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Envisioned Eldritch Equipment, etc. (Part II)

Chitin 100

Specially prepared chitin of various large insect creatures, these weapons are useful in their association with poisons and toxins. (+1 DC to poisons on this weapon)

Cold Iron Longsword 500

A longsword, forged of cold iron is of a high quality and does full damage to Fey and Devils.

Combat Maneuver  1250

A melee weapon thus enchanted has been imparted with the knowledge of a skilled combatant. This weapon will make the unskilled proficient and add further to the skill of the proficient. (Offers proficiency in one combat maneuver. If already proficient, adds a +2 to that roll. Bluff, Intimidate, Bull-Rush, Grapple, Trip, or Disarm)

Combat Maneuver 22500

A melee weapon empowered with the knowledge of a master combatant. This weapon will make the unskilled into adepts and make the proficient into masters. (Offers proficiency in one combat maneuver and a +2 bonus. If already proficient, adds a +2 to that roll and gives advantage. Bluff, Intimidate, Bull-Rush, Grapple, Trip, or Disarm)

Copper 300

A rather poor substitute metal for a combative weapon, but works rather suitably for channeling magic spells. A copper weapon used as a spell channel or focus improves the casters abilities. (+2 Damage or +1 to save DC)

Crystal 3000

Crafted from crystals slowly grown underground, crystal weapons and projectiles have jagged edges that shatter on impact, sending tiny shards fanning out.  These jagged edges are constantly reforming from minerals in the air to replace the shattered edges. (½ Weapon Damage to foes in a 5ft burst)

Custom 50

Fitted out with a personal crest, bits of flair, and custom tailored to the hands of the intended owner, a custom weapon is harder to disarm and is uncomfortable for others to use. (+1 vs Disarm. -1 to Attack for others to wield)

Dagger of Venom 2500

Originally created to mimic the fangs of snakes, a Dagger of Venom can coat itself with poison. (3/day. DC 14 CON save vs poison. 1D6 Poison Damage for 3 rounds, save ends)

Dancing 4000

This weapon can be loosed from its wielders hand to dance around its wielder, attacking at mental orders. (Attack once per turn with its owner’s attack bonus. Lasts 3 rounds. 2/day)

Dark Ice 2000

Formed of permanently frozen, magical ice from the coldest reaches of great tundras, dark ice weapons draw the warmth and energy from the air. On a near miss, the dark ice deals half damage as it rapidly sucks the heat and energy from the foe. (On a miss of 5 or less, dark ice deals weapon damage die only).

Defending 3000

Lending some of its magic to defending its wielder, a defending weapon confers its magical bonus against attacks from a single foe. (Bonus to defense against a foe that was targeted since your last turn).

Defensive 1000

A defensive weapon can utilize some of its magical bonus towards defending its wielder, but this sacrifices some of its combat ability. (On attack, transfer any amount of the magical bonus to defense until the beginning of your next turn)

Demon Cleaver 6000

This wicked blade was first forged by a tormented blacksmith who lost his wife to the tortures of a mad king. Some say demons were its muses. It functions as a battleaxe and will rend the flesh of its enemies and cause great pain. (On hit, -1 to all actions for 1 round and DC 13 Con. On fail, bleed 1)

Double Cross 1250

This double crossbow was first fashioned by an eccentric Gnome, but the x-shaped limbs of this weapon allow it to fire two bolts with a single shot.

Dragon Bone 900

Weapons made of dragon bones function as steel, but hold the most promise for spell-casters. Depending on the type of dragon the bones come from, the weapon acts as a powerful channel for spells of that element. (On hit, normal weapon damage + spell  with +2 DC or +2 damage per die)

Continue on to part III.

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