspresso, I found it much easier to use my usual technique of taking bits of paint from the top of the lid to do things like base coat, wet blend on the mini, touch up mistakes, and use a mix of colors to represents highlights or shadows. I honestly wish I had committed to just getting a bunch more paint colors earlier.

I also went through and picked out a base and a highlight paint color for all of the major colors I use along the whole rainbow. Having a whole range of colors on hand makes me feel like such a faster painter and no frustration trying to mix highlights or shadows off a base color.

Now to pick my next project, do I go through and make some modular house scatter terrain or switch over to making some more Gaslands cars? Decisions decisions…

With the book decoded, the ogres lose their magical edge and the adventurers (with townsfolk help) get them corralled into the town square. Some improvised barricades help stiffen the spines of the villagers.

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