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Filling out the Arsenal

Scrolling through the items I plan to include in an upcoming pdf release, I noticed a lack of armors and other war-making tools. To remedy that, I enlisted the help of my improvisation tool to come up with ideas for what they should be. I wanted to get one of each type of armor, plus a few shields and four “clothes” of various types. To compliment that (and fill it out to 24 items) I thought up 6 weapons of war that could help change the tides of battle.

Jeweled[Target: distort bronze (daily greater  use)] 325

Metallurgist’s Bane:

This halfplate is formed of an eclectic mix of different alloyed metals, such as bronze, steel, brass, pewter, and others. When struck by a weapon or item made of alloyed metals, the armor resonates with a supersonic blast, casting a Shatter effect, cast as a 4th level spell with a doubled radius, centered on the wearer of the armor, that affects only objects made of alloyed materials, excepting items worn or held by the wearer. This effect can be activated as a reaction to an attack once each day. Attacks by alloyed metals otherwise take 1d4 sonic damage on striking this armor, with magic weapons getting a save to reduce the damage by half.


Godly Metamagic Rod, Minor, Maximize [Target: restore water (rare major use)]  (937.0 SP)

Breastplate of the Salt Pillar:

This breastplate is infused with the concentrated essence of salt, allowing it to absorb, as an action, bodies of water that it is in contact with, up to 1000 cubic feet with each action. It can absorb up to 8000 cubic feet of water in total. As an action, the breastplate can release its absorbed water, dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage in a 5 ft radius for every 1000 cubic feet of water released. Creatures struck by this damage must make a Strength save, DC 10 + 1 per 1000 cubic feet released, or be pushed back 5 ft. If 8000 cubic feet of water is released at once, the radius of the tidal blast is increased to 10 ft.

Blessed Silver Chain Mail [Target: ensnare animals (many minor uses)]  (945.0 SP)

Tamer’s Targe:

A red and white swirl-painted metal shield that, with a bash attack, attempt to absorb a non-sapient creature below 3 hit points per HD. That creature may make a Constitution or Wisdom save, DC 15, to resist being captured. They take a -2 penalty to that save for each hit point per HD less than 3 that they have remaining. As an action, the wielder of this shield can release a captured creature from the shield, where it will fight a target chosen by the wielder for 2d4 rounds before it will either flee or turn on the shield wielder, depending on its treatment. Only one creature can be held in the shield at a time.


Mundane lead Besom [Target: create fire (many minor uses)]  (1210.0 SP)

Blight Scale:

This lead scale mail, irradiated with magic, creates invisible fire/heat that radiates for minor damage from areas the wearer has left. They can activate or deactivate this ability five times each day. 1 fire damage to the five foot diameter line that the wearer has walked through since their last turn. This damage is dealt to all creatures that start their turn or enter this space until the wearer’s next turn. The wearer is immune to this damage.


Godly Merchant’s Bane [Target: create darkness (occasional major use)]  [Target: protect vegetation (occasional major use)]  (1100.0 SP).


Naturalistic leather armor of fronds that can do one of two effects, up to a total of six times each day, to either create areas of shadowy undergrowth providing concealment or areas of solid ferns and plants granting cover. Both have a 30 ft radius of effect and a range of 120 ft.  


Fancy exotic fur magic ring.  [Target: wield weapons (continual weak effect)]  [Target: animate corpses (continual weak effect)]  (1470.0 SP)

Coat of Claws:

Masterwork Fur/hide made of overlapping clawed beast paws and pelts. Can create undead beast minions by pulling a claw off and wrapping it around a dead beast corpse’s paws. They have 1 HP per HD they had when living, a claw attack using a +2 strength bonus, damage based on their size (base 1d6 for medium), and proficiency bonus based on their HD when living. AC 12. Same movement speed as when alive. No skill proficiencies. They obey the exact instructions of the attuned wearer of the Coat of Claws, who can command a number of beasts equal to their HD. They lack any intelligence or instinct and will default to attacking any living creature they sense, if not under other orders.

Fortunate Lavender and green Ioun Stone [Target: empower weather (many minor uses)]  (2100.0 SP)

Weatherstone Plate:

Platemail formed of overlapping plates of moss-covered stone with a freely used, concentration requiring ability to improve the weather in a 30 ft. radius that increases in size by 30 ft each round of concentration to a maximum of 300 ft. The effect might be used to make the area a bit sunnier, more or less overcast, increase or decrease precipitation, clear or thicken fog, minorly change the temperature, weakly modify the wind speed or direction, or another similar effect no more powerful than a circumstantial +1 or -1 to rolls. When concentration ends, the effect ends. The effect, once chosen cannot be changed without breaking concentration.


Ornamented Feather Token Griffin [Target: detect animals (unlimited weak uses)]  (2625.0 SP)

Quetzal Feather Splint:

+1 Splint mail made from overlapping sections of quetzal feathers, that shift and change across a rainbow of colors. An attuned wearer may, at will with concentration, detect creatures in a either a cone, 300 ft long, or a radius of 60 ft. It takes a free action to switch between modes. This sense will detect the presence of living creatures as a free action. By spending one action, the Quetzal feathers residual knowledge and life aura will reveal their types (beast, monstrosity, etc.), a second action will reveal their numbers, and a third action will reveal their distance.


Mundane Blasting Splint Mail [Target: reveal tiefling (unlimited weak uses)]  (2200.0 SP)

Silvered Studded Leather:

The gauntlets of this +1 armor constantly produce a fine silver dust that is worthless except for its ability to be thrown up to 15 ft. as a free action ranged attack, ignoring natural and non-magical armor bonuses. On a hit, any shapeshifter must make a DC 15 constitution save or revert to their natural form and be unable to shapeshift for a number of rounds equal to the radiant damage they take, minimum 1. Creatures susceptible to silver take 1d4+1 radiant damage from the attack.


Plain copper Rod [Target: create weapons (daily greater  use)]  [Target: animate light (intermittent minor effect)]  (1900.0 SP)

Luminous Chain:

Radiant, coppery metal forms the rings of this +1 chain shirt armor that gives off dim light out to 5 ft unless covered. At will, as an action, the attuned wearer can create a dancing lights or silent image effect. Once each day, when making one of those effects, a Spiritual Weapon spell can be hidden inside the lights or illusory image. The spiritual weapon or weapons is formed of pure light, takes whatever weapon or weapons shape as desired. The weapon or weapons deal a total of 2d8+4 radiant damage, divided however the wearer chooses, using the wearer’s proficiency bonus + 3 for their attack rolls. The wearer of the Luminous Chain can mentally command the weapons to move up to 20 ft. and make an attack each round as a free action.


Well-made porcelain magic ring.  [Target: reject thoughts (sparing moderate effect)]  (2125.0 SP)

Dream Phalanx:

A +1 porcelain tower shield inlaid with shifting pattern of white and black smoke intermingling. It has up to 5 charges stored inside, regaining one each hour. 1 charge allows it to grant one creature advantage on mental saving throws for 10 minutes. 2 charges allows it to grant that protection to up to six target creatures for 5 minutes. 3 charges can be expended to create a psychic shockwave that forces creatures in a 15 ft. cone in front of the shield to make a DC 14 Wisdom save or suffer disadvantage on mental ability checks for 5 rounds or until they spend an action to succeed on a new saving throw. 5 charges can be expended to create a psychic wall 15 ft tall that extends up to 30 ft on either side of the shield that grants cover against mind-affecting spells crossing it from the outside, providing advantage on saving throws, and forces hostile creatures crossing the barrier to make a Wisdom save, DC 14, or suffer mental impairment inflicting disadvantage on mental ability checks or saves, this lasts for 1 minute or until they spend an action to organize their scattered thoughts and succeed on a new Wisdom saving throw. The psychic wall moves with the tower shield.

Fancy linen Unholy Symbol [Target: reveal goblin (continual weak effect)]  (4200.0 SP)

Horde Rags:

+1 rags of fancy, if stained and crumpled, underworld silk. Always seems sized too small, like undergarments worn over clothes. As an action up to three times per day, the wearer of these rags may split themselves into any number of goblins, splitting their HP as desired between them and designating one “goblin” as the ringleader that remains wearing the rags while the others appear as parodies of the wearer in shabby clothes. They act as a single mind under the direction of the wearer of the Horde Rags. Ability score modifiers, equipment, magical effects, proficiency bonus, and other attributes are divided up amongst the goblins as the wearer chooses, otherwise defaulting to +0 on rolls and 1d3 unarmed damage. The goblins all have a 20 ft movement speed, plus any movement bonuses divided amongst them as the wearer chooses. Any goblin that leaves either a 30 ft. radius of the ringleader or sight of the ringleader take cumulative 1d6 damage at the end of their turn. The ringleader can reabsorb any number of goblins in range with an action or any goblins within reach as a free action, apply any remaining hit points, effects, equipment, or statistics to the ringleader. The wearer may reform as an action, losing any hit points or statistics non-absorbed goblins had, with the lost hit points or statistics returning after a long rest. If all goblins and goblin corpses have been absorbed, the ringleader can return to their normal form as a free action. If the ringleader is killed, all goblins take 1 damage and a new ringleader is chosen.


Pristine Dimensional Salt [Target: command cold (many minor uses)]  (3150.0 SP)

Ice Ghost Robes:

When the attuned wearer of these +2 robes makes a targeted attack, an illusory duplicate of the wearer as a ghost appears and attacks from a different angle or flanking the target, with a 50% chance that the actual attack’s effect comes from either the wearer or the illusory ghost. The ghost then fades. Against targets that the wearer has advantage against, the attack also deals an additional 1d6 cold damage. The wearer chooses where the ghost appears and attacks from, limited to any occupiable, visible space within 30 ft. When taking the withdraw action, the wearer may instead become surrounded by 1d4+2 illusory ghost duplicates that all flee in directions chosen by the wearer up to their movement speed,  then the wearer may teleport to swap places with any surviving duplicates before they all disappear. ghost duplicates hit with any attack disappear. The wearer gains resistance to cold, although they will feel cold to the touch.

Fortunate leather Wand [Target: create acid (limited moderate uses)]  (2100.0 SP)

Acid Raincoat:

This black and pale grey duster suffers from a myriad of bleached out splotches and splashes. Three times per day, the wearer of this coat may cause an acid damage effect to splash, dealing half damage to another target adjacent to the original target. Twice per day, the wearer of the coat may reduce a creature’s immunity to acid to resistance instead against one attack of acid damage. Once per day, the wearer may cause an acid damage effect to rain down in a cylinder 60 ft. tall and 15 ft. in radius around the original target, dealing half damage to the other creatures in that area. In either case, the other targets gets a separate attack roll or saving throw to reduce the damage by half.


Cursed Metamagic Rod, Substitution [Target: command exotic spices (sparing moderate effect)]  (32300.0 SP)

Grinning Gambeson:

+3 padded armor that can create clouds of chemical warfare. An attuned wearer of this armor can move any magical gasses or cloud effects they have created by up to 30 ft. as a free action. 1 charge fog cloud. 2 charges for stinking cloud. 3 charges for burning cloud. 4 charges for a laughing gas cloud of suffocation. Those that die from the effects or within the clouds die grinning.


Fancy crystal magic ring.  [Target: restore thoughts (unlimited weak uses)]  [Target: protect space (many minor uses)]  (189.0 SP)

Stoic’s Slip:

This fancy black dress cinches tight to the wearer’s body in a flattering way with more support than would be expected of the black, silky cloth. When the attuned wearer spends an action to attempt to end an ongoing mental effect, they can make a second save attempt with no bonuses. As a reaction, once per short rest, the wearer may subject themselves to a mind-affecting ability targeting an ally within sight in order to grant that ally advantage on their save.


Blessed Custom, Specialized Shield [Target: alter air (limited moderate uses)]  [Target: call force (sparing moderate effect)]  (171.0 SP)


A buckler with a swirl design painted on its face. Once each day as a reaction, the wielder can redirect a projectile (1d4-1)*5ft. in any direction. Once each day as a reaction, the wielder can attempt to change the target of the spell, forcing it to instead target a random creature within 5 ft. of the shield, including the wearer.



Crossbow of Clouds:

Shot up into the air, bolts fired from this crossbow split into dozens of bolts that plunge down on an area, dealing reduced damage, rounded down to a minimum of 1. Assuming enough vertical height, bolts can be aimed to deal ¾ damage across a 5 ft. radius, ½ damage across a 10 ft. radius, or ¼ damage across a 15 ft. radius. The apex height of the burst is 4 times the radius of the area.

Leader Lancet:

When wielded during a charge, this 8 foot red and gold +1 lance projects a beam of cutting force. This allows the attacker to use their attack roll to hit any number of targets in a 30ft. line. The targets to be attacked must be chosen before making the attack roll, with damage split up amongst the struck targets as the wielder chooses. Up to three times each day, the Leader Lancet’s charge ability can be used on an attack not made during a charge.

Doorcrasher Basalt Hellhound:

This eight-man battering ram is stylized in the shape of a grinning hound, made entirely of black stone with white flecks, and a small sputtering flame inside the mouth. For up to ten minutes each day, the Hellhound can be commanded to come to life, transforming into a large black, stone hound with flame pouring from its mouth. It will bash its head against structures and gate, spilling out intensely burning flame that will burn through spell reinforcing or locking the battered object attempting a dispel effect once each minute. It is treated as a +2 battering ram wielded by a full team of 8 creatures with strength 20. Alternatively, it can partially transform, shifting its form into that of a covered ram on wheels, entirely formed from black basalt. Whatever its form, it has 200 HP, resistance to physical attacks, and an AC of 18.

Gnomish Troop Transport:

A wheeled catapult the size of a small hut with a built in stepladder up to the locked position of the arm. The catapult magically cranks itself and will fire with a command word. With a different command word, the object launch from the troop transport will have a delayed feather fall effect applied on this a few seconds after launch.  

Precision Scorpio:

A medium sized ballista made of runed cast-iron mounted on a two-wheeled cart. At the pull of its trigger or spoken command phrase, once its runic array is engaged, the Precision Scorpio will fire 1d4+1 javeling sized bolts of force at any number of targets, divided as the desired, up to 300 ft. away, dealing 3d6+3 damage each. This ballistae takes five minutes to recharge enough for additional shots, though this can be sped up by the user feeding magical energy to the siege weapon. Each spell cast into the engine counts as a number of minutes of charging time equivalent to the spell’s level, with cantrips counting as four rounds of charge time, meaning continuous cantrip power cuts down the recharge time to 1 minute.

Portable Moat:

This roll of green-blue cloth is 10 feet wide along its length. When fully unrolled it transforms into a 120 ft. stretch of standing water 5 feet deep with a thick mud bottom, extra-dimensionally displacing the surface it was unrolled on. If it is stretched while being unrolled, it can be made to reach up to 240 ft, although this halves the depth and width of the resulting moat. The Portable Moat, if unrolled anywhere except the ground will dump muddy, stagnant water on the unroller before winding itself closed again. A chosen command word or a pull of the small tab of fabric hidden by the user upon unravelling will cause the Portable Moat to turn back into green-blue fabric partially rolled up at one end.

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