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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part XI)

While I work on fixing up my rough draft of *ahem* hex 22.13 (not 23.13 as I erroneously wrote), here’s another twenty magic items for you to enjoy.

By the way, the One Page Dungeon Contest is just around the corner. Are you going to put an entry in the mix? I know I am, and I’ve already got what I think is a really sweet idea.

Check out the previous twenty.

Ring of Spell Storing 10000

Twenty quartz gems line the Ring of Spell Storing. This ring can store up to 20 levels of spells, with no individual spell being greater than 6th level. To do this, the wearer simply casts a spell into the ring, with as many quartz gems lighting up as spell levels of the spell. Stored spells can be cast from the ring by any creature that wears the ring, using the original caster’s save DC and attack bonus, but still requiring the normal casting time for the magical energies to work their way out of the quartz gems.

Ring of Spell Turning        65000

This ring allows its wearer to use their reaction to take the Counter spell action, even if they had not prepared to counter spell. A Ring of Spell Turning is a metal band, a single crowned naga devouring its own tail. Any spell successfully counter spelled can, at the ring wearer’s choosing, be reversed and redirected against any valid target, but using the spell’s original save dc and attack bonus. Three times each day, the ring may be called upon to counter and turn a spell of 5th level or lower automatically as a reaction, without needing to expend a spell to counter spell normally. The wearer gains one free reaction to be used for counter spelling.

Ring of Sustenance 1750

This magical ring of fine gold is carved with images of grain and fish. A Ring of Sustanance keeps the wearer well fed and hydrated, as if they had eaten heartily and drank deeply. The wearer does not need to eat or drink, but doing so causes them no harm. Magical or additional sources of hunger affect them normally. This effect only functions for someone who has at least worn the ring for an entire long rest.

Ring of Swimming    1000

The blue, painted wood ring gives advantage on any swimming checks and removes any penalties imposed from swimming, but not any penalties due to being underwater. The wearer of the Ring of Swimming can swim for twice as long before tiring or making any checks related to endurance or resisting strong water currents.

Ring of Telekinesis   35000

A Ring of Telekinesis is a band of pure ruby that allows its wearer to cast Telekinesis up to five times each day. In addition, any spell or mental effect the wearer has that allows it to move objects or creatures at mental command is empowered. They may move 50% more weight (or an additional size category of creature) and while maintaining significantly finer control over those movements than they otherwise would, moving the object with near perfect maneuverability.

Ring of the Chameleon     10000

This lizardscale-covered, wood ring turns the wielder and their worn objects the colors of their surroundings, adapting quickly to camouflage the wearer. Each round without moving increases the wearer’s concealment by 20%, to a maximum of 80%. Moving more than 15 feet in a round causes the color changes to clash with the surroundings, dropping the wearer’s concealment bonus from this ring down to 0. At the full 80% concealment bonus, they gain advantage on stealth checks.

Ring of Water Walking      500

When wearing the feather-stylized, silver Ring of Water Walking, the wearer along with their carried and worn items can walk on water. The wearer cannot be pushed under the water’s surface easily while wearing this ring, treating the water’s surface as if it hard stone. Putting on this ring while underwater results in the wearer not being able to dive any lower, and movement upwards raises this ‘floor’ along with them. A creature so inclined could essentially climb the water to the surface.

Ring of Wishes 80000

This lucky ring was a gift from Efreeti-kind for services performed to their race and contains within it three wishes, as the Wish spell. The oversized, gaudy, bronze band is set with three flashing rubies. As each wish is used, one ruby dulls permanently. Outside of the wishes, the ring also grants a +1 luck bonus to all the wearer’s rolls, as the baseline good-will of the efreeti pushes reality ever-so-slightly to grant the wearer’s desires.

Ring of Wizardry       9000

This flat iron band set with a prism-cut ruby doubles the number of first level spells a spell-caster can cast each day. For each level higher of spell to also be doubled, the cost of this ring triples. A more powerful Ring of Wizardry that doubles first and second level spells would cost 27000 for example, and a ring that doubles first, second, and third would cost 81000, etc.

Robe of the Arcanus         50000

The flat-black Robe of Arcanus is intricately laced with silver threads and magical runes. The wearer of this robe regains on spell or spell-like ability of each spell level whenever they take a short rest of one hour, during which they trace out the runes lining the robe. Wearing the Robe of Arcanus allows one to expend a spell slot, spell-like ability, or magic item use in order to recharge an equivalent or lower level magical effect on another item. For items without a similar spell, an approximation of a spell’s power to recharge an item based on its market price: 1000 * (Spell level)2. Cantrips count as ½ a spell level.

Rod of Absorption    30000

Like the Rod of Cancellation, this porous, magmatite stone rode casts Dispel Magic on any continuous magical effect it touches. It also drains creatures of one of their abilities when it touches them, but this can only occur three times each day. Note, this can also affect the wielder if they use the rod without protection. If it successfully dispels an effect or drains an ability, the Rod of Absorption stores magical energy equal to the effective spell level of that effect. This energy can drawn forth from the rod to restore a magical ability or spell slot. The cost of this is 1+the effective spell level of the restored slot or ability. The Rod of Absorption can only store 20 levels of spell effects at a time. If it would absorb a 21st level of magical energy, the rod discharges all its energy in a 10 foot burst for 1d6 magical damage per point released. The holder of the rod gets no save, but other creatures may make a Dexterity save (DC 18) for half damage.

Rod of Arcane Doom, Lesser       2500

Using this 2 foot blackened and bent iron rod a focus for spells grants +1 damage per die, increases the spell’s duration by 1, and increases the attack bonus or save DC by 1. In addition, spell-casters may ‘overchannel’ their spell by using some of their own life-force to boost the magical effects. If the mage chooses to overchannel, they take 1 damage per spell level. Overchanneled spells gain one of the following bonuses: they last an additional unit of time per spell level, they deal an extra 2 damage per spell level, or their save DC/attack bonus is one point higher.

Rod of Arcane Doom 7500

A Rod of Arcane Doom bears eldritch scars along its three foot cylinder of iron, blackened and twisted, it practically writhes in pain. It grants a bonus to spells cast: +2 damage per die, 2 additional units of duration, and +2 attack bonus or save DC. Like its lesser cousin, mages using this as their foci may pour their life force into their spells. Doing so deals 1 or 2 damage per spell level, depending on how much the mage decides to overchannel. Taking 2 damage per spell level instead of 1 doubles the effects of overchanneling, as seen in the Lesser Rod of Arcane Doom.

Rod of Arcane Doom, Greater     20000

Faintly glowing, and hot to the touch, the four foot iron Greater Rod of Arcane Doom faintly pulses from its black and pitted surface. The rod boosts spells cast using it as a foci. Those spells deal an additional +3 damage per die, last an additional 3 units of time, and have their attack bonus or save DC increased by 3. Overchanneling with this rod can take the form of overchanneling for 1, 2, or 3 damage per spell level. Taking the full three points of damage per spell level again doubles the effect of overchanneling: Dealing an additional 8 damage per spell level, lasting four additional units of time, or increasing the save DC or attack bonus by 4 points.

Rod of Cancellation  15000

This black obsidian rod, when touched to any continuous magical effect, casts Dispel Magic targeting that magical effect. Thrice each day, when touched to a creature with magical, supernatural, or spell-casting abilities, it randomly removes all daily uses of a random one of their abilities or for spell-casters this means they cannot cast the cancelled spell until they take a long rest. Take care when wearing this without any gloves.

Rod of Divine Power, Lesser       2500

This evenly cast, bronze scepter has the minor property of shifting to the outward appearance of a symbol of the weilder’s diety. When lying about their deity, it presents as whichever diety it was last stated as. Casting spells using this rod as a foci grants a boon to spells: +1 damager per die, +1 unit of duration, and +1 to the attack bonus or save DC. Additionally, whenever the wielder casts a boon or curse on another creature, they may take a penalty, manifesting as a bloody stigmata, to increase the potency of that spell. The penalty they receive is the exact opposite of any boon they cast or the equivalent effect of any curse. Taking that effect upon themselves as well increases the boon or curses penalty or bonus on the target creature is increased by 50%, rounding up. For example, if a cleric cast a spell which imposed a -2 penalty to attack, they can also take a -2 penalty in order to increase the target creature’s penalty to a -3 penalty. The stigmata must be chosen at the time of casting and lasts for the entire duration the spell effect would plus one additional unit of time. Healing or removing the stigmata or its negative effects returns the potency of the curse or boon to its normal level.

Rod of Divine Power 7500

The Rod of Divine Power is a golden scepter that takes on symbols and appearance of a tool of a chosen deity or faith, according to its wielder’s wishes. It also empowers spells cast by its wielder: +2 damager per die, +2 units of duration, and +2 to the attack bonus or save DC. When the wielder casts a spell that provides a lasting bonus and penalty to another creature they can take on a bloody stigmata, like the Lesser Rod of Divine Power, in order to magnify that spell’s effect on the target. Taking on the stigmata gives a penalty of the same magnitude and on the same circumstances as the cursed creature or booned creature. Doing so doubles the boon or curse’s effect. The stigmata lasts for as long as the spell would, plus two units of time.

Rod of Divine Power, Greater      20000

Greater Rods of Divine Power are cast entirely from platinum and bend to their holder’s wishes, appearing as whatever instrument of faith the wielder chooses. It provides bonuses of +3 damage per die, +3 units of duration, and +3 to the attack bonus or save of spells cast using it as a foci. The wielder may take on a stigmata when casting a boon or curse on another creature, as the Rod of Divine Power. The stigmata of the Greater Rod of Divine Power increases the original spell’s effect by 150%, rounding up and the stigmata lasts as long as the original spell would plus three units of duration.

Rod of Lordly Might  15000

This stately, golden scepter is adorned with numerous gems of high quality and its handle is of soft, purple velvet. It grants great powers in commanding others and lording over one’s domain. For the purposes of calculating low-level henchmen, followers, and cohorts, this rod increases the wielder’s charisma score by 4 and then further increases the number of commoners that will follow the rod’s owner by 50%, rounding up. The owner of the Rod of Lordly Might gains advantage on charisma checks within or when discussing lands over which they have title. Lastly, once each day it can cast Charm Person and once each week it can cast Suggestion.

Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection   10000

An odd rod with a pair of binoculars welded in the middle of its five foot length. Looking through the lens while twisting the handle allows the viewer to detect the presence, type, and quantity of valuable metals, ores, gems, and stones. Twisting the handle further focuses the view. The Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection looks in a 120 ft cone that sees through all materials, stopped only by a 1 foot thick or thicker sheets of metal. Adjusting the view allows it to instead ‘see’ in a 120 ft sphere around the viewer or in a 500 foot long, 10 foot diameter cylinder. The rod similarly detects worked and refined versions of these raw materials. The rod can be used for up to 10 minutes each day. Each minute of use after that requires a Wisdom save (DC 14) or else the user is compelled to spend the next minute digging furiously for rare metals and minerals.

Part XII.

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