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Fantasy Organizations

This week, I put together another commission a client over at Fiverr, this time creating a number of fantasy organizations for his RPG rule-book. See below for the summaries of 15 organizations that might inspire your campaign. I’ll post a link to the finished rule-book when he finishes it, if you want to get a look at the key players in these organizations, their internal ranks, and some adventuring hooks for each one.

Loam Beetles

Motto: “Waste not your lifeless body in the ground. Why feed worms before you feed your descendants?”

Logo: A skeletal dung-beetle pushing an apple.


The Loam Beetles is an organization dedicated to normalizing and promoting the use of mindless undead. They hope that by utilizing the untapped potential that undead bodies represent, they could provide the raw labor needed to feed and clothe many. Despite how their opponents might try to disparage them, they are one of the fiercest opponents to illegally taken bodies and hunt down undead created against the will of the deceased. Their tactics involve getting open consent of dying people and then showing how useful the undead can be in doing dangerous mining work, tedious farm work, or tireless manual labor.

The Qu’Venar, Volari, and Timbakni are the most ardent supporters of this group, as they are the ones most likely to favor the ability to contract (and sell) one’s corpse, abhor waste, and promote sorcerous magic. Not many kingdoms will openly support the Loam Beetles, as enough people are willing to commit violence to enforce the general taboo of the undead. Others see the undead as a massive upheaval to their occupations and react by rioting in any city that considers the proposition.

Steady Flame

Motto: “The burning passion of cleanliness and righteousness is a beacon to a world mired in dark and dirt.”

Logo: A lantern with a shining white rose inside instead of a flame.


A house of prayer that admonishes worldly wealth and expects its adherents to walk the world dispensing healing, kind words, and knowledge: sanitation, disease prevention, frugality. Light Seekers, as members of this organization call themselves, have a strong aversion to blasphemers and those that subvert righteousness for personal gain. Some more militant members of the group might take to agitating among the poor to rise up against such abuses. As friends of the poor they have many enemies amongst the powerful who abuse the downtrodden, but enough wealthy individuals seek absolution through donation that the group is well financed.

Navar are well suited to a life of wandering and already eschew wealth while the occasional Engamar will donate their wealth to absolve their guilt over a life of stinginess. Volari, the most widespread of the races, make up the majority of the members of this group.

Order of the Lotus

Motto: “Safeguarding the world from corruption and apathy.”

Logo: A green flower just about to bloom.


Gathered druids, rangers, and woodsmen make up this reclusive, although not secret, spiritual order that works to preserve and expand nature. Their more militant members strike out to hunt down crimes against nature including wanton destruction, abominations, undead, and alien creatures, but this remains a small minority. Peaceful members of the group work to preserve natural wonders, introduce children to the beauty of nature, and educate people on proper animal treatment.

Ezra’s Faceless Flag

Motto: “All people are born free.”

Logo: A diagonally split flag, with the top right white and the bottom left grey. Their secretive missions might use broken chains as their symbol, either literal or depicted.


An underdog organization of thieves and pirates working to steal from or harm the landed and powerful in order to donate and protect the people they oppress. They are split into many independent cells to limit the damage of infiltrators as well as to focus on their many diverse opponents without internal disagreements, where one group might focus on a domineering, tariff-imposing regime while another group might be attempting to take down an oppressive monarch. Secret signals and passwords abound in the organization, as they can only survive on secrecy, obscurity, and paranoia.

Hunters, Limited

Motto: “Return what was taken.”

Logo: A two-faced silhouette, an eagle head pointing left and an owl head pointing right.


This mercenary group of recovery specialists take on any and all legal claims for plunder and treasure. Dispatching their trained teams with plenty of backup from a network of hired consultants and scholars, they will absolutely refuse any job without a firm basis in legality, even going so far as to apprehend those who mislead them and then returning the treasure to its rightful owner. They maintain their skills and pay their bills by researching and finding lost treasures with no remaining claimants. It is well known that they pay well for good information.

The Teeth

Motto: “We eat. We survive. We remember.”

Logo: Less a logo and more of a calling card, when the organization wants to make its involvement known, it leaves behind a predator’s fang dripping in blood. Their local groups may display teeth or claws as additions to their gang symbols or hideouts.


A shadowy organization masterminding local gangs and talent dealers such that people can pay for brutal murders, enforcers, and hired goons on demand. They ensure strict loyalty in their contracts and disassemble and display the corpses of any traitors, their own or from those who didn’t pay up. Brutal tactics, torture, and intimidation are their strong suits.



Motto: “This too shall pass”

Logo: A pure black splotch of ink irregularly leeching into the paper, flag, or item hosting it.


When priests and faithful come on hardest of times and the most inexplicable of tragedies, some of them find their way into this secret cult. The group is a gathering of magically and divinely skilled people working to bring about the end of the world, the sanest way, their thinkers have worked out, to end suffering. Currently they are little more than a rumor brought out when a high profile priest, official, or wizard disappears. The only known information has come from words of warning and riddles left behind where the victim was last seen warning about the illusions of reality, voicing distrust of the gods, and call for a return to the void. Some say it is possible to reach out to them to banish the monsters that prey on the weak and harm innocents, but urban legend has devised many an obscure ritual supposedly meant to work to no avail.


Silver Condottieri

Motto: “Talk wavers. Morals falter. Silver is true.”

Logo: A silver coin sitting up against a full helm.


Affiliated free mercenaries and men-at-arms are available to hire through this organized network. They will take any work that is at least morally grey, refusing any work that can blatantly get them into legal trouble, while they always have the option of disowning whatever local Chapter violated the law, citing their own contracts with the Captain in charge. The better Chapters of the Silver Condottieri will have the backing of the whole organization to help resolve legal issues and rescue captured comrades. They are well-equipped and highly skilled.



Motto: “We are free, you can’t take the sky, land, or sea.”

Logo: A black flag with an empty white circle. Captains freely fly their own insignia’s inside this circle.


An unnamed group of smugglers and transporters that deliver, or pirate, everything and anything. Their council is headed by the eleven captains who hold one of the eleven trinkets signifying the original chartered coalition. The original eleven could not settle on a name so in the spirit of that disagreement, the group instead goes by a continually changing array of nicknames. The rules to stay in are a modified pirate code, where failure to follow through on the rules means that you and your crew are fair game to betray and no longer protected by the rules. The major suggestions of the rules are no targeting personal land holdings or families, any headhunted crew must give a chance for the captain to beat the new employment offer, no breaking a parley unless terms cannot be reached, do not leave drowning crew behind, no selling out other crew or captains to the law, and never trust a Whistler.


Circle of Wizards

Motto: “Prosperity and power through structure and study.”

Logo: A circle made of 8 colored rings, each representing a school of magic. Black: necromancy, Red: evocation, Blue: illusion, White: divination, Green: transmutation, Yellow: conjuration, Purple: enchantment, and Orange: abjuration.


Ruling over a number of prestigious magical research colleges and many an arcane researcher, this hierarchy focused group is based on regulating the spread of dangerous magic, improving magical technology, and advancing the art of the arcana. Their influence and approval is tied to access to many a city’s most elite libraries and wizard guild halls. Members may even find access to new and innovative spells created by one of their fellow members, something which the organization encourages both the documentation and sharing of.


Seekers of Dust

Motto: “Those who seek true wisdom look to dust and bones, the remains of those whose wisdom faltered. They walked with knowledge and we can learn from their missteps.”

Logo: A tome tied down by cobwebs.


A splinter group that went underground from the Circle of Wizards as it became more interested in seeking lost knowledge than creating new research. After some major discoveries the group fractured again but this time over how to use their discoveries, with the remaining group intending to safeguard dangerous discoveries and destroy what couldn’t be contained or used safely. Some rogue elements of this group use their knowledge to seek out forbidden or hidden secrets for personal gain or reckless societal improvement but the majority remain, building up secret vaults of forbidden magic and scouring the world to prevent untested artifacts from surfacing.


True Bloods

Motto: “Ruling because we must. Where others would falter, we stand tall. A blessing given by our ancestors.”

Logo: A crown standing in a pool of blood shaped like a tulip.


This secret society is formed of royalty, elitists, and sycophants seeking to promote lineage and bloodline purity as the truest test of the right to rule and succeed. A second, deeper organization lies within, hidden from all but the most devout, and these members practice in blood magic. The True Bloods draws upon their royal bloodlines for power and personal enhancements to advance their claims on their thrones.


The Lost

Motto: “We will always have a roof to offer, bread to give, and an ear to listen.”

Logo: An outline of a home with a winding road leading up to it.


Royal donations and generous benefactors support this group that provides for and runs orphanages across the world. They draw upon local support for nearby orphanages, but their charity events draw a second, darker crowd that uses the organization as a front for their networking activities. The Lost have a penchant of enlisting informants, diplomats, and confidants from the ranks of the dispossessed orphans, often training them from a young age to be well read, keen, observant, and innocuous.

Terra Sanctus

Motto: “From dust we have risen. To dust we will scatter the forces that invade.”

Logo: A mountain, tree, and tower outline with a shining sunrise behind them.


An order of knights dedicated to removing external influences on the world. Their paladins, rangers, and clerics seek to banish magical and spiritual influences from the world, but only the most devout in the inner circle discuss that this will eventually be applied to angels and good aligned creatures once the worst, corruptive influences are driven out. They often seek out and hunt down undead abominations, conjurers, and dangerous magical beasts from their well-warded castles and fortresses.



Motto: “You can’t take it with you because we make sure.”

Logo: A set of discrete scratch marks in a post, fence, or wall depicting a crude padlock with the keyhole replaced with an ‘x’.


Slammed as unscrupulous grave-robbers, this group of adventurers is dedicated to finding, uncovering, and looting tombs, crypts, and lost cities. They spread this wealth around under the idea that the treasures cannot be used by the dead so they shouldn’t stay there. Of course, by spreading the wealth, they mean spending it for themselves. Few places sport better locksmiths, trap engineers, and dungeon architects than those employed by the Padlocks, partially because they pride themselves on navigating the most dangerous dungeons but also because they get the most practice. Rumors exist that they will stock previously explored dungeons in order to entice adventurers and recruit the talent that survives their redesigned traps.


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