Modular Wattle & Daub II

With everything based in grey, time to get to painting.

I use a white paint for the “daub”, golden brown for the wood, terra cotta for the roof, blue for the glass, and gun metal for the lead “panes”.

I missed some steps, forgetting to take photos but I hit the base coat with a heavy dry brushing all over with a very light grey. Then I washed everything with a very diluted black and brown.

Inside got a similar treatment with the only difference being a dark brown floor sloppily painted inside like a dirt floor.

After the wash, things were a little too dark and not worn looking enough, so I went back over everything with a desert grey in a light dry-brushing.

Evil lich king is bringing his loot back and doing some looting along the way, not expecting an adventurer ambush.

Once the halfling gives the signal…

The lich is dead for now, but the party needs some help from the rooming at this tavern identifying what he was carting around.

“Careful how ya set that down. I’m tapped out today after that lich cursed ye thrice!”

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