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Envisioned Eldritch Equipment, etc. (Part VI)

Come around and get yourself some more magic items!

Folded Metal   250
Damascus steel folded in on itself and tempered to a flexible but sharp edge. It improves the quality of the weapon by one and lets it ignores the hardness of normal steel.
Frostbrand     7000
Frigid metal greets the hand holding this magical longsword. Its pommel resembles an icicle, while its crossguard and blade are blanketed in frost. It acts as a +1 longsword that deals an additional 1d6 cold damage and can summon an ice blast five times a day. As part of an attack or by thrusting the blade into the ground, a Frostbrand can summon forth a 10ft radius circle of spiky ice. This acts as difficult terrain and deals 1d4 cold damage for each five feet a creature moves through the area. This effect lasts for five rounds. When the last daily use is exhausted, the weapon returns to room temperature and does not deal cold damage until the next sunset.
Gentle Touch  10000
Named the Gentle Touch by the ‘information experts’ that created it, this simple looking black bullhide sap causes an astounding amount of pain. Instead of its normal damage, it deals 3d6 damage and is a +2 weapon. It gets its name from being completely unable to deal lethal damage, unable to kill anything or even leave bruises, going so far as to stabilize a creature hit with it if that creature is dying.
Glass       1000
A glass weapon is a terrible choice as an offensive weapon, as its quality is very low, making it prone to breaking, decreasing its quality by two. Glass does not hold an edge well, and any glass weapon drops one damage die size. Where glass weapons are useful is that they are excellent foci for touch spells and rays. Touch and ray spells get+1 save DC and +1 damage per die when cast through a glass weapon.
Gold                3000
Golden weapons were once thought to be merely status symbols, the kind of foolish puffery of nobility, until hedgewizards discovered in ancient tomb the first crude golden weapons, created and used by wizards for their power enhancing effects. Non-magical kings likely adopted gold weapons likely in to scaring their subjects with the possibility of powerful magic. The exact method of making such powerful tools were lost, but the idea of using gold alloys to boost spells was rediscovered. Spells cast through gold weapons deal an extra 3 damage.
Greater Elemental  8000
Similar to its lesser counterpart, a Greater Elemental weapon overflows with elemental magic. The strength of this magic is so strong that in addition to dealing an additional 2d6 elemental damage of its type, a greater elemental weapon can also use its affinity to locate strong elemental sources and creatures of that element within 60ft. The effect shows itself as a strong field of its element coating the entirety of the weapon and extending out about 2 inches.

Hammer of the Anarchist      10000
The simple hammer of a commoner, at least until it is held in the hands of someone with purpose and a hatred of Law. Held by someone who hates Law or the rulers of their land, the hammer turns a deep crimson red. It then deals damage as a +2 hammer, and deals triple damage to structures. If it ever strikes someone who has proclaimed their authority over the wielder, like a king, judge, or guard, that person must make a DC 12 WIS save or die. Against those who favor the ruler openly or are Lawful, this weapon does an extra 1d10 damage.
Hammer of Thunderbolts      8000
Rumored to be cheap copies of the weapon of a thunder god, the hammer of thunderbolts charges the air around it. The hammer is heavy, much too heavy to use as a weapon unless the wielder has meditated with the hammer and become attuned. It is a +1 hammer that deals an additional 1d6 shock damage. It can be thrown to great effect, traveleing up to 20 feet, and dealing 1d6 electricity and 1d6 sonic damage within 10ft of the target. It returns to its wielders’ hand at the end of the round.
Heart Mender  20000
Made of a single young willow sapling, and the magically preserved spirit of springtime, this flexible quarterstaff is a +2 weapon with an extended reach of 15 ft. that heals instead of harms when it strikes a target that has less than half their hit points remaining.
Heated    4000
A weapon enchanted this way is almost too hot to touch. Metal weapons retain a deep red glow to them while wooden weapons appear charred and flake off small embers. A heated weapon deals an additional 1d6 fire damage and showers the enemy with embers and soot, engulfing them in a non-magical fire.
Holy Avenger  20000
Immaculate. Pure. Platnum handled. Pearl and diamond studed. Holy weapons such as these are only born from the kindest of deeds from the noblest and most humble of hearts. First seen when a small congregation of one hundred pilgrims of Pelor were beset upon by a horde of demons and undead, the clubs and rocks they clutched became true weapons, touched by Pelor’s blessing. To this day, it is rumored that only one hundred of these weapons exist in the world, and are called from the hands of one good soul to another when their need is great. It acts as a +3 weapon, deals an additional 2d8 radiant damage to undead and evil outsiders, and can be called upon to smite a foe three times per day, each one called by shouting one of Pelor’s three nicknames: the Sun, the Light, and the Protector. Smiting a foe adds damage to your blows equal to your total number of hit dice until the beginning of your next turn. A Holy Avenger cannot be wielded by evil creatures.
Hungry    750
“Empty. Hungry. *Snarl*” are shouted in the mind of the wielder when they pick up a bloodthirsty weapon. Trying to put it down takes a bit of work, and when you do let go of it, it falls away with a *pop*. Bloodthirsty weapons have a barbaric intelligence, one that is thankfully not self-aware. Striking with such a weapon deals an additional 1d6 damage, but when it does so, the weapon also bites its wielder for 1 damage.

Ice Javelin     400
A chilly javelin that when thrown turns to ice and deals cold damage to a small area around the target, 1d6 cold damage in a 5 ft. radius. It turns that area into difficult terrain for 1 round. It returns to being a normal javelin once the icy patch melts. It can turn to ice one time each day.
Inconspicuous       500
An inconspicuous weapon is one in a large category of different weapons. These include everything from items that function as weapons, those that have hidden weapons, weapons that are concealed as other objects, or other concealed-weapon type devices of a similar nature. Such weapons are easy to hide and give advantage on sleight of hand to hide or conceal them. While other weapons might be disguised or re-purposed, inconspicuous weapons are designed especially for that purpose and take no penalties nor are they slow to the draw. Inconspicuous weapons grant advantage on the first attack made in combat if it was previously in its inconspicuous form.

Inquisitor’s Censer      4000
Long, thick black iron chains bind a screaming face motif ball to the metal rod handle. Carved intricately along the chains is a long mantra against sin. When swung or used in battle, the +1 flail will emit a noxious incense. Striking a foe will splatter this incense upon them, which makes it impossible for them to speak or cast spells for 1 round, as the mist forces itself down their throat. Alternatively, it can be swung in a circle over the head to spray the thick mist in a 20ft radius, blocking all speech and spellcasting inside for as long as the mace is swung plus one round after.

Ivory        1000
Many large tusked animals are hunted purely for this ‘White Gold’. It makes weak weapons that have their damage die reduced by one, but it is a boon for non-harmful spells. Any non-hostile spells cast through an ivory weapon will last 10% longer and heal 1 more HP per healing die rolled. Ivory weapons deal normal damage against demons and devils.
Javelin of Lightning       2500
A simple iron javelin that when thrown it can turn into a bolt of lightning once a day. It deals 3d6 electricity damage in a 60ft line and returns to being a normal javelin at the end of that line.
Keen Rapier    4000
This weapon is usually identified not by its blade but by the special wire mesh hand guard that holds it. The hand guard is of delicate, wire-thin steel that shifts to the hand of its wielder and extended to cover the lower third of the blade to protect its wielder. This rapier is so sharp, leaves that fall upon its blade are cut in twain. It is a +1 rapier with a critical range of 17-20, deals 1 bleed damage on a critical hit, and deals an additional 1d6 damage when its wielder has advantage on the attack.

A cool one from
Leech      14000
A large, darkly stained oaken club has a wet sheen and is sticky to the touch. Upon picking it up, it flops slightly to one side and it swings like a dead fish. In addition to being a +3 club, the Leech can re-size itself to become a great club on command, it restores its wielder’s hit points for one half the damage it deals, and once per day can be commanded to steal an ability from an opponent it has just hit. The stolen ability can be used for 1 hour, during which time the opponent cannot use it.
Living Crystal 3000
Stone weapons are normally inferior to steel, but this special, dwarven grown crystal holds an edge just as well as steel. If it is broken or even completely shattered, it can be regrown by submerging it for a week in heavy mineral water that can be found in some deep caves. Only the first weapon regrown this way holds its integrity, others grown from the pieces of the same weapon will look correct but crumble at the slightest touch.

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  1. Very nice! Loving this series.


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