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Anarchist Towns: Eco-Anarchist

Ecoanarchist growing 'A' symbol

The Philosophy

There can be no true society free of coercive rulers and hierarchies without a balancing eye towards ecology and sustainability. Anarchism would begin to revert to coercive control if an ecological balance is not maintained as people begin to exhaust or ruin resources, slowly depriving future generations fair access to land and resources. Locking future people out of access to land and resources artificially forces those future people to pay for the consumption of current people. Likewise there is no true ecological balance possible as long as hierarchies and rulers exist, they will always be able to undermine the balance by their very coercive nature of stealing and taking without consent. Ecological Anarchists will balance anarchy with a localized democracy of people working to maintain their local communities not just in law and cooperative ventures, freely entered, but also in the ecological and restorative balance of nature. Finding balance in our bodies goes hand-in-hand with balancing our impacts upon nature which both blend with balancing our political and community structures.

Resistance Is Fertile

The History

The people of this town were long held in the thrall as a distant protectorate of a powerful empire, shackled for the mineral resources under their soil. Coercion and poisonous metals stripped them of their health and community, until druids and rangers began to work to reclaim the land for the people. It was then that their will regrew like forests after a wildfire. When the empire became embroiled in a long, intractable war with its rival, the people here ruined the roads leading back to the empire, refusing to send necessary war supplies. With a under-supplied war, the empire was unable to spare enough troops to break through the increasingly powerful natural defenses brought to bear by the townsfolk and their druid allies. Caught up in the cooperative act of defending and supplying themselves, the town had stumbled into knowledge that it could not only stand on its own, but prosper without stripping the land.

The Town

Symbiosis is the key word to describe the functioning of this town. The people here work for the betterment of others; whether it is out of a selfless drive for goodness or a rational judgement of the prosperity it brings. The beautiful forests and sweeping mountain ridges are currently being restored to their former glory, with great effort being spent to bring back long lost species of animals. Those that have a keen eye for the cycles of life and efficient methods of providing are lauded and rewarded here. The most important accomplishment in ones life here is to leave the world a greater, more resource plenty place for the people that come after. Homes and structures are built with the environment and the people in mind, taking advantage of light lines, shadows, wind-breaks, and natural habitats. Structures here tend to to cluster together near fresh water sources but are just spread out enough to allow each family the ability to grow crops, raise livestock, and tend to healthy fruit trees.

An anarchist marked house in green fields

The People

Uptight yet chill. Scars run deep here, and people are sensitive to those who would greedily steal resources from the earth or disregard those that come after. Most are unwilling to challenge or oppose the life style choices of another, believing that everyone has to come to their own equilibrium in their own way, but will quickly change their tune in the face of reckless and wasteful behavior. Formerly languid or content folks may suddenly present an outsider with a detailed ledger of the harms they have inflicted on the unborn while other outsiders may return years later to find their unconscious actions remembered and memorialized by a grateful town.

The Market

Time spent under cruel and capricious bureaucracy has made these people hard to top down solutions, instead preferring to allow free reign in the economic sphere. This is limited only by their view of property as possessions needing careful stewardship to pass onto the future. Trades and production are a useful tool to improve the two parties to the deal, but the community will step in if outside person begin to suffer from the externalities of the trade.

The Law

Polycentric law is the standard which allows individuals decide what codes of laws they will abide by. Those unwilling to abide by any standards will have trouble acquiring even the most basic commodities or social connections, as others find them too risky to work with and too selfish to associate with. The exception for this eco-anarchist town is that the community will act as a stand-in for future generations’ interests where future generations are always considered to be the true owners of all property. Any current possessor must meet standards of good stewardship in addition to the usual prohibition on force and fraud common to all anarchists. Different courts can be held, as long as two plaintiffs agree, with the community often choosing a judge or jury as needed. Violence is a last resort of punishment, with penalties of ostracism, commercial exclusion, or reparations (to the harmed person or to the environment in the form of land restoration), being applied before the community will act or put out a bounty on the perpetrator.  

Archway covered in floweres

1d6 People you’ll meet

  1. This super stoned guy who actually has all the answers. only problem is the likelihood of getting a coherent answer, but ask and you might get the truth.
  2. A crazy-meticulous person who is all straight laced and boring about accounting for every impact he makes on the world and attempting to die net-positive
  3. A cheery great-grandmother who wakes up everyday, despite surviving most of her family, with her grandkids and their kids in a balanced orchard she returned from the salted earth scrublands it was before. She’s been around a while and will gladly bring out snacks for polite outsiders and answer questions. she may even remember some old tales about forgotten treasures.
  4. Urban explorer back from a recent trip to some ruins, looking for help in reclaiming the area to restore habitats and drive out unnatural creatures and magics.
  5. A wild-haired chick who is protesting loudly about magic corrupting the world. She will verbally accost clear magic users of the party, eventually shoving them if not told off. She slips in a secret note rambling about curses and how people who are cursed can be made to do crazy things like shouting at strangers or swearing off their lifelong passion of spellcasting.
  6. A long bearded, burly, young guy happy to be out in the sun, chopping down invasive species of trees with well-muscled arms. If talked to, he will go on and on about his health secrets, even going so far as to stretch the truth in saying that he is over 60 years old. Although outdoors and a naturally high constitution have done him wonders, he is actually only 46 but he only looks to be in his mid twenties.

1d6 Things that will happen

Plant animal hybrid sea slug

  1. Encounter a crazy plant-animal hybrid that is thriving in the micro-ecology of the eco-anarchist’s territory. The thing has highly desirable traits if you could rustle some and get it to a competent farmer. May even save a lot of people from starvation.
  2. As outsiders, the town approaches you with a buyback program, looking to buy back heavy metals, magic, and processed materials stolen from the earth to return it for future generations, paying for them with sustain-ably harvested materials like ironwood, hide-grass, or other replacement plant stuffs.
  3. A representative of a court will notice the well-armed players and request help dealing with a rampant, unrepentant polluter, a hedge wizard that moved in under the auspices of working with the town has gone against their values.insert crazy magical pollution mishaps here.
  4. Players stumble upon a town-wide cleanup effort of a new expanse of land they have just liberated/acquired/bought from nearby people. There are signs of people having gone missing but the townsfolk do not see them, and will reason away as much as they can, cognitive dissonance is obvious. They were given some cursed/haunted land!
  5. Players get in on a sweet harvest festival and as honored guests, they get to name a long lost species that has been returned to this revitalized place. If they have been bad, a townsfolk suggests a name making fun of them and it sticks instead.
  6. Someone in town got it into their heads that someone in the party is carrying a rare seed of a long lost flower that used to be native to the area. The community will pool a large amount of wealth to buy the seed, but will find out quite quickly if a fake seed is sold. If the party refuses for any reason, the community loses hope with a few young folks being certain the party is just holding out for more money and will try to steal the party’s equipment at night. They will rummage through it and leave it neatly packed back up in the morning.


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