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Mythoard October: Slow Roll

So this month’s Mythoard, or should I say last months, ran into some troubles and took a little time to get here. It isn’t the greatest mythoard I’ve received to date (that would be this one) but it is a solid one.


This month’s horde includes three adventures, an encounter deck, two encounters, and a judges guild journal. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the judges guild journals usually, I couldn’t find any material to use in this one.


Of the two encounters, the Buried Council Chamber was released previously as a full page sheet, so I’m not sure if that is an oversight or intentional. The half page binder-ready mini-adventure is a new one based on an infestation of trolls


Who doesn’t like a frog themed adventures with a wander monster table including flesh-eating tadpoles? The maps are gorgeous with the margins filled in with creepy frog murals so that the whole page is bursting with flavor.img_1289

A D&D themed activity book with crosswords, puzzles, color by numbers, and my favorite, this Orcus themed mad-lib. A silly little book that I’m sure will make your kids, relatives, or child-at-heart self have fun.img_1288

The second part of the Cyclopean Deeps series that was released in a previous mythoard, this one greatly improving on the first. Where the first was hard to understand, rambling, and without a clear expectation of player direction (not to mention weirdly placed maps and keys) this adventure lays out an enjoyable dungeon romp. The maps come up at the right times and the room details are punctuated with evocative images. img_1287

A moderately useful tool for generating random encounters if you want some very vague, but at the same time oddly specific encounters. For example the monster encounters list a monster name and CR with no stat blocks, tactics, or encounter details while others list the exact save DC’s and damage for trap or spell effects without much given in terms of foreshadowing or clues to solving the traps. Round it all out with the deck being for my least used terrain, aquatic, and I doubt this will see play.


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