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Hexcrawl Encounters

Previous 4 encounters. Below are four more encounter outlines for four days of adventuring. If your players act more recklessly or travel for more than 8 hours, roll for wandering monsters as you otherwise would.

135566 Evening 4 empty T5x L2x Locale (2): Rough, out of place Keyword (4): Life, structure, violence, trash

The last structure in the ruins of a long lost town nestled in the steep hills by a small riverbed, now mostly overgrown with vines and plants, becoming part of nature again. The only standing structure, if it can be called that, is an old stone granary that bears signs of violence on its stone walls and doorway. Many animals have nested here but currently only their trash and blown in detritus remains. Could be a place to hint at a dark history of a local government or to put a secret hideout or dungeon. About the only things that could be salvaged from here are the weather-worn stone foundations or the granary.

Late Evening 11 Monster T5X L2X Locale(2): Strange, smooth Keyword(3): Peace, violence, life

Monster: 1 stalking, 6 rare, 5 M. Humanoid, 3 Neutral

Yuan-ti scouts followed the players tracks from the recent town, or attempted to if the players were covering their tracks. Assuming there are tracks they have caught up and are keeping low to the ground in the knee high grasses that seem to move without the wind. They have been searching far and wide for adventurers to help save their queen/order. Highly skilled and fighting in pairs, they will first size up the party with an ambush attack where they practically swim and dive through the tall grass in run-by attacks. If one or the other is brought to half health, they will lower their weapons and attempt to parley. They genuinely are cut-off from the outside world so only know a weird dialect of common nor do they know any cities they could have gone to for help (and they assumed such cities would shun them).

An ancient temple ritual has become more difficult as of late and they need outside help to complete it in order to maintain their seclusion otherwise they will be cut-off from their god and most likely perish or lose their home. They play it up, but really it is that these yuan-ti have gone closer and closer to just snakes (quetzalcoatl is their god) so they are losing their thumbs, the scouts themselves have specialized weapons attached to their wrist-stump arms rather than actual hands. Shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a permanent solution to fix the mechanism, they’ve just always assumed it has to be done this way. The trial is still somewhat challenging so their few remaining snakes with full digits couldn’t do it. Basically they were evolving to not have thumbs because the person who completes it becomes a sort of demi-god/priest who must remain celibate, and not all who attempt it survive.

122444 Late Morning 9 Monster T4x L5x Locale(3): Dry, sparse, out of place Keyword(2): trash, shortcut

Monster: 2 Tracks, 3 common, 7 beast, 4 indifferent

Dried grass crackles underfoot as spots of dead grass gives way to cracked and baked earth. The path ahead stretches with the same dried, but smooth ground that makes travel quick. The sounds of eating and snapping bones can be heard. A pack of jackals is eating a rotting corpse of a deer while one keeps watch on the parties approach.

If the players choose to take the quicker path, the jackals will get spooked and pounce, retreating just as quickly as soon as one of them dies or is seriously injured. They will track the party and return at night to hunt the party unless they have a decent fire going, which will be tough without any firewood in this hex.

Late Afternoon PLOT 7 empty T1x L5x Locale(3) Lush, impasse, out of place Keyword(3): life, trash, blockage

By now, the dried plains have given way to a lush and overgrown river basin in a rocky valley, where vines and trees grow up and down the shallow earth on top of the remaining marble outcroppings. Recent rains upriver have caused the river to overflow its banks and become nearly impassable unless a very difficult swim or boating check is made, with failure resulting in being pulled downriver rather than making horizontal progress. Continual failure will dash players against rocks and debris in the river, possibly drowning them. Clever solutions could involve spending time to ford the river by adding anchor points, building a bridge overtop between two slate outcroppings with the ready materials available here, or returning to the previous hex to try and go around.

Caught up in a large tree swept onto the riverbanks is the remains of a cloak and a pouch. The tatters of the cloak can be identified to be the stylings of an NPC messenger the players are familiar with and the pouch containing an urgent request for aid dealing with a blockade or siege.

123466 Late Evening 11 Monster T5x L6 5 Red Herring Locale (3): Rough, Settled, Rugged Keyword(3): Resource, Dead, Remains

Monster: 5 Lair, 2 Common, 9 Magical Beast, 5 Neutral

The late evening sun starts to leave many odd shadows dancing from the many swaying trees among the long sloping hills. A pair of cabins face each other at the top of a winding deer path leading up a hill. Thick undergrowth are healthy and lush, overflowing with berries, but they quickly cover any tracks left behind, bouncing back from being trampled underfoot.

Exploring the two cabins will find the home to the right of the path reeking with death. Inside are two corpses decomposing, maybe a few days old, lying peacefully in bed: an old man and an middle-aged woman. Medical investigation will reveal a wasting illness in the woman and simple heart failure on the part of the man. Around the room are various towels, drawn water, and rotten foodstuffs. The cabin is only a single room and is otherwise a well-stocked outdoorsmans home with tools, equipment, dried foodstuffs, and supplies. The cabin to the left is a combination smokehouse/storeroom/workshop with a room divider separating the smoker from the toolshed. An unfinished quilt has gathered dust in the corner and a half finished grave marker sits on one bench. It reads, “Victoria, shining beacon of hope, the lost girl who helped me find my way, too good a wife for this old fool”.

123466 Late Evening 6 Empty T1x L4x Locale(4): Rugged, Wet, Rough Keyword(2): Peace, Blockage, Structure

Among the marsh in these winding ravines are some old wooden walkways. Unless the pathway is used, the marsh will take a long time to wade through. Following the walkways leads to a shrine that the walkways continue through. The shrine is ominously quiet and mostly free of bugs that swarm the rest of this hex. The shrine is dedicated to a forgotten god of isolation, but is dusty and disused.

The place is cleared of most valuables, due to some combination of theft and age, but the DM could use this as a location to insert a dungeon entrance or to later become a hide-out or refuge place for a major character.



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