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Five Link Friday: Look to the Northern Star


“above your tomb, the stars will belong to us.”

This has unintentionally inspired some of the fluff of my game-world and I have to go back and rethink who the actual villain was of that movie. Well, it’s probably still the jingoist douche-bag guy, but there’s a lot of other options than just blue anti-technology people and forceful military takeover with thinly painted veneer of technological progress. I choose neither trope. Peaceful and voluntary trans-humanism please.

The Grinning Skull

Check out this creative and crafty blog. They do a ton of impressive terrain and miniatures for tabletop games. Seeing the dungeon creations here have inspired me to start a ground-up redesign of my own dungeon building system. More realistically, I’ve been somewhat annoyed by the usability of my own room tiles but lacked sufficient motivation to change. Thanks Grimm for being just the spark I needed (to add something new to my already long to-do list of crafts and projects).

Critical Hits: Dungeonomics 

When it comes right down to it, why shouldn’t the economies of Gygaxian inspired fantasy worlds not be subject to a careful and rigorous mulling over by economic laypersons? I can think of no compelling reason to not immediately read about dungeonomics. I suppose you could hate fun, but then I don’t really care about FUN-HATERS opinions anyways.

Free Northerner

An interesting neo-reaction blog to read. A well reasoned writer and interesting to read (even if I don’t necessarily agree with the conclusions/policy suggestions). I suspect I like it most because he’s a fellow traveler in the sense of being outside the Overton Window as well as taking a calm, rational approach to hot-button topics. Maybe that will change as I read more? Who knows, but it sure is a good read.

Liberty Compass

Bored with your typical google news feed? Check out liberty compass for a collection of libertarian oriented news curated for your enjoyment. It might be quite heavy in bias for the libertarian viewpoint, but its nice to get your viewpoints confirmed, so it’s a nice time waster.

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