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Scatter Trees Terrain Part 2

You can see Part 1 here.

Now that my tree bases were dried and the plaster hard, I gave everything a coat of black spray-paint as a base. Then, I brushed on a dirt brown.

After a quick drybrush of some light brown to highlight the ridges and bumps, I started brushing on watered down pva in order to sprinkle on grass flocking. I sprinkled over the same paint liner to keep my mess in the same place. 

I opted to go with splotchy patches of green and burnt grass ( the yellower green) flocking and I am happy with the results but they didn’t have enough texture.

To turn them from poorly kept golf greens into some natural scatter terrain, I opened up my clump foliage and moss. With heavy helpings of pva glue I attached clumps of moss and rougher clumps of flocking to mimic undergrowth and bushes. Then I brushed them with watered down pva to coat them in fine flocking. I only did this for about half of them to maintain playability, but if I was doing this again I would probably do about 3/4 of them.

Once they got close to dry, I gave them another watery coat of pva then let them dry rock hard. With how hard they dried, I wouldn’t be as worried about placing miniatures on them so I would have done more of the bases with undergrowth and more coverage in general for the aesthetic look.
The next step was to add my trees. I drilled holes for the trees and affix them with pva glue in the holes. More drill bit sizes would have been helpful, as some of the tree holes were too big so the trees were not as sturdily attached to the base. Once dry, a second coat of pva with a bit of flocking was added to ensure a strong bond with the base.

The last step was to do a double coat of clear matte spray-paint to protect the flocking and strengthen the whole piece.

Check out the final results. I am quite happy to have some 3-D scatter terrain to fill out my outdoor encounters. I did lose one tree when one of my dogs stepped on and snapped the trunk, but I will probably glue it on a new base as a felled tree.

If you make a set for yourself, take some pictures and send me a link. I’ll gladly link to it from here, especially if you’ve got any improvements or tricks you figured out along the way!

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