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Envisioned Eldritch Equipment, etc. (Part I)

For my games, I have been working to put together a magic items document. I am doing this mostly because the 5e play-test has been pretty limited in terms of magic items, but also because I am constantly adding new items and want a unified document that describe all of them. If you’ve got interesting ideas or ideas for better mechanics/flavor for any items, I would love to hear them!

Acrid 4000
Laced magically with insidious chemical agents and alloyed with acidic alchemy, this weapon deals acid damage instead of its normal damage type. (+1d6 Acid damage)

Adamantine 3000
Once a secret dwarven alloy of adamantite and steel, metal weapons forged of adamantine ignore hardness or toughness based damage reduction. They are also tougher and more resistant to damage. (Always a finely made weapon, +1 to Attack)

Aligned 8000
Marked with holy symbols, profane markings, or aligned runes, this weapon deals extra damage to foes of the diametrically opposed alignment. (Good, Evil, Law, or Chaos: +2d8 Damage versus the opposite alignment. Neutral: +1d8 Damage versus non­-neutral alignments.)

Arrow of Slaying 2000
These arrows are created targeting a type of monster, and are made in a ritual requiring everything that creature loathes, and will devastate against their intended foe. The more specific the ritual, the greater harm Slaying Arrows will bring. (20 arrows. CON save vs Death, damage on success. Type: DC 12, Monster Type: 3d8 Damage. Species: DC 14, 5d8 Damage. Personal: DC 16, 8d8 Damage.)

Astral Silver 1500
Mined from mysterious veins of silvery metal from drifting rocks in the Astral plane, this alloy makes a wispy, swirling metal that is excellently suited for finesse weapons. (Advantage on sleight of hand rolls with this weapon. Can strike ethereal or astral opponents normally for half damage. Always a finely made weapon, +1 to Attack)

Balanced 450
This weapon is exceptionally well crafted with hidden weights and hollow chambers, allowing a non-­throwing weapon to be thrown and a throwing weapon to be thrown further. (+15 ft. throwing distance)

Bane 2500
Macabre markings denote the number of victories or victims brought about by this blade. Magically anointed, this weapon is designed to destroy a foe that is chosen during a ritual when the weapon is forged. (Type: +2d8 Damage. Species : +3d8 Damage. Personal: +5d8 Damage.)

Banshee Flail 15000
The head of this flail is a pale white, screaming face. When swung, the head emits a quiet sob, but upon striking will release a blood curdling shriek, causing opponents to shiver in terror. (+2 to Attack and Damage. Within 30ft, DC 14 Will Save vs Stun for 1 round, on success ­1 to all roles to until the end of the encounter)

Blinking 3000
A blade for tricksters, an armament enchanted with blinking jumps in and out of existence at its wielder’s command. This unusual behavior allows the wielder to attack with advantage on one attack each encounter before their opponents catch on.

Bone 150
Necromancy infused bone makes a passable weapon, but where this material shines is being used as a channel for damaging touch spells. (On hit, normal weapon damage + held touch spell with +1 DC).

Brimstone 1000
Forged as an alloy of blood, steel, and brimstone results in a menacing and mean weapon. When dealing damage to a bloodied foe, deal one extra damage.

Burning Light Darts 1500
Devious darts that, when thrown, leave a wave of burning light along their flight­path. (1d4 Fire Damage to any foe that begins their turn in the flight­path. 2 round duration)

Bursting Elemental 30000
Infused with more powerful spirits of elementals or greater nature spirits, this weapon adds elemental damage and explodes fury on a critical blow. (+2d6 Elemental Damage: Fire, Shock, Cold, Acid, Sound, Radiant, Necrotic. +4d10 Damage on a critical, 10ft. burst)

Charged 4000
Sparks arc across the surface of this weapon and hidden metal chambers honeycomb the interior. This weapon deals shock damage, but if the wielder is targeted by damaging magic, the weapon overcharges. (+1d6 Shock Damage. Additional +2d6 Shock Damage for 3 rounds after being the target of magic.)

Chilled 4000
Almost too cold to touch, this weapon has a thin layer of ice frozen from the moisture in the air. The weapon deals additional cold damage with additional damage as the wielder comes closer to death. (+1d6 Cold Damage. +1d6 additional Cold Damage if the wielder is Bloodied).

The list continues in part II.

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