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Thaw: 2016 OPD Final Draft

My One Page Dungeon is coming together, and I’ve got a pretty solid version of it penciled together for a final draft.

OPD 2016 Final Draft

To accompany this fine map, I’ll add three tables. This will cut down on text walls while injecting flavor right into the heart of this place.

D8 treasure table

-Frost suit – powered armor that uses ice meld as a source

-Frozen amnesiatic general. Super good. Huron Tezoa. Only a few days of memory for anything not military related.

-Tamed Ice Ram. Built for taking down metal and wooden structures with a combination of sub-zero breathe and blunt force.

-Domesticated Ice-Goblin Matron. Creates 2d6 goblins eggs a week. They are utterly loyal to her and she obeys the wearer of her matching crown.

-Unfertilized Lava Worm Eggs: Infinite heat batteries with near limitless transfer/absorption rate. Require pressure to release heat though, otherwise they are just uncomfortably warm.

-Ice-Meld. Coma inducing wound stopper. Literally freezes the user in time, turning them ice cold. They wake up when they are warmed up, or 1d4 hours later.

-Frost Rye. Harding, snowstorm blooming flower with pollen and seeds that look like snowflakes. Refined into ice-meld.

-Yeti translation device. Once you can talk to them, you can offer them a deal to work as henchmen.

D10 wandering monsters

-Ice Goblins: Like goblins but much furrier and stronger.

-Ice Ram: Has the stats of a bear or owl-bear but is a grumpy, territorial beast.

-Yeti: A troll of the winterlands. Regenerates and is very strong.

-Lava Worms: Like purple worms but with fire and lava instead of poison and acid.

-Cold Spike: Sudden onset of sub-freezing temperatures. Creeping frost as a warning. Then take moderate cold damage. Preparations reduce the damage by half (huddling, drawing clothes closed, getting a blanket on). Excellent preparations negate the damage (getting a big fire started, spells).

-Rising Ice Water: Preparations (get up on something, block off inrushing water) or get wet. While wet, you take double cold damage. Takes ten minutes to dry out in the cold of the Thaw, five minutes in the warmth or in front of a fire.

-Ice Goblin Raiders: Organized ice-goblin warriors, stats as hobgoblins.

-Yeti Pair: A mated pair of yeti’s that fight in tandem.

-Dueling Rams: Opposed rams fighting for status, and are in a rage. Party will get in the way as each tries to use the party to weaken its rival.

-Ice Goblin Mob: Undisciplined mass of ice-goblins, treat as a swarm of weak mooks.

D12 mundane items

-Burlap sack of hardy oats: ram food.

-Twine wrapped, thawing meats: yeti offerings.

-Thick, winter-fur lined lab white lab coat with ear muffs. A note in the pocket mentioning a yeti has eaten the prototype yeti translation pendant. (Cutting open a yeti to find it takes a minute.)

-2 rolled up 50 ft. ropes, a 10 ft. chain, and three strong padlocks.

-A slab of rock with “Ice. Stab You. Red Ice.” Carved in it. An attached note “The tutelage is paying off, we are beginning to break the language barrier. Suggested course of action: bring in an etiquette professional.”

-An employee handbook detailing the basic fields of research going on here. List the major treasures to be found.

-A slushy of defrosted dragon urine: goblin and ram repellent.

-A floorplan of the building.

-Thermal Paste lined gloves (rub them together to warm yourself up, unlimited use)

-Fur-lined containment suit. Able to deal with cryogenics without incident.

-A set of keys, some of which crumble from tin pest.

-An evacuation notice

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