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Five Link Sunday: For the Love of It

This has been a busy week, packed with a lot of wedding planning work, valentine’s celebrating, after-hours work stuff, a Fiverr commission, and all of that on top of my normal blogging. Lucky that I’m enjoying every bit of it. Thanks for tuning in for another five links.

Dyson’s Dodecahedron: Valentine’s Dungeon

Dyson put together a timely map for the holiday, but I could see it easily re-purposed for some sort of devious cult of infinite love.

Harbringer of Doom: House Rules

If you aren’t following Brandes, you should give his house rules a shot, they really expand the ruleset of 5e with minimalistic rules. The Give Ground feature is an easy hack to give every character a defensive use for their reaction, reducing damage taken by 1d6 at the cost of retreating by 5 feet.

DMscraft Forums: Wall Slicer Jig

Wall cutting jig

If you, like me, use foam-core or cardboard to build out your terrain, this looks like an amazing tool to speed up cutting out uniform wall segments.




Wizards of the Coast: Modifying Classes

Rodney Thompson writes about the underlying themes and synergies of the various character classes, with advice on the best ways to get your class variant built on par with the power and expectations of what a class can do.

Creature Spotlight: Cinder Hag

Yet another excellent monster variant  by Steven. I like that it has use as both a plot hook and as a consequence for say, players failing to defend an accused witch. Hmm, I might have found a use for my creepy zombies…


1 thought on “Five Link Sunday: For the Love of It

  1. Thanks, I appreciate the link! I’m immensely pleased that the Give Ground rule has appealed to people.


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