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Mythoard: I’ll Get to it Inn a Bit

June has been a good month for Mythoard (and for me personally, #humblebrag). During a week long orientation for work, I got an email from David Shaw at Mythoard telling me my package came back due to a zip code number being left off. Thanks USPS for not figuring out the address with a simple google search for my city, state, and street. David took care of the issue and even offered to send a little something extra with it! He’s a great guy and I wouldn’t have even noticed the delay as I was out of town. Well, he did forget to actually put it in the box, but now he’s going out of his way to add some ‘extra extra’ to my package next month. I haven’t had any reason to doubt Mythoard as a reputable business before, and now I’ve got a solid experience in the positives I can point to.

This month seemed to be quite heavy on inns and taverns. Maybe I am reading a pattern there that doesn’t exist, but I’ve been thinking up NPC’s and towns recently. That probably has nothing to do with it.

The Dodo has an apex predator for a cousin and he is making a mess of things in the Bird of a Feather Dungeon Module TS1 by Lesser Gnome. There is a whole ecosystem and plenty of maps with encounters up and down the whole cave system. The artwork throughout is fantastic and I will be stealing the encounters, maps, and monsters. A cool thing about Lesser Gnome is that they also produce miniatures, and included the Rhacob on the front cover. A minor nitpick, but the thin legs were quite bent and the feather had snapped off. This miniature may benefit from being cast in a more flexible plastic.

The Exquisite Corpse Dungeon is a collection of maps built as a collective map by a bunch of mappers including Billy Longing, Scott Aleric, Nate Marcel, Jens Larcsen, Scott Slomiany, Nate McD, Dyson Logos, Cecil Howe, Paul Baldowski, David Millar, Kevin Campbell, and Rodger Thorm. It is an amazing map that I now have to figure out how to sneak into my campaigns (I’ve also got some new blogs to peruse).

Lesser Gnome has tossed out a nice postcard sized, beautiful map. The back has a 50% off coupon for digital adventure products and figurines.

A quick half page with a map and nice table for empty gravesite looting. Tim Shorts is over here.

Roan Studio put out a wonderful adventure module, The Haunt of Crow Gulch, built around a creaky fishing town at the base of a dangerous mountain. Encounters litter the environment that are tied in and others that are totally unrelated to the central plot points. My favorite part is this gnome’s shack, which reminds me of a mainstay NPC in my games. That recurring NPC is a kind-hearted elderly witch that takes a liking to the players and whose house is larger on the inside.

The Broken Tree Inn by Rudy Kraft is an older magazine centered around a unique little inn and is well adorned with fantastic (for the limited magazine printing tech of 1979) art like the well nourished fellow above. I love reading the NPC’s of old and getting a feel for the older tropes before they became tropes.

Lastly, a pair of tiny potion bottles to use as props. I may be handing these out as part of a treasure horde, as my players try to sort out myth from fact about these mysterious and legendary drafts. Thanks Table Top Gaming Center!

I can’t wait for next month.

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